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I Accuse

After a period of cosmic repose, before the start of the Solar epoch, life recapitulated the Saturnian epoch.  Then afterwards, the Solar epoch began.

The Earth was shining with resplendence with the ineffable colors of the Astral Light, and the matter of the universe was the same Astral Light.

The physical bodies of our present humanity were developed a little more and these bodies received the Vital body, which in the present time serves as a foundation for the whole human biology.

The angels and demons of the Saturnine epoch floated in the environment of the Solar epoch...

Here we clairvoyantly see Beelzebub, the prince of demons, surrendered to the worst crimes, an active member of a great temple of black magic.  He was intensely struggling in order to make proselytes among that humanity of the Solar epoch.  Consequently, there were many souls whom he conquered for his tenebrous temple.

Beelzebub descended the thirteen steps of black magic, thus achieving the 13th black initiation, which converted him into a prince of demons.  He wore around his waist the sinister cord of seven knots, which is worn by adepts of black magic.

He became skillful in mind control and received the lost word of the black magicians which is written “Mathrem” and which they pronounce “Mazrem.”  He placed upon his head of long hair the cap of black magic, and covered his wide and hairy shoulders with the black cape of the prince of demons.  Upon his forehead appeared the horns of the devil (these horns are the mark of the beast).  He became familiar with all the passwords and converted himself into a great hierarch of the Black Lodge, a left hand adept.

The black magicians have some very curious passwords in order to recognize each other: “Arco” is the password for those of second degree.  “Kheira” is the word for those of third degree, which they pronounce “Que-I-raa.”  “Mathra” is the password for those of fourth degree, which they pronounce “Mazra” and which is the lost word for the black magicians.

Mathra is the name of a temple of black magic.  This temple is situated in the Jinn state over the Mountain of Pico, or Pico’s Mountain, on the Azores Islands.

The black magicians from the altar of Mathra are magicians of the red cap, as are the Bons and Drukpas from Tibet. The black rituals of this day and age come from this tenebrous Atlantean temple and not from Egypt as they falsely claim.

I, Aun Weor, the very ancient Hierophant of Egyptian Mysteries, accuse the Black Lodge before the verdict of the public consciousness of the crime of fraudulence.  I accuse this black institution of the crime of attributing to us, the ancient Egyptians, the rituals of black magic, which we never used in Egypt.

I accuse the Black Lodge of the crime of profanation; I accuse the Black Lodge of making merchandise of the souls of men.  I accuse the Black Lodge before the verdict of the public consciousness of the horrendous fraud of making their naive disciples believe their institution to be white.

People of America, rise as a single individual in order to once and for all end those dens of corruption which are leading millions of souls into the abyss.  Brave people, heroic people, the hour of the great revolution has arrived, and there is no time to waste.

The hour of great decisions has arrived, and we, all human beings, must reunite ourselves around the Divine Rabbi of Galilee, who from the summits of Golgotha exclaims:

My Lord, My Lord how hast thou glorified me!

The black magicians of the fifth degree will scream their password “Astro” in vain, because that den of black magic will sink into the abyss, where the great beast and the false prophet abide.

The horrible victims of the sixth degree will scream “Zocas, Zocas, Zocas” in vain, because the edge of the sword of cosmic justice will seal their throats within the horrible darkness of desperation, where only weeping and the gnashing of teeth are heard.

What about you, black mystics of the seventh degree? In vain will you burn the witches’ salt with alcohol and incense.  The filthy guardian of your sanctum will be incapable of saving you from the darkness and desperation, because the millennium has arrived, and all of them who are not near to Christ will go into the abyss, even if they scream “Mathrem, Mathrem, Mathrem” as madmen.