The Red Lion

“CONCERNING THE RED LION. Afterwards take the lion in the pelican [vessel] which also is found [at] first, when you see its tincture, that is to say, the element of fire which stands above the water, the air, and the earth. Separate it from its deposit by trituration. Thus you will have the true aurum potabile. Sweeten this with the alcohol of wine poured over it, and then distil in an alembic until you perceive no acidity to remain in the Aqua Regia. This Oil of the Sun, enclosed in a retort hermetically sealed, you must place for elevation that it may be exalted and doubled in its degree. Then put the vessel, still closely shut, in a cool place. Thus it will not be dissolved, but coagulated. Place it again for elevation and coagulation, and repeat this three times. Thus will be produced the Tincture of the Sun, perfect in its degree. Keep this in its own place.” — Paracelsus, The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists

1. The Red Lion is made of a potable gold.

2. The potable gold is the Kundalini .

3. The Kundalini is the fire of the semen.

4. It is necessary to separate the Red Lion from all types of debris.

5. These wastes and impurities must be separated from the Red Lion by a trituration process.

6. Here, by trituration we understand Sexual Magic and the strength of willpower.

7. This potable gold must be mixed with alcohol from wine in order to wash it and then distill it in a good alembic, until the acidity of the aqua regia (royal water) disappears completely.

8. The alcohol from wine is nothing less than the Wine of light, with which the semen is mixed during the processes of sexual transmutation.

9. This wine of light is transmuted semen.

10. It is necessary to distill, which means to totally transmute the semen.

11. This is how the acidity of Aqua Regia (royal water), of which alchemy speaks, disappears.

12. The Red Lion is sacred fire.

13. This potable gold must be placed in a well-closed container.

14. It is necessary to anneal and to anneal again three times, until obtaining the perfect Tincture of the Sun.

15. The perfect Tincture of the Sun is what gives us the power to resurrect from the dead.

16. Christ resurrected from the dead on the third day.

17. The perfect Tincture of the Sun is the Kundalini of the astral body.

18. When the initiates bring their third serpent to their heart, then they pass through the symbolic death, resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Reveals the true meaning of the genuine documents and symbols used by the medieval alchemists, such as Paracelsus, Basil Valentine, Francis Bacon, and more, by showing how those teachings are hidden in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Judeo-Christian Bible.

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