The Song of Songs

I feel within my inner most parts a tormenting fire.
It is the delectable wine of love...
I am the Rose of Sharon,
and the lily of the valleys,
I am the delectable perfume of passion.

I live within the cup of the crowned poets,
I am the chant of the Bacchantes.
I am the love of the starry heavens,
I am the song of songs...

The honey of thy lips agitates my inner most parts,
thus, I feel that I love Thee...
Thou art the mountain of myrrh,
and the hill of frankincense...
Thou art the fire of the Arcanum...
Thou art the erotic alp,
and the delectable smile
where love has become undressed...

Now, happy with the immortal wine,
let us ignite a bonfire and let us chant the Valkiries
with a triumphant chant
of flames and poetry.

Let the liquor come, let the light and music come...
Let the couples dance upon the soft carpet.
Let the Rose of Sharon sparkle within the cups,
and let the fire devour the shadows...

Let joy, fancy and poetry come...
Let us dance happily in the arms of love.
Never mind the sayings.
Let us enjoy together in the nuptial chamber,
within spikenards and myrrhs,
and let us chant our triumphal hymn
of light and poetry...

The Demon Who Renounced Evil and the Man Who Guided Him

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