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Black Magic of the Atlanteans

The black magicians of the school of Sodom say that black magic does not exist, that it is only a superstition. They say that the evil and hateful thoughts emitted by evil minds are disintegrated, since “the cosmos” is pure goodness. Therefore, it cannot serve as an instrument for the forces of evil.

The goal of the above noted statement of the black magicians from the school of Sodom is to justify their tenebrous teachings in order to give them the false appearance of being pure White Magic.

The cosmos is the whole infinite, and in the cosmos there are many things. As above, so below.

If a thought emitted by an evil one is disintegrated at once, why then is a not bullet disintegrated in the atmosphere? Why does the cosmos serve as an instrument for a bullet that is going to kill a human being, who might be an elder or a child? If that concept of the black magicians from the school of Sodom is true, then the bullet would disintegrate itself at once.

Possibly they would argue by saying to me that the bullet is a material body, and a thought is not. Yet, this is not a good explanation, because thought is also matter. Nothing can exist, not even God, without the help of matter.

Moreover, every atom is septuple in its constitution. The bullet used as an example is a compound of physical, Ethereal, Astral, Mental, Causal, Conscious, and Divine atoms. In other words, the bullet is a nucleus of atomic consciousness that is charged with waves of hatred from the one who shot it.

Why then is the bullet not disintegrated? Why does the cosmos serve as an instrument for the bullet?

Why does the cosmos serve as an instrument for the destructive waves of the atomic bomb? Is it conceivable that mental waves are inferior to the radioactive waves of uranium atoms?

Hence, that concept of the black magicians from the school of Sodom serves them in order to conceal their crimes, and to cheat naive people. The only thing they want is to justify themselves as being White Magicians.

Do not covet powers, beloved reader. Powers are born as fruits of our Innermost when our soul has been purified. The mental force that we strain to use in order to move a piece of paper would be better used in order to dominate our carnal passion, in order to end hatred, in order to dominate our language, in order to defeat selfishness, envy, etc.

Let us purify ourselves, since powers will be granted to us through successive purifications. Powers are flowers of the soul and fruits of the Innermost. The powers of a Mahatma are the fruits of many purifications.

Through initiatic ordeals the Gnostic disciple receives distinct powers from the White Lodge. These powers are acquired by the soul, and the Innermost “seizes” them, because the Innermost is the real human within us.

For instance, when the Gnostic wishes a distant friend to come near to him, then he begs his Innermost as follows, “My Father, I beg you to bring near to me [name the person], but not as I will: as you will.”

If his Innermost considers that his petition is just, then the Innermost performs the miracle—that is to say, he performs a work of Theurgy, and the distant friend arrives. Yet, if the Innermost considers that the petition is unjust, then the Innermost does not perform the petition of his soul. This is pure White Magic.

The black magician proceeds to use his so called “asuncion” or willpower without taking into account the will of his Innermost.

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” is what the Gnostic says, because the Gnostic only performs the will of his Innermost on earth as it is in heaven—in other words, in the superior planes of consciousness. The Gnostic places all of his longings in the hands of his Innermost.

We prepare our pituitary and pineal glands for clairvoyance by dominating anger and acquiring serenity. We prepare ourselves for the awakening of the inner ear when we always utter words of love and truth.

Sexual Magic, daily vocalization, and incessant purification take us towards the summits of the High Initiation.

To not covet powers does not signify that we, the Gnostics, take on a passive attitude, as do the Theosophists. We have to prepare ourselves by practicing Sexual Magic, by vocalizing, and by expelling all of the rubbish from ourselves.

The Gnostics transmute their sexual secretions and wait patiently in order to be worthy of receiving the occult powers that sprout as flowers of the soul when it is purified.

The Gnostics do not covet powers; on the contrary, they prepare themselves in order to acquire them. The preparation of the Gnostic is to purify himself and to practice Sexual Magic daily.

In their temples, the black magicians have established similar ordeals to those of the white magicians. In order to be accepted as candidates for their initiation, the likely candidates are made to receive insults, grumbles, to listen to humiliations, and to even receive blows to their person whilst in their festivities.

In the fifth monograph of the ninth black degree of the school of Sodom, the disciple receives a parchment after passing the four ordeals of earth, water, fire, and air within a temple of black magic. The parchment states the following:

“Peace, greetings from the Master of the temple. By decree of the high priest, and by all of the guardians who have served and veiled over you, as proof of your perseverance, faith and desire, and in accordance with what has been manifested in the external chambers, you are allowed to enter into the following Sanctum. You will await to be prepared in order to be admitted into the holy of holies after three days of sanctification and purification. Your name will be 777, your letter will be R, your salutation will be Aum, your book will be the one with the letter ‘M’, your jewel will be the green jasper which is in the shape of a scarab, and your hour will be nine. Rest with patience and await the hour, the number and the sign.”

