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Beelzebub and His Revolution

Everything in life is a matter of customs. A fornicator is an individual who has intensely accustomed his genital organs to copulate. Yet, if the same individual changes his custom of copulation to the custom of no copulation, then he transforms himself into a chaste person.

We have as an example the astonishing case of Mary Magdalene, who was a famous prostitute. Mary Magdalene became the famous Saint Mary Magdalene, the repented prostitute. Mary Magdalene became the chaste disciple of Christ.

Paul of Tarsus, the furious persecutor of Gnostics, received the sacred initiation after the event which occurred to him on his way to Damascus. He left the custom of persecuting the Christians, and he adopted the Gnostic customs. So, he became a Gnostic Christian prophet.

An evil one can become a saint, if he changes his customs of evil for the customs of a saint.

After this preamble, let us enter into the interesting theme of our present chapter.

In our present Terrestrial Period, Beelzebub, the ancient prince of demons, reached a degree of perversity that is impossible to describe with words.

When any magician wished to call Beelzebub in the Astral plane, he had to arm himself with very terrific courage in order to confront the most monstrous beast that the innumerable cycles of historic evolution have known.

The magician would pronounce the sinister mantras of tenebrous evocations, which are written as follows:

“Antia rara ra ra........,” which are pronounced like this:








Then, the name of Beelzebub was called three times.

A breeze of death cooled the atmosphere of the evocator, and the prince of demons would answer with a terrifying roar, which seemed to emerge from all of the caverns of the earth.

Beelzebub answered the call of that courageous magician. Beelzebub’s steps were like the trot of an infernal colt, and his presence was a thousand times more terrible, a thousand times more horrible, than death itself.

Woe unto the bold one who dared to call the prince of demons without being properly prepared! Woe unto such an intrepid one, because he died under the claws of the horrible beast!

Yet, the very well disciplined magician, firm as a warrior, extended his right hand towards the prince of demons and conjured him with the following words:

“In the name of Jupiter, father of all gods, I conjure you, Te Vigos Cossilim!”

Then, the monster remained still.

His presence was like a gigantic, long haired gorilla. He embraced his disciples or friends with his long tail while talking with them.

His eyes were like a bull, his nose like a horse, his mouth like a mule, his feet and hands were enormous and horrible, and his body, as we have said, was hairy like the body of a gorilla.

He wore upon his head a biretta; upon his shoulders was the black cape of the prince of demons, and a cord with seven knots was around his waist. All of these garments indicated that he was a prince of demons, a black magician of the 13th black initiation.

When he signed a pact with the black magicians, he signed the following upon the document, “Bel tengo mental la petra, y que a el la anduve sedra vao genizar ledes.”

Beelzebub knew how to momentarily abandon the Astral plane in order to enter into the physical plane. This is how he became visible and tangible for his daring evocators in the physical plane.

Those who signed pacts with him he made rich. Consequently, the souls of the evocators remained slaves of Beelzebub. He gave them money, yet the evocators had to resolve to follow Beelzebub in a determined moment, in a determined day, hour, and minute.

This was because Beelzebub demanded the evocator’s life and the soul of his most beloved son. Beelzebub himself disincarnated the evocator in order to take him and place him under his service.

I know of a rich landholder who has signed a pact with another demon, not Beelzebub. Every year a laborer mysteriously disappears from his farm. One little girl watched her mother precisely in the very moment in which she disappeared, snatched by the mysterious hand of someone who was not seen. Consequently, this child remained an orphan. The black magicians can take their victims into the Astral plane, even with their bodies of flesh and bones, in order to place them under their service within that plane.

Many will say that the former statement is impossible, that the author of this book is getting more pesky than a fly. Yet, I recommend to those people to study The Initiatic Novel of Occultism by Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha), so they can learn about the history of the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail was in the physical plane, yet now it is within the Astral plane. Also in the Astral plane is the temple of the Holy Grail, which was physical in the past, and also part of the mountain of Monserrate in Cataluña (Spain). This is what is called the Jinn State.

This chalice is filled with the blood of the redeemer of the world, which Joseph of Arimathea collected when he was at the foot of the cross in Golgotha.

