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The Atom Nous, The Solar Period

Beelzebub, the prince of demons, was expanding the lines of his legions with new proselytes which he daily recruited among the human beings of the Solar epoch. In this way he converted himself into a hierarch of legions.

Filled with an ineffable beauty, the universe was resplendently shining. The humanity from the Solar epoch was similar to the humanities of any epoch. There was one among the human beings of that epoch who was tremendously struggling in order to attain perfection. This man was later known as Christ, the divine Rabbi of Galilee, the Solar Logos.

There was another temple of black magic in the Solar epoch in which many human beings were initiated. They were later converted into demons. Astaroth was initiated in that black and gigantic temple.

When the cosmic night of the Solar epoch approached, after millions of years, the Four Lords of Flame endowed the present human Innermosts (Spirits) with a Spiritual Soul or Buddhic body, which is the body of intuition.

The vehicle of intuition is directly connected with the heart. Accordingly, the heart is the center of intuition. Its chakra or lotus flower spins and shines with extraordinary beauty. Seven atomic centers exist in this chakra, which serve as instruments for the seven great cosmic hierarchies, in order for them to act upon our marvelous organism.

As we have already stated in our book entitled The Perfect Matrimony or The Door to Enter into Initiation, the heart of the Sun is constructed like the heart of our human organism. Just as seven hierarchs exist in the Sun who direct the seven cosmic rays, seven brains exist in our heart that belong to the seven great cosmic hierarchies.

The Sun has an atomic central nucleus, which is the Atom Nous, and this atom is the dwelling of Brahma within us. This atom is the first vital center that functions in the fetus, and also the last atom that stops living in our organism.

This atom contains the mind, life, energy, and willpower of the human being. It has an opal-like luminous aura that irradiates and shines.

At the end of the Solar epoch, the humanity of that epoch attained the Angelic state. They are the Archangels of present times. The highest initiate among them was Christ. But not all of the human beings of that epoch reached that state, since the majority converted themselves into demons.

Javhe, who is from that epoch, became the highest black and tenebrous initiate, the opposite polarity of Christ.

When the Cosmic Night arrived, then the universe seemed to submerge itself into the Chaos. All of Nature entered into a happy dream... The seeds of all living things delivered themselves into the arms of dreams... Thus, the harps of the Elohim were delectably vibrating within the infinite spaces.