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The Jinayana School

The conquest of the otra mare vitae or super-liminal and ultra terrestrial world would be more than impossible if we make the mistake of underrating women.

The delightful word of Isis comes forth from the deep bosom of all ages awaiting the moment of its fulfillment. The ineffable words of the Goddess Neith have been carved in letters of gold on the radiant walls of the temple of wisdom.

“I am the one that has been, is, and will be, and no mortal has lifted my veil.”

The early religion of Jain or Jainism—that is to say, the golden, solar, old Roman and superhuman doctrine of the Jinns—is absolutely sexual. You know this.

It is written with burning coals in the book of life that during the golden age of Lacio and Liguria, the divine Iung Janus or Saturn (I.A.O., Bacchus, Jehovah Iod-Heve) ruled wisely over those holy people, all the Aryan tribes, although they were of very diverse origins and eras.

And so, oh God of mine!... How happily Jinns and humans lived together in such towns of ancient Arcadia.

From the ineffable mystical idyll, commonly called the enchantment of Good Friday, we feel from the bottom of our hearts that in our sexual organs there is a terribly divine power that can either liberate or enslave the human being.

Sexual energy contains within it the living archetype of the authentic solar human, which must take shape within us.

Many suffering souls wish to enter transcendental Monsalvat, but unfortunately this is more than impossible due to the veil of Isis, or Adamic sexual veil.

In the ineffable bliss of the Jinns paradise, there certainly is a divine humanity, which is invisible to mortals’ senses because of their sins and limitations born of sexual abuse.

It is written with characters of fire in the great book of life that miraculously concealed in the Jain or Jinn cross is the untold secret of the Great Arcanum, the marvelous key of sexual transmutation.

It is not difficult to comprehend that such a magic cross is the same swastika of the great mysteries.

Within the delightful ecstasy of the yearning soul, we can and must come into mystic contact with Janus, the austere and sublime hierophant of Jinn who, in the ancient continent of Mu, taught the science of Jinns.

In secret Tibet, there are two conflicting schools: I wish to refer clearly to the Mahayana and Jinayana institutions. In our next chapter we shall speak about the first of these two institutions. For now we shall only concern ourselves with the school of Jinayana. [Editor's Note: Not Hinayana, but Jinayana, from Sanskrit jina, “very old” or “buddha” and yana, “vehicle.” This is a reference to Tantrayana, also called Vajrayana].

It is evident that the Jinayana path is really profoundly Buddhist and Christic. On this mysterious path, we encounter with mystic amazement the faithful guardians of the Holy Grail, or the initiatic stone, that is to say, the supreme synthesis-religion, which was the earliest in humanity: the doctrine of sexual magic.

Jana, Swana, or Jinnism is, then, the doctrine of that ancient god of war and action called Janus, the divine lord of two faces, androgynous transposition of the Egyptian Hermes and of many other gods of the Mayan-Quiche and Aztec pantheons whose imposing and majestically carved sculptures in living rock can still be seen in Mexico.

The Greco-Roman myth still preserves the memory of the exile of Janus, or Jainus in Italy, because Kronos or Saturn had cast him out of heaven, in other words, the legendary memory of his descent to Earth as an instructor and guide for humanity in order to give mankind the primitive natural religion Jinn or Jinnism.

Jinnism, or Jainism, is obviously also the marvelous Sino-Tibetan doctrine of Dan, Ch’an Tsung, Shuan, Ioan, Huang-Ti or Dhyan-Choan, characteristic of all the esoteric schools of the Aryan world with its roots in submerged Atlantis.

The secret doctrine, the original Jinn doctrine, is based on the Philosopher’s Stone, on sex, on the Sahaja Maithuna.

The Gnostic doctrine is infinitely superior, much older than Brahmanism itself; it is the original Jinayana school of the narrow path that leads to the light.

It is the truly admirable doctrine of salvation, of which many memories remain in Central Asia and China as well as in universal Masonry, where we still find surviving, for example, the symbolic Jain cross or swastika (from the Swan, the Hamsa, the Phoenix, the Dove of the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, the soul of the temple of the Grail, Nous or Spirit, which is no other than the Being or Dhyani of the human being).

Even in these modern times, we can still find traces in Ireland of those twenty-three prophets, djinns or conquerors of soul who were sent all over the world by the founder of Jinnism, Rishabha-deva.

At this moment, while writing these lines, transcendental memories come to mind...

In one of many corridors in an ancient palace, neither the date nor hour matters, while drinking water with lemon in delightful glasses of fine bacara with a very select group of Elohim, I said: “I need to rest for a while within Happiness. I have been helping humanity for some mahamanvantaras and I am weary.”

“The greatest happiness is having God within,” answered my friend, an archangel...

Those words left me perplexed, confused. I thought of nirvana and mahaparanirvana, etc. Could anyone living in regions of such intense happiness possibly be unhappy? How? Why? Because they did not have the Monad within? Filled with so many doubts, I decided to consult wise old Janus, the living god of the science of Jinns.

Before entering his abode, I greeted the guardian with a secret password. I advanced, greeting other guards in a different way, and finally I had the pleasure of finding myself facing the God Janus.

“Another greeting is needed,” said the venerable one. “There is no greater salute than that of a peaceful heart.” Thus, I replied while devoutly placing my hands on my heart. “That’s fine,” said the sage.

When I tried to ask some questions to dispel my above-mentioned doubts, without saying a word the ancient one deposited the answer in the depth of my consciousness. That reply can be summarized as follows:

“Even though someone inhabits Nirvana or some other region of infinite happiness, if they do not have God within, they will not be happy. Yet if they live in the infernal worlds or in the most foul prison on Earth, having God within, they will be happy.”

We can conclude this chapter by saying: “With its deep esotericism, the Jinayana school leads us along the sexual path to the incarnation of the Word and final liberation.”