We read in Krumm Heller’s book how Commander Montero entered with his physical body into the authentic Rosicrucian Temple of Chapultepec (Mexico). This temple is in a Jinn State, so Commander Montero entered into this temple with his body in a Jinn state.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the great German doctor, said, “A physical body can enter into the internal worlds without losing its physical characteristics.”

Mario Roso de Luna made beautiful studies about the Jinn lands. Don Mario Roso de Luna died disappointed with the Theosophical society.

The Rosicross is one of seven initiatic sanctuaries located in the Astral plane. Yet, all of the Rosicrucian schools that are presently known in this physical world are false, ever since such schools fell into the hands of Javhe.

The natives of America knew about the Jinn states in depth. Therefore, when the Spanish conquistadors arrived, the natives hid their most sacred temples within the Astral plane. As a result, the Mayan mysteries were saved from the Spaniard’s profanation. The Sanctuary of Mayan Mysteries is one of the seven great occult sanctuaries now in the Astral plane.

When a physical body is active in the Astral plane, it is subjected to the laws of that plane, without losing its physiological characteristics.

I know about a fellow who robbed two gold bars from the profound cave of the Pregoneros (State of Merida, Venezuela). When the man in question went out of this cave, he felt that these two gold bars were moving in his hands and simultaneously a storm was unleashed. He then saw that his two gold bars had transformed into two horrible snakes. This man then threw them out of his hands and flew away in terror.

What also can occur is that a disincarnated person can momentarily abandon the Astral plane and enter into the physical plane. Such an individual becomes invisible for those persons from the Astral plane; yet, he remains tangible for the people of this physical world. In such a case, the disincarnated person remains momentarily subjected to the laws that command the physical plane, without his Astral Body losing its own characteristics.

In the apparition archives of psychic societies, these cases are counted in the thousands. These are the apparitions of deceased persons about which the spiritists speak. Nonetheless, they never know how to explain them. Superficially, they say that these are materialization phenomena, and they fill them with millions of theories.

They ignore that the soul can enter into the distinct departments of the kingdom. What is necessary is to know how to do it, as the magicians do.

Therefore, the magician does not need spiritist mediums in order to perform these phenomena of practical magic.

When magic is explained as it really is, it seems to make no sense to fanatical people. They prefer to follow their world of illusions.

I know the case of an evocator who called Beelzebub with the Clavicle (clue) of Solomon, which is as follows:

“Agion tetra-gram vaicheon estimilia maton espares retragramaton orgoran irion.

“Erglion existion eryona omera brasin moim mesias soler, emmanuel Sabaoth Adonai. I praise thee and I invoke thee.”

When the evocator saw Beelzebub in the middle of the room, he became filled with infinite terror and did not dare make any pact with him, for he became tongue-tied.

Beelzebub always had his cavern filled with weapons and seals in order to mark the Astral bodies of his disciples.

I, Samael Aun Weor, was always observing Beelzebub in the Astral plane. I tried to gain his affection because what kept calling my attention was the overwhelming fact that he was irradiating love towards his friends.

He was a very rare and unique case among his kind, because I had never heard of a demon whose aura irradiated a blue light, which is that of love.

Certainly, he was always hurling terrible threats upon me. Yet, I always defeated him with my mantras, and thus I accompanied him into his caverns within the Astral plane. I reached even to the point of taking part in his feasts, pretending to be a black magician, and even his comrade. This was in order to more closely study this personage.

My intentions in the long run were to perform the greatest task in the cosmos, which was to take Beelzebub out of the Black Lodge and transform him into a disciple of the White Lodge.

My disciples considered this task to be something truly impossible. Beelzebub did not stop threatening me; nevertheless, in spite of everything, I did not dismay.

Finally, there was a curious event that assured my intentions. One night, I, along with a chela, invoked Beelzebub in the Astral plane. Once he answered our call, we invited him to dinner. He accepted our invitation, and we went into a restaurant of the Astral plane. As we already explained, the Astral Body also eats elements which are related to its organism. Thus, the Astral world is almost similar to our own physical world.

So, I asked for food for Beelzebub, while I contented myself to drink a glass of water. When Beelzebub sat at the table, he took the biretta off from his head and began to eat in a gentleman-like manner.

It was intriguing to see that type of gorilla eating at the table like a great lord. Some chelas who were in that place addressed me and told me that I was being disrespectful by bringing a demon into that place.

