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Egyptian Mummies

Oh, Keb! Genie of the Earth! Powerful Lord of the world, sublime protector of the venerable mummies in the sunny country of Khem…! Hail!

What are my ears listening to? Oh, Gods from Amen-Ra! Still, within the profound depth of all ages, the ineffable Word of Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great God Ibis of Thoth, is resounding.

A lethargy of eternity weighs upon the very ancient mysteries of the Sphinx of the desert, and the souls of Amente yearn for a new Neptunian-Amentian manifestation.

An Egyptian reincarnation comes into my memory in these moments. Indeed, I was born and lived in Egypt during the dynasty of the Pharaoh Kephren.

Even if my words do seem enigmatic and strange, indeed, I tell you that my physical body did not die. Nonetheless, it went into the sepulchre.

Catalepsy? Yes! Of what type? This is impossible to explain to you, because you will not understand it now.

Ah! But my case, certainly, was not an exception. Many other Hierophants went into the sepulchre in a cataleptic state.

These very special type of mummies continue to live, and without any nourishment. However, they are with all of their natural faculties in suspension. This is something that in no way should surprise us.

Remember the toads during winter, buried within the mud. Like cadavers, they lie down without taking nourishment of any type. Nevertheless, in spring, they return alive.

Have you ever heard about hibernation? The scientific branch related to this is very advanced in Paris. A doctor friend of mine informed me that this type of science is also going to be established in Mexico.

Any human organism inside these chambers of hibernation, below zero degrees, profoundly sleeps. It seems to be a cadaver; yet, it remains with all of its human faculties in suspension.

It has been stated unto us that the first person who served as a guinea pig for such an experiment remained in this state for a whole century. It is stated that such a person is still alive.

Nevertheless, Egyptian catalepsy goes far beyond. Moreover, this type of catalepsy is wisely combined with magic and occult chemistry.

It is obvious that my soul escaped from that mummified body. It is unquestionable that this very special type of mummification was not an obstacle in order to continue with my cycle of reincarnations.

The soul of any Egyptian Hierophant has four bodies:

  1. The Mummy
  2. The Ka (Astral Body)
  3. The Ba (Mental Body)
  4. The Ku (Causal Body)

I withdrew away from my mummy, or better if we say, my Soul emancipated itself from that mummified body.

Thus, my soul dressed with its superior vehicles continued to exist within the Amente. Afterwards, it continued reincarnating itself in distinct places of the world.

Nonetheless, a magnetic, sympathetic thread still exists, which in a certain way keeps a particular relationship between my soul and such a mummy.

Sometimes my Spirit enters inside of such an apparently dead body. Then, it is obvious that momentarily such a vehicle abandons its cataleptic state.

My present human personality is not an obstacle in order to perform these type of experiments. No one can hinder the Spirit.

He, my Spirit, can take such a mummy from within its sepulchre, by submerging it within the fourth dimension.

He, my Spirit, can abandon the fourth dimension and enter into this world of three dimensions in order to visit somebody else.

He, my Spirit, knows the region of channels and of the currents, the humid place, the antechamber of this chemical region in which we live in.

He knows how to open the door of Keb, which gives access to the region of the air. He has power in order to call the magical beings, who with their assistance can penetrate into the region of the five senses, in order to become visible and tangible in front of somebody else.

After such experiments, my Spirit can make this mummy return into its sarcophagus.

After my physical death, my soul can definitely reincorporate itself within such a mummy, if this is what TUM wants.

In that case, such a body will definitely abandon its cataleptic state, and my soul, dressed with such flesh, could live as any person, travelling from one country to another.

Such a mummy would again eat, drink, and live under the light of the sun, etc., because it would definitely be withdrawn from within its sepulchre through the fourth dimension.