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The Esoteric Lance

The esoteric, Christic lance of the Holy Grail and the Pagan lance of pacts displayed by Wotan are the same holy pike kept as sacred in all populaces from the most remote antiquity.

Whether in fact it is because of its phallic character symbolic of virile sexual power, or whether it is because it is the archaic weapon of combat which man was able to imagine at the beginning of life, it is true that the Roman spear, Kyrie, was somewhat similar to the scales of justice which presided over all legal transactions of primitive quiritary law, especially over weddings among those who held Roman citizenship, which was incidentally very highly valued.

Roman matrons, who were under the protection of the blessed Goddess Juno, were wisely called Curias (Cauretes or Kyrias, from which comes Valkyries), because of Cures or Tower, City of the Sabines, which was founded by Medio, Fidio and Himella, its ineffable gods. And it is for this reason that the leaders and other men of the Roman Curias, distinguished as heroes during war, were awarded a small iron spear called Hastapura (pure spear), the name that reminds us, of course, of the City of Hastinapura, divine symbol of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

“...vel quia matronae Junonis Curitis in tutela sint, quae ita appellabatur a ferenda hasta, quae lingua Sabinorum Curis dicebatur...” —Festus

“Nec tibi, quae cupidae matura videbere matri, comat virgineas hasta recurva comas..” Ovid, Fasti 2

“Hasta pura dicitur, quae fine ferro est, et signum est pacis. Hae donabantur militis, qui in bello fortiter fecissent.”

“Translate hastae dicuntur arguments oratoria.” Cicero, Orator I.i. c. 57

“Quos in hastario vectigales habetis.” Tertullian, Apologeticum c. 13

“Tonitiur etiam pro auctione ineunto, quia autio cum effet hasta erigebatur.” - Calepinus, hasta

It is clear and evident that the trunks of the tablets of the law, upon which by command of Jehovah the prophet Moses wisely wrote the ten commandments, are nothing other than a double runic lance, whose phallic significance has been widely documented.

It is not irrelevant to emphasize the transcendental idea that there are two more commandments in the esotericism of Moses. I am referring to the eleventh and twelfth commandments which are intimately related with the Arcana 11 and 12 of the Kabbalah.

The first of these, that is to say the eleventh, has its classical expression in the Sanskrit Dharmam chara,” “Thou shalt perform thy duty.”

Remember, beloved reader, that it is your duty to quest for the straight, narrow, and difficult path, which leads unto light.

So, the Arcanum 11 of the Tarot reveals this duty: the marvelous strength that can dominate and hold back lions of adversity is essentially spiritual. For this reason, this arcanum is represented by a beautiful woman who, without any visible effort, opens the terrible gullet of Leo, the terrifying puma, the furious lion, with her lovely hands.

The eleventh is related and interlaced with the twelfth commandment of the law of God illustrated by the Arcanum 12: “Thou shalt make thy light shine.”

In order for the light that constitutes the Essence, which is bottled up within the “I,” to really sparkle and shine, it must be liberated. This is only possible through the Buddhist Annihilation, by dissolving the ego.

We need to die from instant to instant, from moment to moment. What is new only comes with the death of the ego.

Just as life represents a gradual and always more complete process of externalization or extroversion, the death of the ego is a gradual process of internalization in which the individual consciousness, the Essence, slowly strips off its useless vestments, similar to Ishtar in her symbolic descent, until it remains completely naked in itself faced with the Great Reality of life free in its movement.

The lance, sex, the phallus, plays also an important role in numerous eastern legends as the marvelous instrument of salvation and liberation when wisely brandished by the yearning soul, can reduce to cosmic dust all those cavernous entities that as a sinful whole constitute the “the myself.”

In the sacred land of the Vedas, Shiva the Third Logos (sexual energy) has been profoundly analyzed in its creative and destructive aspects...

It is obvious, clear, and visible that the sexual subjective aspects are fatally crystallized into those multiple entities which as a whole constitute that which the Egyptians call Seth (the ego).

The normal generative power of our sexual endocrine glands is obvious.

The objective creative power of Lord Shiva is transcendental when he works on the creation of the wedding garment of the soul, to soma heliakon: “the golden body of the solar human being.”

Sexual energy is highly explosive and marvelous. Truly, I tell you that the one who knows how to use the weapon of Eros (the lance, sex) can reduce the pluralized “I” to cosmic dust.

To pray is to talk with God, and one must learn how to pray during the coitus. At those moments of supreme bliss, “ask and it shall be given unto you, knock and it shall be opened unto you...”

Whosoever wholeheartedly implores and begs their Divine Mother Kundalini to take up the weapon of Eros will obtain the best results because she will then help to destroy the ego. However, I tell you that it is a long, patient and very delicate process.

There is no doubt that the hunter who wants to chase ten hares at the same time catches none. So, whosoever wants to eliminate all psychological defects at the same time eliminates none.

There are thousands of defects within each of us, and all of them have many roots and aspects that are hidden amongst the many different subconscious folds of the mind.

Each of those psychological defects has an animal shape. Within those submerged creatures, the Essence (the consciousness) is imprisoned.

A prior condition to all elimination is the full understanding of the defect that we want to eliminate.

Implore if you are sure you have understood, and withdraw from the coitus without spilling the semen.

Having made a transcendental synthesis of much long and hard work, we would say: first, the Essence has to be liberated so that the light may shine inside us. Then, the Essence has to be fused with Atman (the Being), in order to liberate ourselves from the mind. Afterwards, the Essence has to be given to the Ancient of Days (the Father who is in secret, the Monad), in order to become perfect and resurrected masters. Finally, the Essence has to be absorbed definitively in Ishvara, the Logos, first emanation of the supreme Parabrahman (the great ocean of the universal spirit of life).

We conclude this chapter with the following account. A long time ago, before I had reduced the ego to cosmic dust, I made a formidable magic invocation. I called a certain great master saying, “Come! Come! Come! Prophet of Ra-Hor-Ku, come to me! Let it be fulfilled! Let it be fulfilled! Aum... Aum... Aum...” (vocalizing this last word as follows: opening the mouth with the A, rounding the U and closing it with the M.)

It is not irrelevant to say that the environment was saturated with infinite harmony, charged with “Od”...

The result of the invocation was immediate, and the great prophet came towards me.

The Kabir adopted a formidable symbolic figure that I could see, hear, touch and feel, throughout my entire cosmic Being.

The venerable master seemed divided in two halves, from the waist upward he shone gloriously. His forehead was as high as the unconquered walls of the Heavenly Jerusalem; his hair was like white wool falling down to his immaculate shoulders; his nose was as straight as that of a god, his eyes deep and penetrating, his beard as beautiful as the Ancient of Days, his hands like golden rings mounted with hyacinths, his lips like lilies exuded fragrant myrrh...

However, when I looked at the lower part of his body, from the waist downward, I saw something unusual; horrifying bestial shapes, personifying defects, red demons, devil-egos within which the consciousness is bottled up.

“I have called you to ask for illumination.” That was my supplication! It is obvious that the way he appeared was the answer.

The old man put his right hand on my head and said to me, “Call me every time you need me and I will give you illumination...” Then he blessed me and left.

I understood everything with infinite happiness. Illumination comes to us only by eliminating, with the lance, the animal-like creatures that we all have inside, within which the consciousness is asleep.