The Chapter of Giving Air in the Underworld

1. "Saith Nu, triumphant, 'I am the Jackal of jackals, I am Shu, and [I] draw air from the presence of the god of Light [Khu] to the bounds of heaven, and to the bounds of earth, and to the bounds of the uttermost limits of the flight of the Nebeh bird. May air be given unto these young divine beings.'" - The Book of the Dead, Chapter 55

1. The Jackal of jackals is the chief of the rulers of destiny, Anubis, the god with head of a jackal.

2. Anubis is in charge of the books of the underworld.

3. The temple of Anubis is the temple of the Lords of Karma.


Anubis (center) weighs the debts (karma) of the deceased

4. Each human being has his book of business.

5. Those who learn how to control their Ka (Astral body) can visit the temple of the Jackal of jackals in order to consult their book and to make their negotiations.

6. Whosoever has capital to pay, pays and does well in his negotiations.

7. Whosoever does not have capital to pay must pay with pain.

8. Perform good deeds so that you may pay your debts.

9. Credits can also be given upon request to the Lords of Karma.

10. Every credit must be paid.

11. When the Logos of the solar system delivered the tunic and mantle of a Hierophant of Major Mysteries to me, he told me, "Here, I pay you what I owe you for the practices that you have taught."

12. Whosoever wants light must give light in order to receive his payment.

13. The Jackal of jackals conduces light through all the limits of the firmament and arrives to the frontiers of the Nebeh bird, the huge serpent, one of the forty-two judges of Maat in judgment.

14. This great judge is the Logos of the solar system.

15. The Jackal of jackals works under the orders of this great judge.

16. These young, divine beings who work with Anubis are the Lords of Karma.

17. The alchemist must learn how to control his Ka in order to visit the temple of the Jackal of jackals and to settle his negotiations.

18. In our work with the blessed stone, it is indispensable to learn how to consciously handle our negotiations.

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