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The Akashic Records

Any deductive or inductive logical system invites us to comprehend that the whole history of the Earth and of its Root Races could not have been lost.

The Hindu sages frequently state in their books to us about that which we can indeed denominate Akash, the causa causorum of the Ether of science…

This Akashic substance is the same omnipresent and omni-penetrating Okidanokh, which fills the whole infinite space…

All of the cosmic concentrations from the infinite space are the mathematical outcome of the multiple crystallizations of the omnipresent Okidanokh…

It is written within old archaic documents that when the human beings were still in possession of that sight which is called “Olooesteskhniana vision” (the open Eye of Dangma), then they could correctly perceive all of the cosmic concentrations from starry space.

Hence, the human beings knew how to read the Akashic records of Nature. In those forgone times, nobody ignored the memories of creation.

However, when the human beings abused sex, when they ate from the tree of the science of good and evil, their terrestrial visual organ progressively degenerated, thus converting them into that which is called a common and current “Koritesnokhniano,” one who has eyes that only see the tri-dimensional world of Euclid.

Nevertheless, upon the face of the earth there still exist some Mahatmas who can study the memories of Nature within the records of the omnipresent Okidanokh.

Any event leaves its living photograph within the Akash. It is obvious that all of our former lives are within those mysterious cosmic records.

Electronics is advancing marvelously in these modern times, thus, what we need now is a special device in order to capture the vibratory waves from the past.

When such a device is invented, then we will see and hear on the televised screen the whole history of the uncountable centuries.

This is how the Akashic records will inexorably fall into the hands of the scientists.

It has been stated unto us that the F.B.I. of the U.S.A. presently possesses a very special photographic camera, with which they can register on very sensible films homicides which were perpetuated many hours or days before they were announced to the authorities. In other words, it is inferred that if the agents of the law arrived at the place of the crime, they can photograph said crime with such a camera, even if this has been committed many hours or days before. Such revolutionary cameras work with infrared rays and an absolute void. We have been informed that the cooling process of its extremely fine lenses reaches the temperature of 15 to 20 degrees below zero.

This signifies that the Akashic records of Nature are now beginning to fall into the hands of modern sages.

It is obvious that if photographs related with past events are now being taken, then in a little while movies of this type could be filmed.

This is how in this New Aquarian Age, the men of science will have to recognize the esoteric and occultist affirmations.