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The Prestidigitator Devil

It is evident that there is an extraordinary plastic mediator within the intellectual homunculi (mistakenly called a human being). I want to refer emphatically to the solar plexus, the emotional center wisely placed by Nature in the region of the navel. It is unquestionable that this magnificent ascendant of the three-centered or three-cerebral biped saturates itself completely with the sexual essence of our creative organs. We have been told that the “magic eye” of the abdomen is frequently stimulated by Sexual Hydrogen SI-12, which rises from the sexual organs.

It is therefore an unbreakable axiom of Hermetic philosophy that in the region of the abdomen there is a powerful sexual, energetic battery. Thus, any representation can take shape in the magnetic field of the solar plexus by means of the sexual agent. The ideo-plastic representation constitutes, in itself, the contents of the lower abdomen.

We are not exaggerating in any way when we emphasize the basic idea that the “I’s” who later emerge on the scene of existence are formed in the abdomen. Such psychological ideo-plastic entities can never come into existence without the sexual agent.

Each “I” is therefore a living psychological representation that emerges from the lower abdomen; the personal ego is a sum of “I’s.”

The intellectual animal is in fact a machine controlled by different “I’s.”

Some “I’s” represent anger in all its aspects, others greed, and still others lust, etc.

These are the “Red Devils” mentioned in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.

In the name of truth, it is indispensable to state that the Essence is the only valuable element within us. Unfortunately, the Essence in itself is dispersed here, there, and everywhere; it is bottled up within each one of our different “I’s.”

“The prestidigitator devil” takes shape in the sexual energy. Some very strong egos can produce a variety of astonishing physical phenomena.

Waldemar tells us of the following event:

“The prestigious trustee of the City of San Miniato al Tedesco, which is situated between Florence and Pisa, had a fifteen year old daughter whom the demon attacked in such a way that it caused a sensation throughout the whole country.

“Not only was the bed that the girl was in moving from one side of the room to the other in such a way that one minute she was against one wall and the next against the other, but the demon also broke a number of knickknacks in the house, opened doors and drawers, causing such a disturbance that the residents were trembling with fear the whole night long.

“In the presence of her parents, the girl was attacked by the devil in such an evil way that, despite her begging and imploring, he seized her by the hips and threw her up in the air.

“She called out in vain, ‘Virgin Mary! Help me to save myself!’ This happened in front of hundreds of people from the city. She was dragged out the window and undulated there for a few minutes in front of the house and over the market place.

“It is not surprising that virtually the whole city, men and women, astonished by both the unprecedented event and the cruelty of the devil, ran to the market place praising the girl for her courage.”

A narration from that epoch states:

“Everyone was terrified and deeply moved by the appearance of both the mother and the women of the family, who with their hair down, scratched their cheeks with their nails and pounded their chests with their fists, filling the air with lamentations and screams which resounded through the streets.

“Above all, the mother shouted first at the daughter, then at the demon, asking him to cast all the misfortune upon herself. Then she turned to the people, particularly to the mothers, asking them to kneel down with her and beg God for help, which they all did immediately.

“Oh Holy God! Soon afterwards, the daughter fell on her mother from the air and comforted the half-dead woman with a happy expression: ‘Stop being afraid mother dear! Stop crying, for here is your daughter; do not fear the phantom of the devil, I beg you... do you really believe that I was tortured and humiliated? Instead I am filled with a delicious and indescribable sweetness... because the protector of all those in distress was by my side helping me and talking to me in order to give me courage and constancy; in this way, he told me, you attain heaven.’

“These words filled those present with both joy and astonishment, and they left the market place consoled. But no sooner had the family returned home than the devil burst in once again and violently threw himself on the girl, he seizing her by the hair, putting out the lamps and candles, turning over boxes and drawers as well as furniture. When her father turned the lights on, the daughter threw herself onto the household crucifix and cried out with a heart-breaking voice: ‘Oh Lord, let the ground swallow me up before abandoning me; I beg of you earnestly to strengthen and free me.’

“And speaking in this way she burst into tears, making the devil even more furious. First, he wrenched her blouse from her body, then her woolen dress and finally the silk petticoat that young girls wore customarily at that time. The devil grabbed and destroyed everything, and when she was almost naked he began to pull her hair.

“She shouted: ‘Father bring me a dress, cover my nudity. Holy Virgin help me!’

“Finally, after the devil had subjected her to more terrible cruelties, they managed to free the girl from his power by making a pilgrimage and by having a priest perform an exorcism upon her.”

Enough of this interesting narration by Waldemar. Clearly, and without a doubt, the sadistic demon that tormented the wretched girl was a prestidigitator devil, a strong demon “I” of the young girl that took shape in her sexual energy, that is all. There is often a tremendous number of ideo-plastic sexual appearances that become manifest especially during the years of puberty. It is then that we create terrifying “I’s” capable of producing sensational phenomena.

The rage of not being able to love or feeling cheated by someone is undoubtedly a real hell and brings about all those dreadful emanations of sexual energy, capable of becoming a prestidigitator devil.