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Dr. Roubaud states the following:

“As soon as a virile member enters the vestibule, the glans penis first rubs against the clitoris which is found at the entrance of the sexual canal and which, by means of its position and angle, can yield and flex.

“After the initial stimulation of both sensitive centers, the glans penis glides over both lips of the vulva; the collum and corpus of the penis will be enveloped by the protuberant parts of the vulva. Once inside, the glans penis advances further and comes into contact with the fine and delicate surface of the vaginal mucous membrane, which is elastic in response to the erected tissue between the individual membranes.

“This elasticity, which allows the vagina to adapt to the volume of the penis, increases the swelling still more and therefore the sensitivity of the clitoris; meanwhile, the blood which is expelled from blood vessels in the vaginal walls is conveyed to the clitoris and vulva.

“At the same time the swelling and sensitivity of the glans penis are increased by the compressive action of the vaginal tissue, which continues to swell, and by that of both vulvas of the vestibule.

“Moreover, the clitoris is pressed downwards by the anterior part of the compressor muscle and encounters the dorsal surface of the glans and of the erectile tissue of the penis, against which they rub in such a way that every movement affects the copulation of both sexes. Finally, the voluptuous sensations (of the God Eros) are added leading to that elevated orgasmic stage which provokes ejaculation and places the seminal fluid in the cleaved opening of the cervix.

“When one thinks of the influence that temperament, constitution or other circumstances, whether they be special or ordinary, have on sexual faculty, one is convinced that so far the question of the difference in sensations of pleasure between both sexes hasn’t been determined. One is even convinced that such a question, involving such diverse conditions, is unsolvable. This is so true that it even presents difficulties in trying to trace a complete picture of general manifestations in coitus where in one person the sensation of pleasure felt is a barely perceivable vibration and in another it reaches the highest point of both moral and physical exaltation.

“Between the two extremes there are countless transitions: accelerated blood circulation, vivid arterial palpitations, and increased body temperature due to blood being retained in the veins by muscular contraction. This blockage of venal blood is still more pronounced in the brain due to the contraction of the neck muscles and the backward inclination of the head causing momentary cerebral congestion during which some people lose their sense of reason and all intellectual faculties.

“The eyes, red from the rush of blood from the conjunctiva, become fixed and take on a blank look, or as in the majority of cases, they are shut tight in order to avoid the light.” (This has been well documented).

“Breathing, that in some is labored and halting, is stopped in others by the spasmodic contraction of the larynx, and the air, having been retained for some time, finally seeks a way out, mingled with disjointed and incomprehensible words.

“As I have mentioned, congested nerve centers produce only confused impulses.

“Movement and sensation display indescribable disorder; the limbs are caught in convulsions, at times cramps as well; they move in all directions or contract and become numb like iron bars. Jaws tighten until the teeth grind. Some go so far in their erotic delirium that they completely forget about their partner, biting the other’s shoulders until they draw blood in these spasms of pleasure.”

This frenzied state, this epilepsy and delirium of Eros usually lasts only a short time, but long enough to completely exhaust the energy of the organism of the intellectual animal for whom sexual magic is unknown. For the man, such hyper-excitation must end with a more or less abundant loss of sperm. While for the woman, no matter how energetically she participates in the sexual act, there is only a passing lassitude which permits her to recuperate more rapidly and hence repeat coitus.

Galen said:

“Triste est omne animal post coitum, praeter mullierem gallamque.”

Sad is the man-animal after the coitus; he is weaker than woman. With respect to the male sex, this axiom is essentially accurate.

In love, neither sorrow nor happiness are important save only that which is called love...

While “free love” binds, it is slain by separation because Eros is that which really unites.

Love kindles love, as fire lights fire. However, from where does the first flame come? From within you it springs forth from beneath the dominance of sorrow... this you know.

Then... Oh gods!... When the hidden fire emerges blazing, that which is within and that which is without become one, and all barriers fall away in ashes.

Love begins with a glimmer of affection, is substantiated by the power of tenderness, and synthesized in adoration.

A perfect marriage is the union of two beings, one who loves more, and the other who loves better...

Love is the best religion available. To love? How beautiful it is to love! Only simple and pure souls know how to love. Love is nourished with love. Arouse the flame of the spirit with the power of Eros.

“Because sexual communion can equal an act of creation resplendant with the power of glory of the first day, Luther calls the genitals “honestissimae et praestantissimae partes corporis.” But sin had turned the most useful parts into abominations.” —Charles Waldemar, The Mystery of Sex

Mohammed said:

“Religion regards cohabitation as an act well pleasing to God, if it is performed with invocation of Allah and with one’s own wife in order to beget children.” (Or better still for sexual transmutation).

The Qur’an states:

“Go, take a virgin as your wife, whom you caress and who caresses you. Do not begin to mate without first having aroused each other with caresses.”

The Prophet emphasizes thus:

“Your wives be to you a field. Go to your field whenever it pleases you, but first do some act of piety. Live in the fear of God, and do not forget that one day you will be in his presence.”

