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The Causes of Existence

We can and must classify the multiple causes of existence in three orders:

  1. Physical causes
  2. Metaphysical causes
  3. Karmic causes

The first cosmic order of causality has already been studied, even though in a superficial way, by the men of the official science.

The second causal cosmic order has been very deeply investigated by oriental sages.

The third causal cosmic order has been scrutinized with the open eye of Dangma by the Jivanmukta or Self-realized Adepts.

All the known physical laws, like gravitation, cohesion, weight, etc., are included within the first category.

The desire of living in this physical world, the longing for sentient life, which is a manifested result of the Nidanas and Maya (illusion), are very hidden within the second causal category.

The Laws of Action and Consequence are found within the third category. There is no effect without a cause…

Before the dawn of the Mahamanvantara, the two first causal orders were destroyed.

If the third order would have been destroyed, then the Solar universe within which we live, move, and have our Being, would never have been born in the infinite space.

It is unquestionable that any planet or solar system that comes into cosmic existence is the outcome of Karma…

Yonder, in the preterit solar system, which is now represented by all the moons of our present solar system of Ors, the Gods intensively worked and even had their mistakes…

The Gods also commit mistakes…

The worlds of the past solar system are now cadavers, moons…

Each one of the present planets from our solar system is related with these moons…

The Earth is no exception… This is known by the divine and humans…

The Earth is a living reincarnation of the lunar soul… This is known by any Mahatma.

Unfortunately, and as a breaking point of woes, our terrestrial planetary fire is very poor and is charged with lunar karma…

This is due to the fact that the fruits of such a fire were formerly very poor in the lunar world. This is how it is written in the book of the Law.

We have this karmic outcome visible in this valley of tears. Indeed, this terrestrial humanity is a lost case… You know this…

If the Gods had not owed cosmic karma, then the Earth and the whole solar system of Ors presently would not exist.

Before the dawn of the Great Day, the invisible which is and the visible which was remained within the eternal Not-Being, the Unique-Being.

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