Extraction of the Mercury

1. The feminine Mercury is extracted from the Calx of Luna.

2. It is necessary to learn how to control the feminine sexual forces of the Sun, which are symbolized by the eagle with a woman’s head.

3. It is necessary to learn how to handle the Calx of Luna, to extract the raw Mercury, the feminine Mercury.

4. Calx of Luna, when soaked in oil of tartar, dries with the heat of the Sun, for it to be transmuted within the matrass of our sexual laboratory.

5. Calx of Luna, the feminine sexual principles of the Moon, must be wisely transmuted in our biogenetic laboratory.

6. Calx of Luna must be placed in a well-baked earthen vessel.

7. This vessel or receptacle is our own sexual glands.

8. We must add the Vitriol and the Saltpeter to the Calx of Luna and incessantly stir it with a stick or a spade until the crude Mercury is extracted from the Calx of Luna. This is the feminine Mercury that we need to work in the great work.

9. The two Mercuries, masculine and feminine, engender the sacred fire.

10. When the two serpents entwined in the Caduceus of Mercury make contact in the Triveni, in the region of the sacrum, they engender the sacred fire.

11. However, it is necessary to extract the feminine Mercury from the Calx of Luna for it to rise through the left ganglionic cord.

12. Finally, the two Mercuries, the two serpents of the Caduceus of Mercury, attach to each other with their tails for the Kundalini to awaken.

13. It is necessary to add water to the receptacle for the vessel to boil incessantly.

14. This water is first black, then red, then white, and then various colors.

15. It is the universal chameleon, the phoenix bird resurrecting from its own ashes. It is the salamander that survives in the fire.

16. During sexual contact, we extract the feminine Mercury from the Calx of Luna; that is to say, we extract the hormones of sexual absorption, which we need for the sacred work of our blessed stone.

17. In the common and current human being, the right serpent ascends while the left serpent descends towards the human being’s own atomic infernos, for his own passionate satisfaction.

18. It is necessary to extract the Mercury from the Calx of Luna to make the fallen lunar serpent rise. Thus, we prepare the two serpents of the Caduceus of Mercury for the advent of the fire.

19. It is necessary to raise the fallen serpent.

20. The Caduceus of Mercury has two serpents.

21. One is entwined with the head upwards and the other is entwined with the head downwards.

22. According to ancient Kabbalists, one is od and the other is obd.

23. The serpent with its head upwards is solar and masculine.

24. The serpent with its head downwards is lunar.

25. It is necessary to raise the fallen serpent.

26. The two serpents were raised upon the reed before the human being departed from Eden. However, when the human being departed from paradise, Lord Jehovah said to the serpent:

27. “Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; Upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.” —Genesis 3:14

28. This lunar serpent, this fallen serpent, this passionate serpent, must be raised upon the reed to ignite the fire.

29. We must learn to control these feminine principles to achieve the birth of the Child of Gold of sexual alchemy.

30. We must fight against animal passion (the lunar serpent) and bruise its heel, because it has bruised our head.

31. We must fight against the victorious beast.

32. We must extract the raw Mercury from the Calx of Luna to raise the fallen serpent.

33. Angels have the two polarities of their sexual energy, masculine and feminine, flowing upwardly towards their head.

34. Human beings have their sexual energy divided. While the solar, masculine, positive current ascends, the lunar, feminine, negative sexual current descends.

35. It is necessary to raise the negative pole of our sexual force.

36. This is what is known as the extraction of the crude Mercury from the Calx of Luna.

37. The two serpents must flow upwardly towards the head, just as it does in angels.

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