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Magical, esoteric procreation without seminal ejaculation, the ideoplastic impregnation of a fetus, must be animated by the intelligent desire to secure the best characteristic attributes and the possibility of a long life for the offspring, full of light and liveliness...

The appropriate moment to engender healthy and intelligent children lies in the upward curve of life, in which the marvelous Essence of the infant is carried by the grand breath of the Sun in the delicate, jubilant resurrection of great Nature, where it will be reincorporated in the general flowering of universal life.

It is written with words of fire that the potency of action, physical, and psychic energy reaches magical procreation in a very special way in the ascendant quarter of May at sunrise.

The so-called “children from the wedding night,” or those unfortunate ones who were begotten after lavish banquets and drunken binges, are carriers of very inferior spiritual values...

Neurotics, those who suffer from all types of complexes, cowards, misanthropes, schizophrenics, masochists, all kinds of murderers, hardened drinkers, homosexuals, lesbians, dullards, and all the mentally challenged who, in addition to their loathsome defects, have weak and deformed bodies, originate from ill-omened and abominable cohabitation, or else from the concurrence of venereal diseases...

The uncontrolled procreation of children in instances of intoxication and unconsciousness, frequently under the depraved influence of alcohol, act as a curse on subsequent generations...

Only when Adam-Eve live in a state of edifying and essentially dignified self-exaltation is that interchange of living forces produced through each cell, which actually achieves the birth of a child of the sun, a physically beautiful and spiritually blessed creature...

It is really unthinkable that someone who, as a livestock breeder, cattleman, or gardener, exercises the greatest care to produce the best specimens of beasts and the most beautiful, variegated, and fragrant fruits and plants through the selection and crossbreeding of the most select products and seeds, generally excludes this type of care, diligence, and attention in the very generation of one’s own kind.

The quality of the semen is intimately associated with the power of imagination. If the crime of spilling this marvelous elixir is committed, the creative faculty, the translucence, the imagination, is impoverished. Then, it is impossible to maintain any beautiful image in the mind with the same freshness that we could use to give life and form to a new radiant creature.

Plato, who in his Banquet calls the doctrine of beauty “the mysteries of Eros,” defines love as the divine appetite suggested to man by a great universal power, which manages to fill his heart with enthusiasm for the creation of healthy and beautiful children...

It is known that on a monthly basis, in phase with the moon, an egg is released from a woman’s uterus which causes a hemorrhage. This is called menstruation.

An ovum, unfertilized by a spermatozoon, finally leaves the uterus after a few days and a new vital rhythm begins.

We have been told that at the point where the ovum is released, a so-called infinitesimal “yellow body” is formed.

This is the marvelous fruit that possesses the precious substance of nervous potency from which the whole body obtains an energizing and structured result.

The blood stream as well as all the vital cells are, in a manner of speaking, electrically charged anew.

The more chaste the woman is, the more she transmutes and sublimates sexual energy, the more she produces within herself a physical and spiritual revival...

Undoubtedly, the more spasms and orgasms she has will produce a decrease in the structuring internal secretion. The valuable organic nuclei of the genital glands cannot then be transformed into that ethereal substance of delicate tissue that gives the body’s physical cells their tension and capacity for renewal, so premature aging and illnesses occur.

Also, the longer or shorter the breathing pattern of the mother during labor determines the quality of the baby’s first breath. This respiratory rhythm brings the flow of the world to and from her, pleasure and displeasure, value and futility.

Blind passion in the carnal act generates irregular electro-magnetic disturbances which, like vital inherited oscillations, provoke such great discord in the baby’s cells that the positive part of paternal influence cannot get through.

It is obvious that when there is scientific chastity, beauty, and love, the fertilized ovum will be impregnated by some highly evolved Essence, and the result will therefore be a son or daughter with rich spiritual values.