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Darol Froman

The sober mathematical reasoning of Purcell that disqualified the system of cosmic rockets and the sidereal voyages to other solar universes certainly did not discourage everybody. On the contrary, and even if this seems incredible, it stimulated the dishevelled, fantastic idea that possibly, on a not too far off date, the men of science would be able to propel the planet Earth at their own whim and take it out of its orbit in order to transport it to other parts of the galaxy. This dim-witted suggestion was pompously proposed by Darol Froman, technician/ex-director of Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in New Mexico.

The fundamental energy in order to give concrete form to his monstrous and tenebrous project could be acquired by nuclear reactions of fusion, utilizing the water of the oceans as combustible material.

It is obvious, evident, and noticeable that the maritime bestowal of deuterium, the heavy form of hydrogen, which for our disgrace is sinisterly utilized in the hydrogen bomb, is by all means something absolutely insufficient in order to impel the planet Earth to great distances.

Nevertheless, in accordance with this already cited man of science, such an ominous problem could be resolved by utilizing the nuclear reaction that takes place within the sun, namely: to combine four nuclei of hydrogen in order to form one nucleus of helium. This scientific process could permit the technical use of nuclei that indeed, without any doubt, are very abundant in all of the seas.

Froman insinuated that a quarter of this marvellous, combustible material could be used in order to escape from the potent solar gravity.

The mentioned sage supposed that with another quarter of this combustible material, the “all-knowing luminaries” could aim this disgraceful and suffering world towards another solar system and that with the other half of it we could have turbo-jet propulsion of an interstellar type, as well as light and heat during the trajectory.

This scientific procedure suggested by Froman in order to propel this earth of bitterness could continue to function for 8000 millions of years, time that is more than enough to abandon this solar system of Ors and arrive to other solar systems situated some 1,300 light years away.

Froman stated:

“To some of us, the most comfortable and unimaginable spaceship would be the very planet Earth. Therefore, if its present position does not satisfy us, whether for this or that motive, then, let us transport ourselves to another place with the whole of the Earth. In this way, we would not worry ourselves with the usual problems of space voyages. For instance: the problem of radiation would disappear thanks to the atmosphere and also because we would travel at a slow speed. The tranquillity and comfort of this way of travelling could be shown in the following projector slide.”

Some commentators stated that when he finished the former statement, he had the luxury of showing on a screen in front of that auditorium the pleasing scene of some girls playing golf in a very beautiful place.

To play a game of golf? This does not appear evil! Nevertheless, to want to play with worlds, this, indeed, is a joke made in very bad taste.

But, what if the men of science made an immoderate blunder? What if for lack of precaution they altered the normal rotation of the terrestrial globe? Then what? What would be the outcome?

Have you already forgotten about the Atlantean cataclysm? On that occasion, the verticality of the terrestrial axes provoked the submersion of that old continent.

Darol Froman knows nothing about cosmic laws. It is obvious that regarding cosmic laws, he is completely ignorant.

What could the people with three-dimensional psychology know about the Fohats and their laws?

Do the Fohats have established, inviolable laws? Yes, this is indisputable. Yet, do you believe, perhaps, that people like Froman would accept our enunciations in good faith?

It is evident, certain, clear and manifest that each world from the infinite space contains in itself its own Fohat, its own intelligent and conscious pivotal-director.

What does Froman know about the 48 laws? Has he ever studied the 24, 12, or 6 ordinances?

Darol Froman wants, in accordance with his own whim, to violate the cosmic laws of our planetary Fohat. Have you ever heard of anything more ludicrous?

Millions and billions of worlds are produced in each Mahamanvantara (Cosmic Day). Each planetary unity has, as a fact and by its own right, its own omnipresent and omniscient, self conscious Fohat.

Indeed, to try to supplant the Fohat that is contained within the interior of our planetary organism is not a very easy task.

Therefore, if the henchmen of Froman would, indeed, intend to crystallize such a monstrous project, then the only outcome would be a frightful planetary catastrophe.