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The Creative Magnetic Pause

The experience of daily life has conclusively demonstrated for us that excessive stimulation of light and sound regrettably dulls the marvelous organs of sight and hearing.

The wise law of concomitance permits us to logically deduce that the continuous interchange of living rays exhausts the soul as much as the body.

Man as a microcosm is required to walk in accordance with those living rhythms of infinite space which hold the universe steady on its course. In the same way that stars in the firmament come and go within their orbits without impeding each other and hence have their proportional luminosity, so also husband and wife must themselves proceed to sexually unite periodically.

Even when it is impossible for certain couples to have separate bedrooms, there is an infallible remedy to prevent magnetic depletion. Since it would be very serious not to mention it, we shall give the formula: “Make love once or twice a week and try not to interrupt the vital electrical current, carefully avoiding the abominable spasm.”

These verses are from Hutten:

“Twice weekly, it is the duty with a woman so to do, that which harms neither you nor I, a hundred and four times a year is awarded.”

Zoroaster wrote to his followers that man and wife must make love every nine days; for that, the woman must ask the lord nine times each morning: “Tell me, my lord, what must I do today. Your will is law.”

The wise legislator Solon awarded woman the right to be covered by a man three times in the course of four weeks.

Men who are beyond the age of fifty are simply advised to obey the magnetic creative pause that nature establishes in the physiology of Eros. These people, even though they want to practice sexual magic, must learn to wait for the appropriate moment; it is absurd to force the sexual organs or to undertake copulation with a deficient erection. People of advanced years must never worry; it is obvious that nature also establishes in them their sexual “plus” and “minus,” their periods of activity and repose.

The creative magnetic pause also resolves a somewhat deficient development of the genitals and the chakras, or sympathetic plexus, replenished by them.

The sage Waldemar says:

“Energies from the potent mass itself are wasted during the preparatory period, and frequent repetition of this extravagance produces an increasing inner emptiness and dissatisfaction as a consequence.

“The magnetic pause is necessary for the replacement of consumed energy.

“Frequently, however, a participant even goes so far as to interpret this pause as a lack of love and conjugal desire, obliging their partner, in morbid vanity, to demonstrate their willing deference with new displays of excitement.

“In a forced manner, such a participant will repeatedly give clear demonstrations of sensual fire; the other partner having no alternative but to escape the representative mimicry of sensations which can longer be aroused or experienced.

“As a consequence of this, spiritual deviation increases until repulsion and desperation expand in such a way that vehement disputes become inevitable.

“Shame and hatred of those affected increase, leading to spiritual disturbance and usually the conversion of the marriage into a curse. To blame here are lack of knowledge and disuse of the ‘creative magnetic pause.’”

Magnetic exchange during sexual intercourse becomes especially positive when husband and wife make love with the clear purpose of not exceeding the sexual point of culmination, that is to say, not reaching orgasm.

Thus both husband and wife have prodigious sexual electric forces available with which they can reduce to ashes all the psychic aggregates that together constitute that which is called the ego, the self, the myself, and the “I.”