This is pure and legitimate black magic. These ordeals are passed by the disciple in the Astral plane within a temple of black magic.

In the White Lodge, when the Gnostic asks the Masters in the Astral plane for the four ordeals of earth, fire, water, and air, then these ordeals are set by the Masters one after the other (as described in our book The Perfect Matrimony or the Door to Enter into Initiation). These ordeals are always occurring with the interruption of many days between each one, and the next ordeal is given only if the student has been triumphant in the previous one.

Each triumph of the disciple is celebrated in the Children’s Hall with ineffable music and feasts. Each one of the four ordeals has its special celebration. The Children’s Hall is so named because the disciple is received by the Masters who have taken on the shape of children, in order to tell him:

“Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” - Matthew 18:3

So, there is nothing regarding a letter R, nothing about 777, nothing about jasper jewels, nothing about hours and signs, since all of these are just pure black magic from Atlantis.

In the White Lodge, the only thing that is placed on the Gnostic disciple is the small cape of a chela (neophyte), for which he has to ask.

After having passed the ordeal of air, the black magician receives a jewel with two intertwined rings, which is what becomes the sign of his triumph.

The white magician receives a symbolic ring, which represents the Ray to which he belongs.

The ring of the black magician reminds him that he was hung from two rings over an abyss. The masters of the black temple dress in white tunics. The veiled prophets wear black veils, the stole bearers wear grey colored stoles, the scribes wear blue, the astrologers wear blue and white, the mystics wear yellow, and the doctors wear a reddish-grey colored stole. The temple is in obscurity.

The disciple of the ninth black degree is admonished with the following words, “The living soul who traverses this horrendous path in loneliness without vacillations or shyness will be illuminated by the glorious mysteries after the purifications by earth, fire, water, and air.” Afterwards, the black disciple advances towards the guardians of death.

In the ordeal of fire, a guardian says to the black disciple the following, “If you wish to arrive next to the master, you must pass through this door. In order to reach this door, you must pass through this hall. In order to pass through this hall, you must walk over these beams of fire. So come if you search for the master.”  Then the disciple says, “Go ahead! Go ahead! Go ahead!” So, filled with courage, he traverses through the fire.

In the ordeal of water, a black guardian says, “If you want to see the master and to enter into the holy temple, you must reach that door and pass through it, and in order to pass that door, you must pass through the lake.”

Everything here described between quotations refers to the ninth black degree of the fraternity from the school of Sodom. It is all pure and legitimate black magic.

The disciples of the White Lodge, as we have already stated, only celebrate their festivity in the Children’s Hall after having become triumphant.

The four ordeals within the White Lodge are in order to examine the white disciple’s morals. For instance, in the ordeal of fire, the disciple is attacked by crowds of enemies who insult him. Instead of returning insults, the disciple returns love towards his enemies. This is how he triumphs in this ordeal, when with serenity, he passes through the fire without becoming burned.

As we see in this ordeal of fire, there is the need to kiss the executioner’s whip in order to triumph. Yet, in the ordeal of fire for the black magician, the only requirement is to pass through the fire, since moral preparation does not have the least bit of importance for the black magician.

For the Gnostic in the White Lodge, the ordeal of water is given with the sole purpose of knowing what level the disciple’s altruism and philanthropy has reached.

The White Lodge’s ordeal of air is given with the sole purpose of knowing the disciple’s capacity for resistance against great adversities, and for detachment from material things.

It is logical that a disciple who commits suicide because of a loss of fortune cannot pass through the ordeal of air. By simply not being capable of morally resisting a failure, it is clear that one does not pass the ordeal of air.

Whosoever succumbs to the grave inconveniences of life fails in the ordeal of earth.

There are many persons who have passed these ordeals within the very struggle of life, within the daily battle of obtaining their daily bread.

Sometimes in life there have been human beings who have traced a great plan for the benefit of humanity, and they have accomplished it with exact fullness, in spite of all misfortunes, sufferings, and tears. These people have passed the four ordeals in their bodies of flesh and bones.

Therefore, [in the White Lodge] the four ordeals of earth, fire, water, and air are presented simply for the moral examination of the disciple. All of our defects and moral faults are precisely the negative aspects of the four elements of Nature, and we have to convert ourselves into kings and queens of it.

