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White Magic and Black Magic

There are seven truths, seven sublime lords, and seven secrets...

The secret of the abyss is one of the seven great unutterable secrets...

Abbadon is the angel of the abyss.  He wears a black tunic and a red cap, like those worn by the Drukpas and Bons from oriental Tibet and from the regions of Sikkim and Bhutan, also as worn by the black magicians from the altar of Mathra (pronounced “Mazra” by the Rosicrucian school A.M.O.R.C. from California).

The venerable Anagarikas are also red cap magicians.  To that end, all of these black magicians are the great hierarchies from the tenebrous caverns...

Theurgy is one thing and Necromancy is another...  The internal master of the Theurgist is the Innermost.  The internal master of the Necromancer is his Guardian of the Threshold whom they call the guardian of their consciousness, the guardian of the precinct, the guardian of their chamber, the guardian of their sanctum...

The Innermost is our Divine Spirit, our Real Being, our Internal Angel.

The Guardian of the Threshold is the internal depth of our animal “I.”

The Innermost is the ardent flame of Horeb.  In accordance with Moses, the Innermost is the Ruach Elohim who sowed the waters in the beginning of the world.  He is the Sun King, our Divine Monad, the Alter-Ego of Cicerone.

The Guardian of the Threshold is our Satan... our internal beast, the source of all of our animal passions and brutal appetites...

The Real Being of the Theurgist is the Innermost.  The superior “I” of the Necromancer is the Guardian of the Threshold.

The powers of the Innermost are divine.  The powers of the Guardian of the Threshold are diabolic.

The Theurgist worships the Innermost.  The Necromancer worships the Guardian of the Threshold.

The Theurgist avails himself with the power of his Innermost in order to perform his great works of practical magic.  The Necromancer worships the Guardian of the Threshold for his works of black magic.

We have arrived at the omnipotent empire of high and low magic.

The Astral Light is the battle field between white and black magicians.  The Astral Light is the clue of all empires and the key of all powers.  It is the great universal agent of life.  All the  columns of angels and demons live within the Astral Light...

In order to attain Theurgy one firstly needs to be an Alchemist, and it is impossible to be an Alchemist without a spouse.

“V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” is one of the clues of the Gnostic Alchemist.  The word signifies:  

Visitam Interiorem Terre Rectificatum Invenias Ocultum Lapidum.

Visit the interior of the earth, which through rectifying you will find the occult stone.

The clue is found within the flexible and malleable liquid glass...  This liquid glass is the semen.  Therefore, we have to sink ourselves within our own organic laboratory to increase, to rectify, our liquid glass, with the goal of heroically expanding the philosophical stone, the force of Nous, the Immortal Logos, the Solar Snake, which sleeps with silent inquietude within the bottom of our ark.

The woman is the vestal of the temple.  The vestal is the one who ignites the sacred fire of triple incandescence.

The Elixir of Long Life is the potable gold, and that potable gold is the semen...  The secret is to sexually connect oneself with the priestess-wife and withdraw from her without spilling the semen.

I A O: These three vowels must be pronounced1 during the sexual trance as follows: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Aaaaaaaaaaaaa Ooooooooooooo

Each letter requires a complete inhalation into our lungs. One completely fills his lungs and vocalizes the first vowel; one then completely fills his lungs again and pronounces the second vowel, and likewise the third.

This must be performed mentally in cases when the spouse is not prepared, in order to avoid wrong interpretations on their behalf.

The Kundalini awakens with this clue.  We finally attain the marriage of Nous, and we conquer the beautiful Helen, the one for whom all the illustrious warriors of ancient Troy fought.

The beautiful Helen is the igneous mind of the soul who is already betrothed to her eternal beloved, to her Innermost.

The beautiful Helen is the ardent mind of the Theurgist.  The Theurgist transmutes the lead into real and permanent gold...  The Theurgist grasps the sword and as a King of Nature he resurrects the dead, heals the blind, the crippled and paralytics... He unleashes the hurricanes and heroically walks through the fiery gardens of Nature.

