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Surveying from a height within infinite space, searching and lurking within the Akashic Records of Nature, I could verify for myself that the Moon is the mother of the Earth.

Now, with the open Eye of Dangma, I will submerge myself within the Great Alaya, the famous Over-Soul of Emerson, the soul of the universe. I invite you, beloved reader, to deeply study this book. It is necessary to meditate on it, to go deeply into its content, to know its profound significance.

If you ask me who I, Samael Aun Weor, am, I would answer you that I am one of the seven Amsha-Spentas of the Zoroastrians, who was active in the past Mahamanvantara (cosmic day) that was named the Lotus of Gold.

Therefore, I am going to give testimony of that which I have seen and heard. Listen to me, men and gods: I know in depth about the seven mysteries of the Moon, the seven jewels, the seven surges of life that evolved and devolved within that which the Theosophists call the “Lunar Chain.”

Certainly, the Moon is the satellite of the Earth only in one sense. What I am referring to is that it rotates around our planet. When this matter is seen from another angle, when it is investigated with the Eye of Shiva (intense spiritual vision of the Adept or Jivan-Mukta), then truly, the Earth becomes the satellite of the Moon. The evidence in favor of this fact is found in the tides, in the changing cycles of the many forms of sicknesses which coincide with the lunar phases, in what we can observe within the development of plants, and in the very marked lunar influence within the phenomena of conception and gestation of all creatures.

The Moon was once an inhabited planet, but now it is just cold refuse, a shadow that is dragged by the new body (the Earth), which is where all of its powers and principles of life have been passed by transfusion. It is condemned to be in pursuit of the Earth throughout many ages. The Moon looks like a satellite, but it is a mother that rotates around its daughter (the Earth).

I lived among the lunar humanity. I knew its seven root races, its epochs of civilization and barbarism, its alternating cycles of evolution and involution.

When the Selenites arrived to the sixth sub-race of the fourth round (the same age which this terrestrial humanity has already reached) I accomplished a similar mission to the one which I am accomplishing in these moments on the planet in which we live.

I taught the people of the Moon the synthesis-religion, which is contained within the initiatic stone (sex), the doctrine of Jano (I.A.O.), or the doctrine of the Jinns.

I lit the flame of Gnosis among the Selenites; I formed a Gnostic movement there. Thus, I sowed the seed... and as I sowed, some seeds fell by the wayside, and the mundane fowls of the air devoured them.

Some seeds fell upon rocks of discussions, theories, and anxieties, where profound and reflective people did not exist. As soon as they sprung up, they withered away before the light of the sun, for they did not pass the ordeal of fire, as they did not have roots.

Some fell among the thorns of brothers and sisters who hurt each other with their thorns of slander and gossip, etc. So, the thorns sprang up with the seeds and choked them.

Fortunately, my labor as a sower was not in vain, since some seeds fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bore fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixty-fold, some thirty-fold.

Many latent faculties exist within the Devamatri, Aditi or Cosmic Space, inside the Runic UR within the Microcosmos, the “machine-man,” or better if we say, the intellectual animal, that could be developed through tremendous, intimate super-efforts.

On the ancient Moon, in the times before it became a corpse, those who accepted the synthesis-religion of Jano became saved, and they transformed themselves into angels. Nevertheless, the great majority, those who were enemies of the Maithuna, those who rejected the initiatic stone (sex), converted themselves into Lucifers, terribly perverse demons to which the Bible refers.

Usually, a third party is never missing; so, in that Lunar apocalypse, a certain cold group at last became fiery, and they accepted the work in the Ninth Sphere (sex). A new abode was granted to these people, in order for them to work with the brute stone until giving it perfect cubic form.

“The stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense.” - 1 Peter 2:7-8

In those times, the Selenites had a dreadful, sanguinary religion. The pontiffs of that cult sentenced me with the death penalty, and I was crucified upon the summit of a mountain close to a great city.

The transference of all the vital powers of the Moon to this planet Earth left that old Selenite abode without life. Therefore, the lunar soul is now reincarnated in this world upon which we live.

I was absorbed within the Absolute at the end of that Lunar Mahamanvantara, which endured 311,040,000,000,000 years, or, in other words, an age of Brahma.

It is indispensable to say that after the Great Day, the Monadic waves of the Moon submerged themselves within the Runic UR, within the profound womb of the eternal Mother Space.

It is urgent to affirm that during such a maha-samadhi (ecstasy without end), we (the Monadic waves) penetrated much more deeply, and thus we arrived to the Father, Brahma, the Universal Spirit of Life.

It is necessary to clarify that Brahma submerged Himself into the Absolute during the whole period of the Mahapralaya, the Great Night.

While we, the brothers and sisters, were in that tremendous para-nirvanic repose, the Unknown Darkness converted itself into Uncreated Light for us.

UHR is the clock, the measurement of time; thus, the Mahamanvantara RHU is the repose, the Great Pralaya.

Certainly, the Cosmic Night endures as long as the Great Day. It is my duty to affirm that each one of us, the brothers and sisters, was radically absorbed within his own primordial atom, the Ain Soph.

Therefore, when the dawn of this new Cosmic Day was initiated, the eternal Mother Space expanded herself from inside out, like a lotus bud. This is how this universe was gestated inside the womb of Prakriti.