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Magnetic Exchange

In chemical copulation, in metaphysical coitus, during Sahaja Maithuna, the optimum erotic sensation is experienced in five minutes.

During the sexual trance, dynamic magnetic flames surround the couple like an undulating sea of a purple-red, profoundly divine gas.

It is a tremendous moment in which the masculine currents attempt to unite with the feminine.

With the creative magnetic pause, harmonious and combined sexual rhythms between a man and a woman are established.

Such a pause contains within it two basic factors:

a) a specific period of time intelligently and voluntarily established between copulations.

b) prolonged enjoyment of metaphysical coitus without orgasm or spasm and without losing the seminal liquid.

In order for the exchange of magnetic forces to be profound, edifying and essentially dignifying, it is imperative that the most important centers of the body make contact in a harmonious and calm manner.

The clitoris, which is found between the small lips of the vulva, represents the most sensitive point of the feminine organism. Any enlightened clairvoyant can perceive the magnetic centrifugal forces that initiate their course from the clitoris. It is then, the clitoris, the magnetic centrifugal point which provides a woman’s aura with suitable currents of energy. However, we must study all of this not partially but completely; it would be absurd to assume that the clitoris, which is found at the entrance of the vagina and separated from it by the canal of the urethra, is the only bearer and generator of superior sexual sensation in the female sex. We must think and understand also that the uterus and isolated interior parts of the vagina can be bearers and generators of optimum sexual sensation.

There is no question that cavernous tissue and terminal corpuscles are found in the clitoris. Without such tissues and corpuscles, physiological feminine aptitude and the possibility of reaching optimum sexual sensation would be excluded. During contact with the man, the clitoris, which is equipped with cavernous bodies, becomes erect just as the male phallus does, both becoming aroused at the same time. At the extraordinary moment in which the cavernous bodies in the area of the lips of the vulva also swell, the vaginal entrance becomes lined with a kind of spongy padding that marvelously envelops the male phallus. The more the vaginal entrance is moistened by glandular secretion, the greater the possibility of bringing the fine magnetic condensers located there to an electrical affinity with the phallus, which in the organization of the tension of the human body represents the primary transmitter of energy, so to speak, in order to exchange an alternating physiopsychic current.

The sage Waldemar says:

“Let us not forget that our body will invariably be more complete the more developed and the more under conscious control is the sympathetic nervous system.

“When the man and the woman make of sexual union a psychic union too, with the minimum possible movement, that is to say, with only those which are necessary to maintain and prolong the contact, only then will they have the opportunity to electrically charge the cerebro-spinal ganglia, which are linked to the pineal gland, sovereign of the body, and also to the solar plexus (plexus-coeliacus) with its numerous radiating plexi to the liver, intestines, kidneys and spleen.”

Abominable sexual ejaculation is certainly a short circuit that discharges us terribly, and for that reason we must always avoid it.

The marvelous force of Od is found characterized in the different organs in diverse qualities; so, the best and most fruitful creative magnetic exchange is based on the following revolutionary procedure: the left side, that of the man’s heart, rests directly on the right side of the woman, uniting his left hand with her right hand and establishing contact with his right foot and her left one.

“The sexual organs in this case can perform a task, which they are all too often prevented from fulfilling. They are in a position to influence primarily the plexus below the diaphragm (the abdominal parts of the sympathetic system) to serve the somatic principle, the assimilation and refinement of matter, which is indispensable as the basis of the development of the subtler senses.” —Charles Waldemar, The Mystery of Sex

Metaphysical copulation, with all its erotic refinement, places us in a privileged position, in which we have at our disposal the marvelous forces that allow us to reduce to cosmic dust each one of the sinister entities which personify our psychological defects.