The Sapience of Sin

Wisdom is elaborated with the sapience of sin,
and the vertigo of the Absolute.
Oh defeated Magdala!
Thy withered lips due to too many kisses,
also know how to love....

Therefore, I love Thee,
fallen woman,
I die for Thee,
no matter what they say.

I like dancing and thy love.
Alas!  Woman do not leave me,
for I die for Thee.
Alas!  Woman do not leave me,
for I only love Thee.

The forbidden fruit makes us gods.
Thy delectable words of love,
and thy grave oaths,
are like the fire of the roses,
and like those delectable moments
which no one knows of...

The greatest angels
were always devils
from great Bacchanalias;
they enjoyed the lips of love,
they sung the song of songs...

Red roses are better than white,
because they have the sapience of sin
and the vertigo of the Absolute,
and because they have wept a lot,
a sweet Nazarene has forgiven them....

Temptation is the mother of sin,
and the pain of sin is the sapience.
Christ loved she who had wept much,
and said to her:  “Woman, I forgive Thee,
for Thou hast loved much...”

The most divine Gods
are those who have been more human;
the most divine Gods
are those who were Devils.

Chant!  Oh Beelzebub, chant thy song,
Chant!  Oh Beelzebub, a chant of love.
Woman, thou art a rose of passion,
Thou hast a thousand delectable names,
yet, thy true name is love...
I want to fasten laurels to thy temples,
I want to kiss thy lips with love...

I want to tell Thee rare things,
I want to tell Thee intimate things,
I want to tell Thee everything,
within the perfumed room of mahogany.
I want to tell Thee everything in starry nights.
Thou art the star of Dawn,
Thou art the light of Aubade...

Thy breasts pour honey and venom,
and the liquor of the female
is a liquor of Mandrake.
It is a summit, an immensity, a fire.
It is the ardent and adored flame,
through which one enters into heaven...

The Demon Who Renounced Evil and the Man Who Guided Him

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