Hail! Hail Gods immortal,
A toast for Ye, in this delectable chalice
and a toast for the virgin of the seven portals.

A toast for Helen of majestic face
and to her I chant my songs
under the immortal colonnades
of her serene temple.

Helen, fill my cup
with the wine of intuition
Helen, pour within my glass
thy amphora of love...

Helen, console my painful heart.
I want to drink the liquor of wisdom,
even if it would add pain...
I want to inebriate myself with light and poetry
and to awaken in the arms of thy love.

Beautiful Helen, I love thee,
thou art the burin of philosophy,
thou art the fire of the arcane
thou art the amphora of wisdom
and the longed for fiancé of the wise.

The purple and the gold
of ancient Ithaca, I place before thy feet.

Oh Helen!
I place before thy feet the luxury of Atreida.
Oh nubile maiden,
I place before thee the Greek vessels.
Oh serene goddess,
I place before thy feet all the ancient citadels.
Oh beautiful Helen.

Helen, fill my cup
with the wine of intuition,
pour within my glass
thy amphora of love.

The Demon Who Renounced Evil and the Man Who Guided Him

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