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My Return into Tibet

Oh, that time, when a very singular Tibetan Adept-Lady inside the Sacred Order of Tibet said loudly to me, “Die! Die! Die!”

The Egyptian Book of the Occult Abode states:

The day when Horus (The Innermost) obtains victory over Seth (the animal ego) and his demons, I am then defunct. I shall triumph over my enemies, during the night of the festival in which the God Djed is elevated to Djedu, in the presence of the Divinities who reside on the paths of Death.

To die within myself, to dissolve the “I,” to reduce it to cosmic dust, indeed, was not an easy task.

However, I have to very sincerely confess that I remained faithful to the secrets of Tum (my Father who is in heaven).

I can never deny that with my Divine Mother Kundalini I entered into the den of Seth (the forty-nine regions of the sub-consciousness).

Whosoever wants to ascend must first of all descend; this is the law. Every exaltation is preceded by a humiliation.

Each psychological defect, internally seen with the eye of Horus, has indeed a satanic, animalistic form.

Comprehension and elimination are radical. It would be impossible to eliminate the red demons (our defects) without these factors.

To comprehend is the first step, to eliminate is the second one. Many neophytes comprehend; however, they do not eliminate. Verily I say unto you that those ones fail.

The mind is not all. The mind can justify or condemn, hide or excuse; however, it can never eliminate.

This is how I understood it. Therefore, I prayed to my Divine Mother and the outcome was marvellous.

Oh, Divine Mother Kundalini! Igneous serpent of our magical powers! Isis, whose veil no mortal has lifted! Sophia! The Gods from the Garden of Hesperides know very well that you can, in fact, eliminate defects.

Thus, between my Mother and I, we undertook the hard work. I comprehended and She eliminated.

An in-depth comprehended defect was immediately eliminated by my Mother. She never abandoned me; She never left me alone.

I learned to combine meditation with prayer. I meditated in order to comprehend. I prayed in order to beseech Her.

Sorrowful, remorseful within my heart, truly repented, I implored, I supplicated to my Mother. I very sincerely beseeched Her to eliminate the psychological defect, which by means of in-depth meditation, had already been comprehended in an integral way.

Then, this esoteric work allowed me to evidence until satiation the plurality of the “I.”

Careful clairvoyant observations allowed me to effectively make evident the existing intimate relation between defect and entity.

Thus, I obviously could verify that each error in itself is multifaceted.

It is noticeable and evident for our patient readers to grasp, to conceive the idea, of small, shouting and quarrelsome “I’s,” which are types of malignant entities that personify defects.

Their disorderly and absurd coexistence inside of our psyche is not an obstacle for these diverse entities.

Unfortunately, these subjective and infernal psychic aggregates continue beyond the sepulchre. The palpable, authentic, and unquestionable return of these abominable and subjective values into new wombs is a mathematical axiom.

Ahamkrita Bhava: These two Sanskrit words signify the egoic condition of our consciousness.

It is obvious that the consciousness, bottled up within all of those entities that constitute the ego, develops and lives in accordance with its own condition.

Atmavidya: With this Hindustanic term we refer to divine illumination.

It is noticeable that the consciousness inserted within the innumerable “I”s, which constitute the ego, does not enjoy authentic illumination. It is found in a state of somnolence. Thus it sleeps, a victim of the vain illusions of Maya.

Atmashakti: We indicate, we refer, with this term of ancient wisdom, to the absolute spiritual power.

As a consequence or corollary, we can and must even emphasize the idea that while the consciousness has not been liberated from its egoic condition, it cannot enjoy legitimate spiritual power.

When Mephistopheles (the ego) is reduced to ashes, then the consciousness is liberated and awakens.

Now, conspicuous readers, you can comprehend why it was demanded of me to die. Only by eliminating the ego could I return into the Sacred Order of Tibet.

To return into this very old Tibetan monastery was always my greatest longing. Thus, this is how I, after having suffered a lot, returned into that holy place.

Immaculate summit of delights, secret Tibet: everything in Thee has an ambience of mystery.

Indeed, the eternal Himalayas have an innocent profundity, like a mirror. Perpetual clouds, sober Buddhist convents, monks who pray and meditate while chanting very silently: “Om mani padme hum…”

These mystics know about the torment of the now defeated races, which lived and died in the shadow of their colossal mass.

They know about the flights of the eagles and about the rays that shine on them with the signature of fire.

On the sides of their mountains roll the thunder of their tempestuous and powerful south winds, and cosmic signs that have a taste of eternity are immersed within their sepulchral temples.

In accordance with ancient millenarian conducts and customs, I needed somebody who could respond for me, a charitable soul, a godfather who would introduce me into the Order. Thus, thanks to God, it is obvious that I had one!

He (my godfather) paid my right to enter - or better if we say, my right to re-enter - into this venerated Order with esoteric money that the human multitudes ignore.

There are no festivities for those who return. This is how it is written and this is known by those divine and human.

Simple and without any ostentation, I returned and occupied my place inside the Order and continued with the duty that in aforetime I had abandoned when I withdrew from the upright path.

I restarted my labor by performing charity. It was necessary for me to help a poor soul inside the monastery who had knocked on our doors in search of light.

Ask and it shall be given unto you, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

This is love… The fire of charity performs miracles.

Unfortunately, such a supplicant was extremely asleep. Indeed, I performed enormous efforts in order to awaken this soul, but everything was useless.

It is obvious that this suffering creature had not even started to fight against the red demons of Seth (the ego). Her consciousness was completely bottled up within her “I.”

Oh! Old monastery, protected by very ancient walls, how much I love thee!

How can I forget the ineffable patio and that sacred table around which sit the Nirmanakayas of compassion?

How can I forget those working halls and all those multiple and varied ineffable corridors through which all the adepts of the light circulate, come, and go?

But, oh God of mine! Remember, beloved reader, that roses without thorns do not exist. You know this!

How much pain I felt when walking through all of the towns and villages of Tibet!

Everywhere, here, there and further, I could see the Chinese Communist troops that perfidiously had invaded the sacred land of the adepts.

How frightful the profaners are! Behold there, the red soldiers at the doors of the very sacred pagodas, cynically making a mockery of what they do not understand.

Unto the divine Padmasambhava, incarnation of the lotus and protector for all the conscious beings, I supplicate freedom for Tibet.

Unto all the sublime Fathers and Mothers of all Buddhas from the five Orders, I beseech to remove forever the barbarian hordes who have assassinated the saints.

Bhagavan Aklaiva, protector Master of our Sacred Order, help us. Remove from Tibet the brutalizing hordes of Marxism.

Ah! The Tathagata (Buddha) knows very well how much I had to suffer when contemplating the terrible solitude of the valley of Amitabha.

What happened with those religious festivities, which in aforetime were cheering the sublime valley?

Now, only the sanguinary troops of Marxism are seen everywhere. How long will this bitterness continue?

Fortunately, the monastery of the Sacred Order of Tibet is very well-protected inside the fourth dimension.