In the White Lodge, the four ordeals are accompanied by a verbal test in order to know what level of purification the disciple has reached.

All of these ordeals occur in the Astral plane. The prepared disciple—that is to say, the disciple who has spiritual maturity—brings the memory of all of this to the physical plane, just as if he had a dream.

On the other hand, in the Black Lodge, in order to become triumphant in the ordeals the only thing that matters is to have the courage of a brute beast.

The sixth monograph from the ninth black degree describes to us how their dreadful disciples, after having triumphantly passed their four ordeals, have the right to receive (they say) the sacred initiation.

Let us see the following paragraph from the third page of the sixth monograph of the ninth black degree:

“Now then, in this way I knew that two intertwined rings must be my sign; therefore, two intertwined circles similar to two links of a chain are my sign, and also these will be your sign in this initiation. As soon as this was understood by me, they asked me to sign my name and to leave the print of my thumb over a sheet of special paper, which was attached to a piece of wood, that also was attached to other pieces. Then after, they commanded me to go towards the door, to push a small sliding seal and give my letter and number.”

The whole of this seems to be like a scene in a police office, but never of a temple of White Initiation. No one signs his personal name within any temple of White Initiation, neither is anyone registered, because in the White Lodges and in the karmic records, the human being is depicted with the name of his Innermost, never with profane names.

Many of the black students lose their profane name when they enroll in their spiritual universities. Then, when they conquer their “Anagaric-hood,” they are assigned a capricious name as a substitution of their profane name as a reward for their success.

While forming a chain, they exclaim in their Sanctum: “E........... I........... E.......... I............ E.............. I.............” This is an action of thanksgiving for these left-hand adepts.

The disciple’s conductor wears a tunic and hood of a black color because he is an authentic black magician. Among the masters of the White Lodge, not one wears a black hood. The Master Zanoni (a White Master), dresses in a black tunic and wears a distinguished mantle of the same color, but never a black hood. This is because the black hood is only for black magicians.

“Thus, having again reached the bottom of the temple, I am lead towards the center of the temple. Then, an official places a great cross over my head while I kneel, and three bell strokes resound in some other part of the temple. From the east of the temple, a master with a purple tunic who carries a great Egyptian cross approaches me. He holds this cross over my head instead of the other cross, while other officials who are standing next to me say: ‘Under the cross of immortality and eternal life, you are blessed.’”   

Within the halls of the authentic Gnostic White Initiation, a master never wears a purple or red tunic, since these colors are only used by the hierarchies of the Black Lodge.

In the White Initiation, the disciple throws upon his shoulders an enormous, heavy cross of wood. This signifies that the disciple has already started his own via crucis through the nine arcades. The weight of the cross differs very much, as this weight depends upon the karma of each person. Sometimes the disciple cannot bear the weight of his cross; then the Cyrenean has to help him. The vowels E. U. grant the disciple the power of bearing his cross when it is very heavy. Thus, the cross over the shoulders is White Magic. Yet, the cross over the head is black magic.

Christ did not bear his cross over his head, but over his shoulders. The cross symbolizes matter. Hence, to bear the cross over the head signifies to resolve oneself to live under matter, under the world. This is why the black magician says, “Under the cross of immortality and eternal life, you are blessed.”

The White Magician says, “Over the cross, I am.” The cross over the head is carried by the Pontiffs on their miters. No White Magician carries the cross over his head, but over his shoulders, as was demonstrated by the Divine Redeemer. Thus, we, the Gnostics, are not under the cross, but over the cross.

The Gnostic has to bite a certain figure in the first initiation. Before entering into this first initiation, he has already received the authentic lost word, which has never been written.

The verbal tests [in the White Lodge] are very strict in order to receive the initiation. The black magician does not care for morality.

Once the chela [white neophyte] triumphantly passes the white initiation, a celebration occurs.

In the black ceremony, the disciple receives from a black magician, who is dressed in yellow, a series of teachings that are utilized in order to become invisible and to make others invisible. We will talk about this in the next chapter, “Nirvana.”

As we have already stated, all of these teachings came from Atlantis. In Atlantis, the human beings utilized the sexual force in order to inflict grave damage. This is how Orhuarpa (a black magician) formed monsters with his mind that later he physically materialized. He fed them blood to keep them alive, and whenever he wished he cast these monsters upon his defenseless victims.

The Atlantean humanity was clairvoyant, and they managed to marvelously handle the cosmic forces. A very important sanctuary existed in that epoch. This sanctuary was named the Sanctuary of Vulcan. The guardians of this sanctuary had Ariman (another black magician) and his legions under their control so these black magicians could not freely work on our planet. The atoms of Ariman eventually damaged the clairvoyance of the human being. This is how our humanity remains enslaved by the illusion of this physical world.

