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The Twelve Nidanas

Ancient wisdom emphasises the idea of seven “pathways” towards the ineffable joy of Non-existence, which is the Absolute Being and real Existence.

In its depth, such a luminous idea is unitary, since there is only one pathway with seven journeys.

Let us think of the astrological formula of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. It is unquestionable that each one of the seven worlds is intimately related with one of the seven journeys…

Did you ever hear about the twelve causes of the Being? What do you know about the Four Noble Truths?

It is obvious that the Twelve Nidanas and the Four Truths specially characterize the Hinayana [Sutrayana] system.

The Nidanas belong to that wise theory of the current of the concatenation law which produces merit and demerit and which finally manifests Karma in the whole plenitude of its power. 

It is a system which has the famous laws of Transmigration, Return, and Recurrence as a foundation.

It is obvious that the Hinayana system—or Lesser Vehicle School—is of a very ancient origin, while the Mahayana or Greater Vehicle School belongs to a posterior period; it had its origin after the disincarnation of Buddha.

It is clear that in their depth, both schools teach the same esoteric doctrine. “Yana” or “vehicle” is a mystical expression. Therefore, both vehicles signify that we can escape from the torture of rebirths by means of the realization of the Innermost Self: the Being.

We need to dress with the Dharma-megha, the cloud of virtue, the marvellous splendor of the perfect ones who renounce powers.

All the diverse ideas that emerge and that make us believe that we need something exterior in order to be happy are obstacles for our perfection.

The Innermost Being is happiness and beatitude by His own nature. Unfortunately, knowledge of this is covered by past impressions.

It is urgent, it is indispensable, it is necessary, for such impressions to exhaust their effects.

Their destruction is done in the same manner as we do with ignorance and egotism, etc.

If when arriving at the correct discrimination of the essences, we even reject their fruition, then the Samadhi named Cloud of Virtue comes as a consequence.

Whosoever is dressed with the Cloud of Virtue is liberated from sufferings and works. Nevertheless, this does not signify that such a one is exempt from the possibility of downfall. We can pass beyond any danger only by entering into the Absolute.

The successive transformations of qualities only disappear when we absorb ourselves within the Abstract Absolute Space.

The changes that exist in relation with given moments and that are perceived at the end of a series of them become another succession of moments in the other extreme.

Succession does not exist for the Self-realized and Diamantine Spirit. Only the Eternal Present exists for Him. He lives from moment to moment. He has liberated Himself from the Twelve Nidanas.