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From the Gobi desert, the Israelite tribes emigrated to the west in order to form the Aryan Root Race.  This is represented in the Book of Exodus in the story of the emigration of Israel from the land of Egypt towards the Promised Land.

Enormous caravans of human beings who were commanded by the Masters of Major Mysteries came away from the drowning Atlantis towards the Gobi desert.  Afterwards, they emigrated to the west in order to cross themselves with some western races in order to form our present Aryan Root Race.

The captains of the Biblical Exodus were the same Masters of Major Mysteries.  They were profoundly venerated by humanity; therefore, no one dared to disobey their sacred commands.

Moses remained forty years in the wilderness, that is to say, the primeval Israelites remained forty years in the wilderness.  They built the Ark of Alliance, established the mysteries of Levi, and worshipped Jehovah.

The mysteries of the seven sanctuaries emigrated towards the west.  Under the light of these sanctuaries the Magi’s Persia, the Richi’s India, Chaldea, Egypt, Hellenic Greece, etc., all flourished.

This occult wisdom illuminated Solon, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Buddha, etc.

The most powerful civilizations from the past flourished under the light of the sacred mysteries.

Nonetheless, the human being developed the intellect and it withdrew him from the internal worlds.  When the human being lost his clairvoyance, then he knew fear.  Fear did not exist in the past, because the human being contemplated the action of the Gods, and he saw the unraveling of all things.

The human being removed himself from the Great Light; now he has to return into the Great Light.

The Buddhists tell us that when the human being is liberated from the wheel of birth and death, then he enters into the ineffable joy of Nirvana.

We, the Gnostics, know that Christ is a Nirmanakaya, a Being who renounced Nirvana in order to come save this humanity.

The Book of the Dead says:

I am the sacred crocodile Sebek.  I am the flame with three wicks, and my wicks are immortal.  I enter the region of Sekem; I enter into the region of the flames, which have defeated my adversaries.

This region of Sekem, the region of the flames, is the ineffable joy of Nirvana.

A Dhyan-Chohan is one who has already abandoned the four bodies of sin, which are the physical, Astral, Mental, and Causal Bodies.

A Dhyan-Chohan only acts with his Diamond Soul.  He has already liberated himself from Maya (illusion); thus, he lives happily in Nirvana.

The sacred crocodile is the Innermost.  The Innermost is the flame with three immortal wicks. These three wicks are the Innermost’s Diamond Soul, his Igneous Mind and Atman, his own spiritual body.

Nirvana is a region of Nature where the ineffable happiness of the fire reigns.  The Nirvanic plane has seven sub-planes.  A resplendent hall exists in each one of these seven sub-planes of Nirvanic matter where the Nirmanakayas study their mysteries.  This is why they call their sub-planes “halls” and not merely “sub-planes” as the Theosophists do.

The Nirvanis say, “We are in the first hall of Nirvana or in the second hall of Nirvana, or in the third, or in the fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or in the seventh hall of Nirvana.”

To describe the ineffable joy of Nirvana is impossible.  There, the music of the spheres reigns and the soul is enchanted within a state of bliss, which is impossible to describe with words.

The inhabitants of the superior hall of Nirvana use diamond tunics, and over their heads carry mantles of distinction that fall to their feet.

We can visit Nirvana with our Astral Body.  The yogis from India, while in the state of Samadhi, visit Nirvana with their Mental Body or Causal Body.  However, to pretend to visit Nirvana with black magic procedures is the breaking point of madness.

The Gnostic knows how to enter into Nirvana by utilizing the powers of his Innermost.  When the Gnostic wants to visit Nirvana, he does the following:

First, he leaves his physical body and departs in his Astral Body.

Second, when he is already out of his physical body, then he prays to his Innermost as follows:  “Father of mine, take me to Nirvana.”  Then, the Innermost transports the soul of the Gnostic towards the ineffable joys of Nirvana.

The Gnostic procedure in order to depart in the Astral Body is very simple.

The Gnostic takes advantage of the natural state of transition between vigil and dream in order to leave his physical body.  This is done naturally, as when one is walking out of his home.  The individual simply pronounces the mantra RUSTI, and in the moment when he is getting drowsy, he gets out of his bed - not with the mind, nor the imagination, but as if he is really doing it with his body of flesh and bones.  Hence, the physical body remains within the bed.  The mantra is pronounced many times like this: Rrruuussssssssssssssssttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

The Gnostics know very well that they must always save their sexual force, because the Kundalini awakens with the sexual force.