Nevertheless, there was in Atlantis a great College of Initiates. When the black magicians attempted damage against them, the evil ones were killed by the Sword of Justice.

The Lords of Mercury gave the mind to the human being in order for him to think, and not for him to use it for destructive purposes, as did Orhuarpa.

When Orhuarpa saw that people were worshipping him as a god, he amassed a powerful army and marched against Tollan, the city of the seven gates of massive gold, where the White Magicians from Atlantis reigned.

During the day, Orhuarpa fought dressed in steel with shield, helmet, cask, and sword. Yet, during the night, he unleashed his beasts with his witchcraft. They were in the form of wolves, and they destroyed his enemies. This is how he captured Tollan, the city with the seven gates of massive gold. He became emperor of Atlantis, thus establishing the cult of the tenebrous sun.

This is how events occurred. Then, the Master Morya reincarnated. He reunited an army of soldiers and marched against Orhuarpa.

Orhuarpa cast his ferocious beasts against the Master Morya, but the Master dissolved them with his luminous powers.

Master Morya, with the edge of his sword, captured Tollan, the city with the seven gates of massive gold, and all of the soldiers of Orhuarpa fell under the sword of the forces of light.

When Orhuarpa saw that he had lost, he enclosed himself within a tower and died burning in it, because Master Morya’s soldiers set fire to that tower.

Unfortunately, events did not end here. Orhuarpa immediately reincarnated again, and when he was old enough, he reunited his army of warriors and sorcerers and marched against Tollan, but he could not capture the city again. So, he established his own throne against the other throne.

Then, the Four Thrones (Deities) said to the White Emperor Noenra (Noah), “Leave from this land, and pass to the Gobi desert, where you will find dry land, because God will sink this land.” Noah obeyed and departed with all his people towards the Gobi desert.

The people of Noenra were the primitive Semite tribes who were following the path of White Magic. Thus, Orhuarpa remained chief and lord of Atlantis.

Sometime after the departure of the people of Israel, certain dangerous igneous manifestations started to appear in Atlantis. This was because the use of the sexual forces, when utilized for black magic, made the fire of the dormant volcanoes enter into activity.

The sexual forces have an intimate relationship with all the forces of Nature, because the sexual forces reside not only in our sexual organs, but also in all of our cells, and moreover, within each atom of the cosmos.

The sexual force is the cause of electricity. It is logical then that the dormant volcanoes would enter into activity, since by means of the sexual energy the volcanoes were intimately related with the black magicians.

During great earthquakes, Atlantis sank with all of its black magicians into the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

All of the native tribes from the continent of America are Atlantean remnants. These tribes preserved many practices of black magic that were derived from the Atlanteans.

In America, there are some who make dolls with wax and then bury them with pins. This is how they empower their imagination and concentrate their minds on their victims.

There are others who utilize the sexual forces with destructive purposes. The whole of this originated in Atlantis.

The Arhuaco Indians, from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, burned a whole town named Dibuya by utilizing the elementals of fire that they call “animes.”

I met a humble old woman in the small town of Santa Cruz de Mora (State of Merida), who made marvels with the elementals of nature. When she was young, she married an Indian. Her husband took her to his tribe into the jungle. She tells many strange things about this tribe. She says that during the day, the Indians abandon their homes and during the night all of them arrive with the shape of animals; yet, when they are within their huts, they take the human shape again.

A certain day her husband took leave from her and said that he was going to die in the jungle (since these Indians go into the jungle in order to die). He gave her an amulet and said, “I deliver this keepsake to you, so you can ask of it whatever you wish when you are needy.”

This is how the old woman made marvels in the town of Santa Cruz. She asked this amulet whatever she wished for. Money, wine, jewels, liquors, perfumes, etc. came to her as if by magic.

People who were robbed did nothing more than consult her. At once she asked the amulet for the robbed object. Then, the object was carried by invisible hands and arrived into her hands, and so everybody recovered their lost things.

Unfortunately, these marvels ended for the old woman when she had the weakness of confessing this to a priest who took this marvelous talisman away from her.

The performance of these marvels are nothing fantastic or rare since they are simply made with the elementals of Nature. The book by Mr. Franz Hartmann entitled The Elementals widely refers to these things.

The whole of this knowledge comes from Atlantis.

The elementals serve for good as well as for evil. The Atlanteans utilized the elementals for evil.