During the night of mystery and within my gloomy abode, the terrible obscurity was growing from moment to moment.

My lamp sputtered palely as it was very slowly fading, while its livid reflections flowed with sinister clarity. 

From outside, in the street, the roughness of the inclement wind made my windows rattle.

The rain, falling with much clattering, lashed the glass, and when the chaos, the tempest, scratched with its lightning’s sword, I then thought of the valley of darkness and the mansion of the perverse ones.

“Let not the Osiris Nu (my soul ) fall headlong among those (demons) who would lead him captive, and let not [his] soul go in among them. Let his (my) divine face take possession of the place behind the block, the block of the god Septu (the scaffold of Karma).

“Hymns of praise be unto you, O ye divine beings (planetary spirits) of the (the constellation of the) Thigh (Libra)..."

The sacred Book of the Occult Abode, crying out from the profound depth of the centuries, states: 

“Hymns of praise be unto you, O ye (divine knives of mysteries) divine beings of the Thigh (Libra).

“(Ye) the knives of God in secret, and the two (divine) arms and hands of God (the cosmic scale that) cause the light (which illuminate and rejoice the universe) to shine; it is doubly pleasant unto him to lead the old unto him along with the young at his season... behold!

“Now, behold, the god Thoth (the inner Buddha of each human being, lord of mysteries!) dwelleth within his hidden places, and he performeth the ceremonies of libation unto the god who reckoneth millions of years (the universal Logos of life), and he maketh a way through the firmament.

“And he (Thoth, the one who immobilizes the hurricanes and who) doeth away with storms and whirlwinds from his stronghold (he is certainly the interior Buddha of each living one, the lord of power).

“O ye divine beings of the Thigh (spirits of karma), do ye away with his (my) sorrow, and his (my) suffering, and his (my) pain, and may the sorrow of the Osiris Nu be altogether put away.... to gratify Ra, let him make a way into the horizon of Ra, God).

“For there is an iron firmament in Amentet (the region of the dead) which the fiend (demon) Apopi (the body of desires of every living one) hath broken through (filled it with holes) with his storms before the double Lion-god (since it is obvious that even the most perverse ones are accustomed to entering into that abode), and this will the Osiris Nu set in order; O hearken ye, ye (humans and gods!) who dwell upon the top of the throne of majesty."

Ah, when will the people stop confusing the authentic astral body with the demon Apopi? When will the pseudo-occultists comprehend that the body of desires cited by Theosophy is the frightful demon Apopi? Common and current people do not have an astral body: they only have a lunar vehicle of desires, the frightful demon Apopi.

Let the humans and the dwellers of limbo hear me! Listen then! You need to build the astral body in the forge of the Cyclops.

Ra abhors the demon Apopi. Therefore, it is natural that every authentic Self-realized defunct one, after having dressed himself with the Egyptian Sahu, must eliminate the demon Apopi.

The Book of the Dead states the following: 

“(Lo and behold that I) The Osiris Nu shall come in among thy divine sovereign chiefs (the heavenly hierarchies), and Ra shall deliver him from Apopi each day so that he (the dragon Apopi) may not come nigh unto him, and he shall make himself vigilant. The Osiris Nu shall have power over the things (magical signs) which are written (and placed in front of me by the demon!), he (and I) shall receive sepulchral meals, and the god Thoth shall provide him (and me) with the things (magical powers) which should be prepared for him (which should be the outcome of my deeds, my karmas, of life bygone). The Osiris Nu maketh Right and Truth (Maat) to go round about the bows in the Great Boat, and hath triumph among the divine sovereign chiefs (these divine hierarchies), and he establisheth (it within my heart) for millions of years.

The Goddess Maat (Truth-Justice) comes unto her Lord and God.

You must remember that the functions of karma reside in the brilliant constellation of the Thighs (Libra).

You must tremble in front of the divine knives of the law. Know that karma is paid not only for the evil that is done, but also for the good that could be done, yet is left undone.

Remember the cycle of metamorphosis in the boat of Khepera: the ship of our own life.

It is unquestionable that each time it is necessary for you to descend into the infernal worlds, you must transform yourselves time and time again into crocodiles. It is obvious that any mystic exaltation is preceded by its correspondent humiliation. Whosoever wants to ascend must first of all descend. This is the law.

It is indubitable that when the consciousness awakens, you transform yourselves into sparrow hawks with a human head. Thus, you can freely fly throughout starry space.

Indeed, it is evident that you must transform yourselves into nagas, serpents. The day in which you shall be like the lotus will arrive.

“The Osiris Nu (and me) embarked in thy boat, O Ra, he (and me) is furnished with thy throne, and he receiveth thy spiritual form (May the gods furnish me with thy throne, Oh Ra! furnishing me likewise with thy glorious body.). The Osiris Nu (and me) travelleth over the paths of Ra at daybreak to drive back the fiend Nebt (the demon of evil will); (he) cometh (in disguise behind) upon the (mast of) flame of thy boat, (O Ra) upon that mighty Thigh (and thus in a narrow and long corridor he unexpectedly attacks me… Verily, I have been warned in advance of the dangers that awaited me, since) the Osiris Nu knoweth it, and he (and me) attaineth unto thy boat (O Ra), and behold he (sitteth) therein; and he (and me) maketh (and receive the rightly deserved) sepulchral offerings.”


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