As was expected, they were looking at him with disgust, and soon they began to vacate the place. Notwithstanding, I answered them, “He is also a man and he deserves to be respected.”

Then, Beelzebub took the floor and, in a profoundly sad tone, said, “Everybody despises me; the only one who does not despise me is my friend Samael Aun Weor.”

This was the Astral experience that encouraged me to continue with my longed for purpose, which was to take Beelzebub out of the Black Lodge and make him a disciple of the White Fraternity.

Some people would see the fact that the Astral Body can eat and drink as something impossible, because their unsound mysticism is always telling them that the Astral Body is something vague, a vaporous fluid, an intangible and non-material body. Considering they are only theorists, it does not occur to them to verify it.

Let such ladies and gentlemen study Vivekananda’s books in order for them to be informed that the internal bodies (Astral Body, etc.) are also material.

This is why we, the Gnostics, say that nothing can exist, not even God, without the help of matter.

So, the Astral Body is material, and it is a dense organism like the physical body. The fact that matter, in its last synthesis, is reduced to energy, does not deny its existence once in that state. If we cannot see it with our sense of sight, it is because it belongs to the fifth dimension. Our physical eyes will not serve for seeing the Astral plane until we make them suitable for this purpose or until we place ourselves into the Astral plane with our physical body. Thus, the Astral organism is as dense as the physical organism, yet it belongs to another department of the kingdom.

The Astral Body is much more sensitive than the physical body. The Astral organism is like a duplicate of the physical organism. As the physical body has to be nourished with food related to its nature, so does the Astral Body.

The occultist utilizes the Astral Body for his studies and for his great investigations, because that body is advantageously arranged over the physical body. Time and distance do not exist for the Astral Body, and what one learns through it remains immediately recorded within the consciousness of the Being, forever.

Therefore, my dear reader, do not take as something strange the fact that I was having dinner with Beelzebub in the Astral plane.

Many times I asked for the attention of Beelzebub’s Innermost, in order for Him to do something for His soul, but the answer of his Innermost (Spirit) was, “I cannot, he does not obey me. I have fought a lot; yet, it is impossible.” Beelzebub, as all black magicians from the school of Sodom, considered that the Spirit is inferior and the soul is superior. This is because, they say, that the soul is more psychic.

So, Beelzebub, as well as the disciples from the school of Sodom, were convinced that the Guardian of the Threshold was their real Being. Precisely, this is why Beelzebub did not listen to his Innermost.

Beelzebub ignored that he was in evil. He furiously attacked the White Magicians and believed them to be perverse. He felt himself to be a saint and good, and considered the White Magicians to be demons.

He ignored our Gnostic principle that states, “One has a soul, and one is a Spirit.”

The Testament of Learning says:

“Before the false dawn came over this earth, those who survived the hurricane and the storm gave praise to the Innermost, and to them appeared the heralds of the dawn.”

The Intimate or Innermost is our internal sun. Thus, the soul who removes itself from its Innermost falls into the abyss.

The Spirit is our real Being. The soul who removes itself from its own Spirit is disintegrated. This is the Second Death.

As a result of the words that Beelzebub uttered amidst that dinner, I, filled with enthusiasm, performed another experiment. I invoked him anew within the Astral plane. Once Beelzebub attended my call, I politely invited him to have some drinks with me. Beelzebub happily and joyfully accepted my invitation.

While Beelzebub and I were walking in the Astral plane, I was changing Beelzebub’s own vibration. Finally, I succeeded, and I removed him from the Astral plane and took him into the most divine plane of consciousness of the cosmos. In the first volume of The Secret Doctrine by the Master Blavatsky, this most divine plane of the cosmos is named “The Pass Not Ring.” If we consider the cosmos as a great tree with its roots in the Absolute, then these roots will be the “Pass Not Ring,” because no one can pass that plane; not even the greatest Gods of the cosmos can pass beyond that ring.

Beelzebub was really overwhelmed before the tremendous luminosity of that ineffable region. Its beauty and happiness are indescribable. Yet, he felt terror, because for four eternities Beelzebub had lived within the darkness of the tenebrous caverns.

When seeing the light he felt fear, and so with a hoarse voice he uttered, “This is unceasingly terrifying.”

I responded, “More terrifying is the darkness in which you live.” Then, walking through this plane, we passed in front of a house.

