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In this world of cosmic manifestation, there is no higher glory than that of becoming one of those crucibles within the created light of the universe, within which the whole enchantment of the soul is condensed as the fire of the ether within the suns. 

It is not true that Brahma, the universal spirit of life, is within himself devoid of that splendid unity.

Who cares if the sublime Prometheus, under the terrible flashing that his forehead attracts, bites the mud of the earth in the struggle, if in the end, like Antheus, he always rises heroically after he falls? 

To battle, to fight, to suffer, and to liberate oneself in the end, to lose oneself as a diamantine drop within the ocean of the uncreated light, is, indeed, the highest longing. The gods emerge from the abyss by means of fire, and are lost within the Absolute. 

Many things come into my memory in these instants in which I write these lines… On one given night, while in profound, internal meditation, I abandoned this illusory world of Maya. Thus, liberated from the shackles of this bitter existence, I submerged myself into Samadhi within the world of the Spirit.

There is no better pleasure than feeling oneself as a soul detached from the body, the affections, and the mind.

Immense is the ineffable joy of those diamond souls who became lost within the great alaya of the universe.

Hence, inebriated by ecstasy, I entered through the doors of the temple of transparent walls. 

So, with the open eye of the dangma, which is that spiritual vision of the adept or jivanmukta, I looked below, towards the profundity. Thus, I saw many beloved relatives in the depth of the abyss of the mind. Ocean of the cosmic mind, precipice, cliff, profundity which frightens… Unhappy creatures, suffering women, eyes filled with tears, hearts that suffer... Woe!… Do not torment me like this, have mercy on me… Let your deviation cease. Your eyes give me grief, eyes resembling leaves imbibed with dew.

So, melancholic and strange, those shadows were dilating themselves while assuming mysterious, smoky cloud designs that extinguish tinted flames.

A murmur of confused and vague words, with profound sadness in the soul… Wretched shadows! Vain forms from the world of the mind!

Just as a furious sea severely lashes the beach with its waves, so from the world of the mind, from the sea of understanding, waves were emerging that uselessly and desperately intended to lash the threshold of the temple of transparent walls.

Litelantes, the adept-lady, exclaimed with indignation, “Those women are too bothersome, they are trying to reach up here.” Thus, she unsheathed her flaming sword. I did the same. For a moment, our swords menacingly turned every way, throwing devouring fire everywhere. So, those vain shadows from the universal mind, terrified, were lost within the frightful abyss of maya.

In the absence of the body, affections, and the mind, we come to experience in a direct way that which is the truth.

Indeed, those wretched shadows (egos) from Samsara, the earth of bitterness, are a painful compound of thought, feeling, and desire, which when concentrated in this or that direction, are converted, as a fact, into something similar to willpower.

How different are the ineffable beings. They are living fires, solar creatures, ardent flames. That profound sadness of the soul, those eyes with the aspect of leaves covered with tears, do not exist within the lords of the flame. Those intelligent fires of the dawn of all creation are saturated with happiness. Those beings of gold, those ineffable ones, are not the suffering shadows of the mind, because wisdom, love, and power are shining within them. They are the mysterious and terribly divine ah-hi, who dwell beyond the mind and beyond those weeping shadows.

In the profound cosmic night, before the heart of this solar system started to palpitate intensely, 

“...universal mind was not, for there were no ah-hi to contain it.” —Book of Dzyan 1:3, from The Secret Doctrine (1888)

Those mysterious and terribly divine ah-hi constitute the army of the voice, the verb, the great Word, the hosts of spiritual beings who are so different, so distinct from the shadows of the mind who weep.

By all means, it is obvious, palpable, and evident that these joyful beings, these blessed flames, emerge in the dawn of life from the bosom of the Absolute in order to give and establish laws within the living laboratory of nature.

When the cosmic day, the great age, ends, then those ineffable ones cease to exist and come into being. They are lost within the inconceivable and inexhaustible joy of the profound Abstract Absolute Space.

Indeed, when the cosmic day ends, the mind in itself and all of its vain and illusory shadows cease to exist.

The gods know very well that within the bosom of the uncreated light the mind is dissolved like a soap bubble.

The existence of the mind is impossible within that which has no name, even though its potentialities permit the prediction of a remote possibility for the future.

In the nightfall of the universe that sparkles within the infinite, the Elohim must break every shackle that in one way or another binds them to existence, thus becoming radically liberated from all that is called mind, willpower, and consciousness.