The mantra RA helps in the awakening of the Kundalini, but it is necessary to know how.  This is ignored by the black magicians of the school of Sodom.  These black magicians believe that by pronouncing “RA-MA” while standing on their feet every morning and while taking various inhalations of air, they will purify themselves.  The only thing they demonstrate with this is their complete ignorance regarding the wisdom of the Egyptians.

We, the ancient Egyptians, pronounce the mantra RA while in the Egyptian position which is as follows: Our knees are on the ground, the palms of our hands are on the ground and touching each other by the thumbs.  Then, our head rests upon the back of our hands.  In this position, one pronounces many times the mantra like this: RrrrrrrrrAaaaaaaaaaa.

As we have already stated (in the previous chapter), in the black ceremony, the ancient black magicians, while enveloped within a cloud, were physically invisible and transported themselves to wherever they wished.

Christ, the divine Rabbi of Galilee, taught us the secret in order to travel with the physical body within the Astral plane.  Let us see verses 24-32 of the fourteenth chapter of Matthew.

But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary.  And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.  And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear.  But, straightway Jesus spake unto them saying, Be of good cheer; It is I; be not afraid.  And Peter answered him and said, Lord if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.  And he said, Come.  And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.  But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord save me.  And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?  And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.

This is the Gnostic secret in order to enter within the Astral plane with the body of flesh and bones.

Peter walked upon the waters because his physical body, by means of the force of faith, submerged itself within the Astral plane.  In the moment when he doubted, he went out of the Astral plane, and he was close to sinking.

The forces of the Astral plane held Peter when he was upon the waters.  Therefore, the Astral plane was the force which held Christ when he was upon the waters.

When we, the Gnostics, want to go to the Astral plane with the body of flesh and bones, we then utilize the clue that the Master taught us.

We proceed in the following way:  In the precise moment when we awaken from our natural sleep, without giving time to any analysis, doubt, or vacillation, and filled with a very intense faith, we get up from our bed, we leave our room, and float within the atmosphere.

Faith alone is what holds us while performing this exercise. Consequently, any analysis, doubt, or vacillation damages the experiment.

We can also take advantage of the instant in which we are getting sleepy, or simply the instant in which the mind is in a profound repose, as a tranquil lake.

The physical body floats simply by means of faith.  We abandon the force of gravity and the physical plane. So, we penetrate with our physical body into the Astral plane where the laws of levitation reign.

Our disciples know how to walk upon the waters in the same way as our Master did.  Therefore, we are authentic Christians.

The black magicians from the school of Sodom also utilize the procedure of the cloud in order to envelop themselves within it and become invisible.  They do not forget about “mimicry” with this, since, if they are within a jungle, they have to make the cloud green; if they are within a room of white walls, they have to make the cloud white.  In this way they will become invisible.

We, the White Magicians, utilize the power of our Innermost in order to become invisible; yet, this power is delivered to us only when we deserve it.

The black magicians from the school of Sodom believe that with their black experiments they can penetrate into Nirvana; yet, they are mistaken.  They penetrate into the Astral plane, but not into Nirvana.

We, the Gnostics, can visit Nirvana even with our body of flesh and bones.  Obviously, modern Theosophists will laugh at us because they know naught about these things.  The unique thing that they have in their heads is an arsenal of theories.  But in practicality, they are nothing but eunuchs of understanding, morbid mystics, and fornicating sybarites.

I still remember a Theosophist who was a member of a Black Lodge. How terrified he flew away from a park in Cartagena (South America) when I told him that he was consciously working in the Astral plane.

This is the breaking point of negativity from Theosophists.  They horrify themselves simply with thinking of awakening the consciousness.  They are only interested in having their heads filled with “cockroaches” and in living their life asleep.  Nevertheless, they say that some day they think they will enter Nirvana.

Foolish boasters of wisdom, know that only those who have already passed through the High Initiation, only those who have given their last drop of blood for this humanity, will enter into Nirvana.

All men long for the High Initiation; yet, they can only reach the altar of the High Initiation with the virile member in the state of erection (explanation in next chapter).

Therefore, the Gnostic always lives heroically, always triumphant and always a rebel, like the heroes of Rabelais, who knew nothing of weakness.

The Gnostics yearn for Nirvana, but they know very well that they carry Nirvana within their sexual glands.  Thus, they want to Self-realize it within themselves by means of courage.