“The author of El Ktab, a work held in great esteem by the Arabs, cannot praise too highly the pleasures of love-making. To him it is the greatest and holiest hymn, the noblest yearning of man and his mate for primitive unity and the delights of paradise. The famous theologian often mentions the sublime and divine character of the act. But he is defintely hostile to the profane and crude indulgence of animal lechery in its performance. Those guilty of this, he asserts, have neither understood nor realised that love is the fiat lux of the Book of Moses, the divine law, and the law of all men and all times. The author furthermore reveals the esoteric primordial knowledge that, fundamentally, bodily union of male and female is a supernatural act, a memory from paradise, the most glorious of all hymns, addressed to the creator by His creation, the Alpha and Omega of the whole universe.” —Charles Waldemar, The Mystery of Sex

Sheik Nefrani relays these words of a sage:

“Woman is a like fruit, whose scent one does not smell before one rubs it with one’s hand. Unless, for instance, you warm basil in your hands, you will not sense its fragrance. Amber does not begin to give off a scent until it is heated. The same is the case with women: When you wish to mate, you will first have to warm her heart with all the preliminaries of the amorous arts: with kisses, embraces, and even bites. If you neglect this, you will not enjoy the full happiness of love, and all the excellent qualities of the beloved woman will remain hidden from you.”

In an extremely wise treatise on Chinese medicine I read the following:

“Taoism still had an influence on medicine, as may be found in an anthology of Taoist works, the Sing-ming kuei-che (c. 1622). They divided the human body into three anatomical regions. The upper or cephalic region was the source of the spirits which dwelt in the body. The pillow of jade (yu-shen) is situated low in the back of the head. The palace of ni-huan (from the Sanskrit ‘nirvana’) is situated in the brain, which is called the ‘sea of bone-marrow’ (suei-hai). It was the source of the seminal essences.

“The middle region was represented by the spine, which was not regarded as a functional column, but as a canal linking the cerebral cavities with the genitalia. It ended at a point called the ‘celestial column’ (t’ien-shu), at the hair line on the nape of the neck. It must not be confused with the acupuncture point of the same name.

“The lower region comprised the field of cinnabar (tan-t’ien) which will be referred to again later. It was the seat of genital activity represented by the two kidneys: the tiger’s fire (yang) on the left and the dragon’s fire (yin) on the right. Sexual union was represented by a couple: a young man leading the white tiger and a young woman riding the green dragon. Lead (the male element) and mercury (the female element) were to mingle. Immediately they were united, the pair cast their essence into a bronze cauldron, the symbol of sexual activity. But instead of being excreted and lost, the genital fluids, particularly the sperm (tsing), were capable of returning to the brain by the vertabral column, which thus offered a means of following once again the ‘path of life.’

“The basis of these Taoist sexual practices was coitus reservatus, during which the sperm which had descended from the encephalon to the bladder (but had not been ejaculated) returned to its source. This was called the ‘returning of essence (huan-tsing). Whatever doubts we may have as to the reality of this return, it remains none the less true that the Taoists conceived a cerebral mastery of the basic instincts which kept the degree of genetic stimulation just below that of ejaculation. Thus they brought to the sexual act a new technique and an end other than that of reproduction.” —Pierre Huard and Ming Wong, Chinese Medicine

The esoteric Viparitakarani scientifically teaches how the Hindu yogi, instead of ejaculating his semen, raises it slowly through concentration in such a way that a man and woman can eliminate the animal ego while united sexually.

“The ancient Greeks, for instance, were very well aware of the fundamental identity of death and the sexual intercourse. They symbolized ‘the genius of death’ by Eros, the only difference being that the god of procreation, when depicted as the bringer of death, held an upside down torch in his hands.” —Charles Waldemar, The Mystery of Sex

Since the most profound and primitive force in all people is sexual, it is considered by the tantras to be the cosmogonic Eros, the igneous serpent of our magic powers.

Far from violating our innermost essence by being involved in brutal lustfulness or becoming organically numb in a spasm which lasts for only a few seconds, the apprentice takes on the power of his personal Divine Mother Kundalini, becoming one with her and eliminating an ego, that is to say, this or that psychological defect which has previously been understood in depth.

Only with death comes the new. That is how Eros with his inverted torch reduces to cosmic dust all the aggregate psyches which together constitute the ego.

The mantra or magic word which symbolizes all the work of sexual magic is Krim. This mantra must be used with great imagination, which in turn works directly upon Eros. At the same time, Eros acts upon the imagination, breathing energy into it, and transforming it into a magical force.

In order to make contact with the mobile, universal power, the apprentice perceives diverse images. However, before all this, his beloved Divine Mother is revealed with the sacred lance in her right hand, in furious combat with that devil-ego that personifies the psychological defect we wish to destroy.

The apprentice, while chanting the mantra Krim, focuses his imagination, his translucence, on the element fire in such a way that he feels like an ardent flame, a unique flame, like a terrible blaze that incinerates the devil-ego that characterizes the psychological defect we want to annihilate.

The extreme sensitivity of the sexual organs always announces the proximity of a spasm; therefore, we must withdraw in time to avoid ejaculation of the semen.

Continuing the work, the man lying on his back on the floor and the woman in bed, entreat the Divine Mother Kundalini. They ask with simple phrases from a sincere heart for her to eliminate with the lance of Eros (the sexual force) the “I” that personifies the error that we have truly comprehended and long to reduce to cosmic dust.

Finally, they bless the water contained in a clean crystal glass and drink it, giving thanks to the Divine Mother.

This complete ritual of Panchatattva liberates the hero from every sin: nothing sinister can resist him, terrestrial and super-terrestrial powers are subordinated to him, and he walks the earth with an awakened consciousness. Feared by all demons, he lives as lord of salvation in complete heavenly bliss escaping the law of rebirth, because, through long and awesome work with sexual magic, he has harnessed the formidable electrical power of Eros, not for the bestial kind of satisfaction, but to reduce the pluralized ego to dust.