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A Magnificent Convention

When addressing the truth, it is important to emphatically affirm one’s own feeling.

Without desiring to compete in any way with other writers, and excluding very sincerely any vain ostentation (yet, having the risk of tormenting many envious people), it is my duty to confess that I was the first one to announce about the cosmic ships.

During the year 1950, after much dissatisfaction, disappoint-ment, and threatening letters, the first edition of my book entitled The Perfect Matrimony came out onto the streets. It is already known that the crowd disputed it and held it as immoral.

Well then, it is known that such a cited book, happily written at that time, clarified the mystery of the UFOs.

So then, I did not evade this very thorny theme. Without preoccupying myself with the reasoning of others, indeed, I very frankly exposed my concept about the cosmic ships.

It is evident that Julio Medina V., the illustrious gentleman with noble intelligence and a generous heart, even after having financed such an edition with his own peculium, also drew these Unknown Flying Objects. It is obvious to comprehend that such notable artistic drawings have true foundations and genuine models.

This eminent Master had the joy of verifying by himself the authentic existence of these furtive extraterrestrial ships. When after a walk along a sandy beach at the shores of the Caribbean sea he silently and quietly returned with his spouse to his home, something unusual happened to him. Indeed, he was surprised by some cosmic ships which, floating in the blue space, were finally lost within the inalterable infinite.

On March the 13th, 1954, the newspaper The Los Angeles Times made a stubborn excess of mockery and sarcasm when reporting about a strange convention. It was nothing other than a reunion of people who solemnly affirmed to have travelled in cosmic ships from extraterrestrial origin. This rare event happened in a place in the state of California, in the U.S.A., named the Giant Rock, in the desert, close to the Imperial Valley.

During the convention, a cosmic ship was watched by the whole assembly. Hundreds of people gave testimony to this fact.

This mysterious ship floated over the automobiles as if observing the multitude. Then afterwards, it was lost within the space.

This convention on UFOs was organised under the auspices of the very excellent Sir George Van Tassel. At the opening of the program, Van Tassel frankly accused some jealous terrestrial people of sabotaging the meeting. He said that many barricades were placed on the sandy path that leads toward the Gigantic Rock.

One of the most interesting things was when a very intelligent young man from Detroit, named Richard T. Miller, enthusiastically took the floor. He explained with complete clarity his extraordinary flight of twelve hours inside a cosmic ship of one hundred and fifty feet of diameter, which had been very wisely made up in order to send messages in English by means of powerful infrared rays.

He stated that such a contact was arranged when it was suggested from this interplanetary ship that he present himself on an abandoned golf course, which was situated forty miles from Detroit. Once at such a place, the mysterious extraterrestrial device suddenly appeared, and as soon he went on board, it ascended with great velocity.

Afterwards, the young man described his sensational experiences that endured for twelve hours. He was within the ship by the control deck, where the ship was being manoeuvred by means of gigantic panels.

Filled with infinite emotion, he stated that he was allowed to watch on the screen of a super-television set. It was possible for him to visually penetrate inside an automobile where some of his friends on the earth were trying to communicate with the ship by means of radio signals.

Afterwards, he explained very serenely that he was returned to the golf course by the extraterrestrial captain of that marvellous ship.

Miller and his partner George H. Williams are now working very intensely on what they call “The Telonid Research Center” in Prescott, Arizona. Among other things, it is admirable that he has succeeded in recording on a vinyl disc the voice of a creature who communicated with them from exterior space.

One of the visitors who received major attention from this convention was Dr. Charles Laughed from Chicago. During the month of December in 1953, he received great publicity in all of the U.S.A. when, without any fear, he frankly declared that he received a communication from space, within which many catastrophes for the earth were predicted, together with the re-appearance of the two lost continents Lemuria and Atlantis.

People continued arriving in their automobiles and aeroplanes. Meanwhile, a variegated and painteresque multitude of curious people were gathering around the platform where the speakers were reunited.

Van Tassel started by saying, “We are here in order to reveal these matters and not to hide them. The space ships are driven by intelligences superior to ours. The human beings from space are here in order to help us in this critical moment. We, the speakers, who are united here for the first time, have a duty to do, and we are going to do it.”

Truman Bethurum, who wrote a book with the title The Voice of the Planet Clarion, stated that he had eleven conversations with people from cosmic space, and he added: “One morning, there were too many space ships over Washington, and the Air Force believed that we were in danger of receiving an attack from another planet.”

An interesting moment occurred when the group who stated that they have travelled in space ships were reunited in order to be filmed for a newscast. Next to Miller and Bethurum, there were George Adamski, Dana Howard, and Orfeo Angelucci.

Afterwards, the description of trips throughout the infinite space continued with intensive fervour.

A man who was going around that place with a geiger counter stated that the air of Giant Rock was impregnated with cosmic rays, not knowing whether they were gusts of atomic clouds from Nevada or if they were produced by the spaceships.

Anyhow, the whole world was in expectation in case one cosmic ship would land.

To conclude with this chapter, we state: it is indeed very interesting that this magnificent convention took place, as if in order to corroborate our affirmations, four years after we announced for the first time about the cosmic ships.