“Can I enter?” he asked me, and I answered him affirmatively. Immediately we entered and stayed inside for a while.

Really, everything was new for Beelzebub. He was feeling discontent because he was accustomed to living among the veiled prophets, and the tremendous luminosity of that plane was horrifyingly bothering him.

After this interval of light, I took him again to the other extreme, into the terrible darkness of the Avitchi (Hell) of our earth, where one does not see anything but pieces of souls in the state of disintegration. There you find souls of prostitutes who by means of too much copulation became totally separated from their Innermost. Now, while lying down upon their filthy beds, they are disintegrating themselves like candles, melting with the fire of their passion.

We found there souls of demons who were nothing but pieces. “Here I feel a little bit better,” said Beelzebub to me.

I answered him, “You have to accustom yourself to the light.”

He then stated, “It is very hard to do so because I have been living in the darkness for a very long time.”

When showing him the pieces of souls, I warned him, “Here is where you will end up if you continue with your evilness.” Then after, I took him again into the Astral plane.

Despite the fact that I was not content with the former ordeal, I did not dismay. I understood that he had the Guardian of the Threshold within his internal bodies. As a logical fact, in spite of the promising hopes that I was observing in Beelzebub, that Guardian (which is so respected by the black magicians) was totally enslaving him. Nevertheless, Beelzebub did not get furious against the light, the light only annoyed him.

He was suffering greatly in the Astral plane because all the spiritualists were turning up their noses at him, and he was very discouraged by these people.

The same despot was always behind the altar commanding his temple. He was always around the same vices, and those vices had already made of him a gorilla, a filthy beast.

I, Samael Aun Weor, understood all of this. Therefore, I did not dismay, especially when he was trying to feel affection for me and was considering me his best friend.

Thus, I performed a third experiment. This one was really the decisive one. I took Beelzebub into the “Pass Not Ring” for a second time. While there, I invoked for him his best and very ancient friends from the epoch of Saturn.

In this present time those friends of his are now luminous lords of the mind, lords of the light. Filled with pain, they hugged Beelzebub. One of them said to him, “I never imagined reaching the point of seeing you in this state.”

Then, Beelzebub answered, “You see how far I went.”

In that plane, Beelzebub seemed to be something like a gorilla from the African jungle in an elegant hall of Paris.

Nevertheless, when Beelzebub recognized his most beloved friends, he was appalled within the depths of his soul and totally comprehended how he had gone astray.

This was Beelzebub, the simpatico and handsome man of Arcadia. If it were not for the taverns, he would not have known the horrifying black magician who misguided him.

Then, I asked permission of the Masters of that luminous plane to leave Beelzebub in that luminous region for some time. The Masters joyfully agreed with my petition with the condition that I constantly visit him.

Then, together we made a chain of love around Beelzebub, inundating him with our love and filling him with our best atoms, saturating him with light and splendor.

I constantly visited Beelzebub. He was always sad, since he was the only gorilla in that plane of Gods. All of the Beings of that region looked at him with curiosity, and his ancient friends of the Saturnine period were advising and helping him.

So, Beelzebub was accustoming himself little by little to the light, and he was feeling remorse in the bottom of his soul for the lost time. He felt shame when in front of his best friends and he longed for personal improvement.

Therefore, we helped him by temporarily uniting him with his internal God, with his own Innermost, and a supreme effort was made by his “Glorian” in order to call his soul to the union with his Innermost.

When reaching this part of our book, it will be rare for the occultists to have heard about the Glorian. In reality, the Glorian is none other than the Ray from which the Innermost (Spirit) emanated. Thus, the Glorian is substance, yet it is not Spirit, nor is it matter.

The Glorian is the Great Breath that is profoundly unknowable to itself. It is a breath from the Absolute, one of the many breaths of the Great Breath.

The Glorian is the “Atmic Thread” of the Hindus. It is the Absolute within us, our own individual Ray, the whole of our real Being made in glory.

The soul aspires for union with his Innermost, and the Innermost aspires for union with his Glorian.

The diocese of our Glorian is the turk chair of our organism. This turk chair is formed by the cervical vertebrae of our spinal column. Here is where the Glorian has its silver atoms. When Beelzebub became united with his Glorian, the white light of the Glorian was shining with all of its splendor in that part of Beelzebub’s Astral organism.