What inductive or deductive logic serves as a foundation for the Neoplatonic Plotinus and Porphirius in order to combat the phenomenon of Theurgy?

All of the infinite existences of the universe are children of the phenomenon of Theurgy...  There exists an enormous difference between the mirror of Theurgy and the mirror of necromancy.  The mirror of Eleusis is different from the mirror of Sodom.

The mirror of the school of Sodom is necromancy and black magic.  The mirror of the mysteries of Eleusis is pure and divine Theurgy.

The Initiate of Eleusis, while in the state of Manteia (ecstasy), pronounced the sacred syllable.  Then, the Initiate’s Innermost appeared with light and beauty within the resplendent mirror...  Many times the Initiate provoked the state of Manteia when drinking from the chalice of Soma.  He was thus transported into the ineffable pleroma of love.

The necromancer of the school of Sodom begs the Guardian of the Threshold to appear in the mirror.  Once the vision appears, the candidate becomes a slave of the Guardian of the Threshold and is converted into a black magician.

The ritual of first degree of the school of Sodom is the most monstrous crime ever committed against humanity.  While staring in the mirror, the disciple invokes the monster of the threshold with these following questions that he asks himself:

1) Do you want to know the mystery of your being?

2) Would you like to know the terror of the threshold?

3) Would you listen to the voice that answers?

4) Did you ever hear the consciousness?

5) Do you know that the consciousness is the internal voice that speaks when it has an opportunity to do so?

6) Would you give the consciousness the freedom of speaking to you?

7) Do you know that the consciousness is your guardian and therefore the guardian of this Sanctum?

8) And do you know that this sacred guardian will always be present in this sanctum in order to guide you and protect you?

These questions are asked by the naive disciple, and after reciting some other paragraphs of black magic before the mirror, he says:

“Before my brethren and lords and in the presence of the guardian of the Sanctum, I declare that I have approached the terror of the Threshold and that I do not have terror for my soul.  Now I am a dweller of the threshold; I have been purified and I have commanded my true “I” (the Guardian of the Threshold) to exercise dominion over my physical body and mind.”

This is how the naive disciple is converted into a black magician, into a slave of the Guardian of the Threshold and of the darkness.

This ritual of black magic, adapted for this XX century, is very ancient.  Beelzebub started his horrible career as a demon after having performed it in ancient Arcadia.  In 1387, with just reason, the Tibetan reformer Tsong Khapa cast every book of necromancy that he found into flames.  As a result, some discontent Lamas formed an alliance with the aboriginal Bons, and today they form a powerful sect of black magic in the regions of Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal, submitting themselves to the most abominable black rites.

Iamblichus, the great Theurgist, said:  

Theurgy unites us more strongly with divine nature.  This nature is engendered by itself and acts in accordance with its own powers.  It is intelligent and sustains everything; it is the ornament of the universe and invites us to the intelligent truth, to perfection, and to share this perfection with others.  It unites us so intimately to all the creative acts of the Gods in proportion to the capacity of each one of us.  After accomplishing these sacred rites, the soul is consolidated within the actions of the intelligence of the Gods until identifying itself with them.  Thus it is absorbed by the primeval and divine Essence.  Such is the object of the sacred initiations of the Egyptians.

Iamblichus was invoking and materializing the planetary gods.

Firstly, one becomes an Alchemist, then a Magician, and finally a Theurgist.  We awaken the snake and become Theurgists by practicing Sexual Magic.  The whole secret resides in learning how to sexually connect ourselves with our spouse and to withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm).

Naked dances, Sexual Magic, and delectable music were something ineffable in the mysteries of Eleusis.

The Gnostic Church has opened its doors to all of humanity, and the mission of diffusing the snake’s wisdom unto this suffering humanity has been granted to me, Samael Aun Weor.