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While trying to comprehend any kind of psychological defect in depth, we have to be honest with ourselves. Unfortunately, Pilate, the demon of the mind, always washes his hands, is never guilty, never recognizes his errors...

We must recognize our own mistakes without self-justification, without excuses, and without any kind of evasion.

Self-exploration is essential for profound self-knowledge, and the departure from a radical zero base.

The interior Pharisee is an obstacle to comprehension. To presume that we are virtuous is absurd.

Once I asked my guru the following question: “Is there any difference between your divine Monad and mine?”

The master answered: “None, because you and I and everyone of us is no more than a rotten snail within the innermost bosom of the Father.”

To judge others and label them as black magicians is incongruous, because as long as they have not dissolved the pluralized “I,” all human beings are more or less black magicians...

Intimate self-exploration is certainly something to be taken very seriously. The ego is, in reality, a book of many volumes.

Instead of paying homage to the execrable demon Algol, it is better to drink the wine of meditation in the cup of perfect concentration...

Full attention towards whatever we are interested in—natural and spontaneous, without artificialities—is truly perfect concentration.

Any error is multi-faceted, and inevitably operates in the forty-nine dens of the subconsciousness.

A psychological gymnasium is indispensable; fortunately we have it in life itself.

The path of family life with its infinite, sometimes painful details, is the best chamber of the gymnasium.

The productive and creative job through which we earn our daily bread is another chamber of marvels.

Many aspirants to the superior life desperately wish to escape their workplace, to no longer walk around the streets of their village, to take refuge in the forest with the intention of seeking ultimate liberation... Those wretched people are like silly children who play hooky from school, who do not attend classes, who search for an escape.

If we really want to dissolve the pluralized “I,” then it is both essential and imperative to live from instant to instant in a state of alert perception, alert novelty, like the watchman in time of war.

In human interrelations, in coexistence with our fellow human beings, there are infinite possibilities of self-discovery.

It is well known that in these interrelations the multiple defects we carry hidden in the unknown depths of the subconsciousness always emerge naturally, spontaneously, and if we are vigilant, we see and discover them.

However, it is obvious that self-vigilance must always proceed from moment to moment.

A discovered psychological defect must be completely comprehended in the various recesses of the mind. In-depth comprehension is impossible without the practice of meditation.

Any intimate defect is multi-faceted and has diverse links and roots which have to be studied judiciously.

When there is complete comprehension of the defect that we sincerely want to eliminate, self-revelation is possible.

When comprehension is total, new self-determination springs from the consciousness.

Superlative analysis is useful if it is combined with deep meditation; then the flame of comprehension appears.

If we know how to take maximum advantage of the worst adversities, the dissolution of all those psychic aggregates that constitute the ego is hastened.

Difficult psychological gymnasiums in the home, on the street, or at work always offer the best opportunities.

To covet virtues is absurd. It is better to make radical changes.

Control of intimate defects is superficial and condemned to failure. Deep change is fundamental and it is possible only by wholly comprehending every mistake.

By eliminating the psychic aggregates that constitute the “me, myself,” the “I,” we establish adequate foundations for correct action in our consciousness.

Superficial changes serve no purpose. We urgently need, without postponement, in-depth change.

Comprehension is the first step, elimination the second.