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Without question, every twenty-eight days the ovaries release an egg that is drawn into one of the fallopian tubes and wisely conveyed to the uterus of the prodigies, where if a new life is to begin it must encounter the male’s seed (spermatozoon) .

Although the Sahaja Maithuna, sexual yoga, with all its tantric asanas and its famous coitus reservatus, limits the number of fertilizations, it is in no way an impediment to some conceptions. During the Sahaja Maithuna, any mature spermatozoon can escape for fertilization to take place.

It is interesting that of the six or seven million spermatozoa that any ordinary layman loses during coitus, only one fortunate spermatozoon achieves penetration of an ovum. Obviously, the fertilizing spermatozoon that is capable of entering the ovum possesses a greater power. It cannot be over-emphasized that the dynamics of the fertilizing spermatozoon are due to the Essence, which returns to be reincorporated.

Thus, it is clearly absurd to spill the cup of Hermes, to lose several million spermatozoa, when in reality only one fertilizing spermatozoon is needed.

Gnostics create with the power of kriyashakti: willpower and yoga. We never spill the “sophic cup of Mercury” in our entire lives.

There is no force in life more impelling in its expression than the efforts of the masculine and feminine germs to find each other.

The uterus is the feminine sexual organ in which the fetus develops, the vestibule of this world where the infant is prepared for its advent.

We have been told very clearly that the sex of a child can be chosen and determined voluntarily. This is possible when the law of karma permits.

In every man’s imagination, there is always a vivid prototype of the ideal female beauty... In every woman’s imagination, there is invariably some perfect, charming prince; this is well proven... If, at the moment of coitus, masculine longing predominates, the fruit of the love will be a girl... If, at the precise moment of copulation, feminine yearning predominates, the infant will be a boy... Therefore, based on this principle, we can formulate the following: If both Adam-Eve agree to procreate, obviously they can determine the sex of the baby voluntarily. If, at the transcendent instant of chemical copulation, husband and wife in mutual psychological agreement truly desire a male child, the evident outcome will be a boy. If at the marvelous moment of metaphysical coitus he and she ardently wish for a girl, the result will be a girl.

It is written with fiery coals on the pages of the book of life that all conception occurs under the cosmic influences of the Moon in Cancer.

Death and conception are closely related. The ends meet. The path of life is formed by the hoof prints of the horse of death. The final moments of someone who is dying are associated with the erotic delights of couples who are loving each other... The final second of life, the precise moment in which we exhale our last breath, we transmit to the future organism that awaits us beyond time and distance, a certain special cosmic design which becomes crystallized in the fertilized ovum...

We are connected with the fertile spermatozoon through the silver cord: the famous antakarana.

It cannot be stated strongly enough that the Essence only enters the physical body at the moment of our first breath...