This momentary fusion of Beelzebub with his Innermost took away from him that horrifying appearance of a gorilla. Dressed with the vestures of his Innermost, he assumed the shape of that simpatico young man of Arcadia.

We must not forget that the atoms of the Glorian are of silver, and that the Holy Grail is of silver and not of gold, as some Rosicrucians suppose. Hence, the chalice that the initiates of the God Sirius carry over the hood of their forehead is of silver. Any chela who visits the Transcended Church of the Star Sirius will convince himself of my affirmation.

A great interior revolution was taking place within Beelzebub. So, one night, a most quiet and silent night, I made some experiments of Theurgy that were really definitive.

Upon the cosmic scenario I projected for Beelzebub some scenes of the Akashic records. The primeval epochs from the Saturnine period appeared, epochs in which Beelzebub still was a good and simple man, when he still did not have vices, when he still was not a friend of brothels or taverns.

All of those scenes moved in a successive order. Beelzebub silently contemplated them. Then after, appeared the taverns, the little parties, the social nights, and the brothels with their orgies.

Beelzebub, filled with a terrible internal emotion, contemplated those very ancient scenes and he remembered his errors.

He was facing the primeval causes that had conduced him towards his present state. A true revolution of Beelzebub was in activity. Beelzebub was revolutionizing against hatred, against selfishness, against vices, against fornication, against anger, against crime, etc.

Suddenly, something dreadful and horrifying emerged from within that scene. It was a being who was an abominable demon, dressed in a black tunic, and who wore two rings in his ears. The eyes of that demon protruded out, and an atmosphere of profound darkness enveloped him.

Beelzebub was astonished when contemplating him, since he was his very ancient Master. He was that horrifying black magician who, with his marvelous clues, was always making Beelzebub triumphant in the vice of gambling. He was that horrifying demon who had led him towards the first black initiation.

This demon was the one who had enslaved Beelzebub to the Guardian of the Threshold in that very ancient tenebrous temple where Beelzebub passed the first ritual. It is the same ritual through which, in this day and age, the black magicians pass.

This sinister personage approached Beelzebub, smiling in order to greet him. Beelzebub, as when one is attracted by a hypnotic spell, wanted to approach him in order to return the greetings. Yet, he stopped, and a gesture of rebellion emerged from within the bottom of his soul. Heroically he exclaimed, “No, I do not greet you! I do not want anything from you, since you are responsible for me being in this state!”

Then, the sinister personage, with a very hoarse voice that seemed to emerge from the bottom of the centuries and tenebrous caverns, answered, “Is this the payment that you give for my services? Have you already forgotten my sacrifices? Have you already forgotten the teachings that I gave you? You are allowing yourself to be guided on the bad path.”

Yet Beelzebub, filled with energy, answered, “I do not want to listen to you, since you are responsible for me being in this state. So, I believe I have paid you for the granted favors.”

Then, I conjured this sinister personage in order for him to withdraw. Hence, the black magician withdrew with his profound darkness. He seemed to sink himself into the abyss.

This was an ordeal for Beelzebub, and he emerged successful in this ordeal. Beelzebub revolutionized himself against black magic. A gesture of rebellion was bursting forth from within the bottom of his soul.

After having projected these Akashic Records in the atmosphere for the sake of Beelzebub, we, the Masters and my disciples, performed chains of love together in order to irradiate light to Beelzebub.

Afterwards, in the form of pictures I projected the fate that was awaiting him if he continued to follow the black path. Pictures appeared of Beelzebub happy in the taverns and delivering himself to all the vices of the earth. Finally, the setting of the Cosmic Night appeared, and all the seas overflowed over the Earth. Everything was in ruins and ice. There, thrown away on a shore was a piece of the head and the chest and arms of the one who had been Beelzebub in the past.

Once the picture concluded, I told him, “Lo and behold, the doom that is awaiting you if you keep following the black path.”

Afterwards, I projected pictures of the fate that was awaiting him if he followed the path of White Magic. In these pictures Beelzebub was shown already united with his Innermost, dressed in the tunic of mastery with its long cape of a Hierophant and with his scepter of power. A luminous garden appeared, and Beelzebub was treading upon this garden as an omnipotent and heavenly God.

I told him, “This is the providence that awaits you if you follow the path of White Magic. Thus, resolve yourself now! Do you follow White Magic or do you continue on the black path?”

Beelzebub’s firm answer was, “I stay with White Magic.” Then, Beelzebub fell down on his knees weeping as when a child weeps. Raising his eyes towards heaven, he closed his hands together over his chest, and among tears and sobs, he prayed to heaven.

He was a repented demon. His horns shone upon his forehead as if they already wanted to vanish with the light.

With tears in their eyes, the Major Brethren hugged him. All of them rejoiced amongst themselves while a triumphal and delectable march with its ineffable melodies played in the starry heavens of Urania.

“I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.” - Luke 15:7

Then, I kneeled and prostrated myself before the most powerful Hierarch of the cosmos, who is called by the Tibetans “the Mother of Mercy” or “the Melodious Voice Oeaoeh.” He is the Only Begotten, the great universal Word of life, whose body is all of the sounds played in the infinite. His beauty is ineffable. He bears a crown with three points, and his very long cape is carried by the Elohim. They carry the long train of his cape.

So, I begged the Only Begotten to have Beelzebub close to Him, in order for Him to adjust Beelzebub’s Kundalini.

Beelzebub’s Kundalini was flowing downwards, forming the tail (Kundabuffer) of the demon. Now, the Only Begotten’s duty was to raise Beelzebub’s Kundalini upwards, towards his head, in order to convert him into an Angel.

The Master (the Only Begotten) accepted my supplication, and within that plane of diamantine light, he placed Beelzebub within a resplendent garden and gave him a cosmic book for him to study. He instructed him in the path of light and filled him with atoms of wisdom.

Later on, I made Beelzebub “revive” the whole of his life throughout all of the four great cosmic periods, and I showed him the beautiful fate that was awaiting for him if he was going to follow the luminous path.

When Beelzebub saw himself already converted into a Hierarch of the future, he asked me, “Would this be soon?” I answered him affirmatively.

Afterwards, when he finished reviving all of these scenes, he then arrived before the only Son (only Begotten), saying, “I come with my soul transformed.” The Master then continued helping him, and his Kundalini arose. Thus, the tail (Kundabuffer) of the demon disappeared from him.

Nonetheless, the horns were still over his forehead, because these horns belong to the Guardian of the Threshold, and he was closely fused with the Guardian of the Threshold. This internal beast was a terrible obstacle for his evolution. It was necessary to cast this beast out from him in order to liberate him from this internal monster that held him in bondage for innumerable ages.

That internal monster had taken possession of his will, of his thought, of his consciousness, of everything. Therefore, the necessity was peremptory to expel him out from his own Being, in order to perform a fast internal progress.

This then was the moment when I took him into the Astral plane in order to submit him to the first initiatic ordeal, through which anyone who wants to reach initiation has to irremediably pass. This is the ordeal of the Guardian of the Threshold.

In this ordeal, when we invoke this monster, he comes out from within ourselves and he threateningly thrusts himself against us.

Beelzebub had to invoke his own Guardian many times. Finally, a horrifying breeze blew everywhere and then, in a dreadful and threatening way, the spectre of the Threshold appeared. That creature was a giant, about three meters in stature, and his body had two meters of thickness. He had the appearance of a monstrous gorilla with a flat, round face, two horns, and protruding eyes.

Beelzebub had fortified this monster throughout the ages. Now, Beelzebub did not have any other choice but to fight him. Therefore, Beelzebub courageously thrust himself towards the monster and subsequently defeated him.

This was the monster that gave Beelzebub that horrifying appearance of a gorilla. This was the beast of the Threshold. Hence, a “dry” noise resounded within space, which is different than the metallic sound produced in similar cases with our present disciples. This is because Beelzebub is from another World Period.

Afterwards, Beelzebub was welcomed within the Children’s Hall with great festivity and delectable music, and so, he became converted into a disciple of the Major Brethren.

The Masters gave him a symbolic cup of silver.

After Beelzebub passed through this first ordeal, I then took him again to the Only Begotten in order for the Only Begotten to keep helping him.

The horns disappeared from the forehead of Beelzebub, because these horns belonged to his internal beast, to the Guardian of the Threshold, which is called by the Rosicrucians from the school of Sodom, “The Guardian of their Chamber,” and also “The Guardian of their Sanctum.”

The monstrous figure of the gorilla also disappeared from Beelzebub, because that figure was not his own, but the figure of the Guardian of the Threshold, which is called by the Rosicrucians from the school of Sodom “The Guardian of their Consciousness.”

Beelzebub beautified himself. Nevertheless, he now had to accomplish that saying of the Master:

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” - Matthew 22:21

Beelzebub had to return to the black magicians all the articles which he had from them: the biretta, the seven knotted cord, and the cape of the prince of demons. Also, he had to erase his name from the book where it was written.

When reaching this part of our present chapter, we have to give some explanations about this matter, because many readers would think it strange that we talk about books within the Astral world. It is because people are accustomed to think that the Astral world is a vague, fluid, vaporous, intangible, immaterial, etc. world.

We, the Gnostics, are essentially realistic and we have reached the conclusion that nothing can exist, not even God, without the help of matter, even though what is matter is something absolutely unknown to the so-called materialistic schools.

Those schools are nothing but a theoretical “cage of parrots,” because in reality these know-it-alls of materialism truly do not know anything else but the grossest states of matter. For example, what do they know about occult chemistry, the anatomy, and the ultra-biology of the internal bodies of the human being?

Materialistic skepticism is the result of a cerebral dementia. This has already been confirmed by the psychiatrist doctors of Paris when they analyzed the brain of an existentialist.

In reality, within each normal human being, there exists a true, natural mystic who is without any type of aberration. This is because the materialistic, as well as the spiritualistic theories, are equally filled with aberrations and fantasies. Therefore, we, the Gnostics, are not spiritualists, neither materialists, but we are realists.

We deeply know about the infinite manifestations of matter and the Spirit, and we know that the fundamental base of the Being is neither Spirit nor matter. The Glorian is a substance that gives its substance to itself, yet it is neither Spirit nor matter.

Therefore, when we affirm that Beelzebub had to erase his name from the book of a temple, we speak with as much authority as when we say that we have to erase a name from a physical-material book. If material objects exist in this physical plane, likewise material, solid objects exist within the Astral region, because the Astral plane is as material as the physical plane. Moreover, we can visit the Astral plane any time we want by penetrating within it with our physical body of flesh and bones, dressed and prepared as if we are going on the street for a walk.

Books of Astral matter exist within every temple of black magic. The names of its affiliates are written in these books. Whenever a black magician withdraws from a temple of black magic, he must always erase his name from the book where it is written. Also, he has to return all of the articles to their owners:

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” - Matthew 22:21

So, after the ordeal of the Guardian of the Threshold, Beelzebub presented himself to his tenebrous temple in order to erase his name from the book where it was written.

It was an enormous, gigantic temple of black magic. The great Hierarch of the temple was behind the altar. When he saw Beelzebub, impatiently and irritably he exclaimed, “You finally remember to come? Since you are the one who directs this temple, why do you delay so much in coming?”

Then, Beelzebub answered with an energetic tone, “I do not belong to this temple anymore. I am now following the path of White Magic.” Afterwards, he took the biretta from his head and the cord from his waist and thrust them over the altar while saying, “There, I leave these things to you. I do not need them anymore, since I am now of the White Lodge.” Then he added, “Give me the book so I can erase my name from it.”

Then, the tenebrous priest answered in a despotic way, “Look for the book yourself; I will not give myself that duty.”

Thus, Beelzebub looked for the book, and then after, he erased his name and departed from the temple with a firm and triumphant step.

Subsequently, we directed ourselves to a certain tenebrous cavern, where he had to deliver the cape of the Prince of Demons.

When Beelzebub entered into the black cavern, he spoke the following, “I come to deliver this cape that does not belong to me anymore, because I am now a disciple of the White Lodge.” And so he thrust the cape towards them. Beelzebub departed from that cavern, while the black magicians from that cavern insulted him.

Once out of that cavern, we directed ourselves to Beelzebub’s own cavern. Here, innumerable weapons and seals of black magic were shown. With the salamanders of fire Beelzebub burnt all of these.

This is how, my beloved reader, the former prince of demons “Beelzebub” was liberated from black magic.

Beelzebub continued abiding within the light of the “Pass Not Ring” and the only Son (Begotten) kept teaching him.

Some days after, the ordeal of the great Guardian of the Threshold of the world was presented to him. This is the second ordeal that every disciple must pass through. Beelzebub courageously confronted the second Guardian. Another party was celebrated in another temple, and another symbolic cup of silver was delivered to him.

When the second ordeal is passed, then another ordeal comes in order to burn with fire the residue that remains within the disciple.

Beelzebub entered within the Hall of Fire and he courageously sustained himself within the flames. This is the third ordeal, and Beelzebub passed it very well. The fire burnt all of the larvae of his Astral Body; thus, he became clean.

Later on, he passed through the four ordeals and proved that he was capable, even capable to kiss the whip of the executioner. These ordeals are the ordeals of earth, fire, water, and air.

Beelzebub courageously passed through these four ordeals. Then, he received the cape of chela (disciple) of the White Lodge, and he dressed himself with a purple tunic.

Beelzebub became a disciple of the White Lodge and he totally sanctified himself.

For that reason, the Great Brethren celebrated with a grand cosmic party. The divine Rabbi of Galilee received him with open arms, and the divine Rabbi congratulated me, Samael Aun Weor, because of my triumph.

This event is written in the book of the twenty and four elders, and the cosmos, the whole of it, was shaken.

This is the greatest event of cosmic evolution, because I have heard about fallen angels, yet I had never heard of a repented demon.

So, Beelzebub delivered himself to healing sick people and to taking them by night in their Astral bodies into the Temple of Alden for their healing. He delivered himself to goodness, to righteousness, and to justice. He changed his demonic customs for the customs of a saint, and hence he became a saint.

Therefore, the main link—which was Beelzebub—was lost, and panic sprouted within the Black Lodge.

The black magicians unfolded ancient parchments and were astonished when reading the innumerable degrees that Beelzebub had, and how now, “in a manner of speaking,” he had betrayed them. Some of them commented on this case, saying, “Now we have nobody but our chief Javhe, the ‘Boss.’ If he abandons us, then we are lost.”

Afterwards, when Beelzebub passed through the four ordeals of earth, fire, water, and air, he visited Javhe, his former chief, and said to him, “I come to say farewell to you, because now I am no longer dependent on your government, for now I am a disciple of the White Lodge.”

Javhe then furiously answered, “Traitor! Miserable one! Renegade! You allowed yourself to be convinced by Samael Aun Weor. Yet, he does not have your degrees, neither mine. Be aware that you are walking on the bad path.”

Then, Beelzebub answered him in an energetic tone, “The one who is walking on the bad path is you. I follow Samael Aun Weor. I did not see the light, but since Samael has shown it to me, I will not leave this light anymore, and I follow Samael Aun Weor in the same way that all of his disciples follow him.”

Javhe then said to him, “Damned! Damned! Damned! My damnation will follow you eternally.”

Yet, Beelzebub answered him with a smile, “Your damnation does not enter me because I am protected by the White Lodge.”

After Beelzebub had spoken, Javhe then turned himself against me, saying, “You are the one I have to attack, because you are responsible for all of this.” Subsequently, he attacked me with all of his sinister occult power, yet I easily conjured him, and I defeated him.

Beelzebub continued healing the sick. However, the instant approached with necessity in which he had to ask for a physical body in order to climb the path of the Initiation.

So, Beelzebub asked for a physical body. His petition was accepted, and he inscribed himself in the ninth Karmic office. This is how he entered into our human evolution.

The initiate Gargha Kuichin generously offered his cooperation in order for Beelzebub to take a physical body within his home, yet this was completely impossible due to health reasons of his wife. She could not endure the tremendous vibration of Beelzebub.

However, the Major Brethren had foreseen everything very well. The “chela” Beelzebub incarnated himself in France, in a feminine body. Now Beelzebub is a beautiful girl in France, who will overwhelm the world because of her sanctity, power, and wisdom.

Her parents have a young and beautiful marriage in which only love and comprehension reigns, because both are initiates. They are laborers, yet they enjoy a simple and beautiful life.

Beelzebub was born with the body of a girl because the feminine body is indispensable for the development of feelings, tenderness, and love. Now, Beelzebub, already with a physical body, can rapidly pass the Nine Initiations of Minor Mysteries, and finally, he will unite himself with his Innermost. Thus, he will convert himself into a Master of Major Mysteries from the White Fraternity.

From the great sinners, the ones great in virtue are born.