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People from Other Planets

We, wretched and miserable slugs from the mud of the earth, are perhaps so stubborn that we still need to investigate a little bit more about the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors.

All of the data that we already have; is it perhaps not enough? Are we, for our own disgrace, so dull, slow-witted, and torpid that we do not comprehend that since ancient times we have always been visited by people from other planets?

So, why do they elude us? Why do they run away from us? Why do they not appear at daylight? Would we, perhaps, not do the same thing if we were to come face to face with a tribe of cannibals?

People from other planets know very well that we are not meek sheep. Therefore, instead of falling into our fratricidal feline claws, they prefer to furtively disappear into the starry heaven.

What would the great leaders of the earth do with these type of cosmic ships? This is not difficult to guess. How frightful those “UFOs” would be if they were equipped with atomic bombs!

So, to be sent to jail without any motive, without any reason, or to become a guinea pig inside of any laboratory so that others can experiment with you, so that others can extract your glands and inject distinct substances with the purpose of knowing reactions, certainly is not pleasant, whatsoever. Is this not so? It is obvious that the extraterrestrial visitors do not want to take such a risk, therefore they prefer to elude or avoid us.

This does not signify that the people from other planets cannot defend themselves. It is clear, it is evident, that if they already conquered space, they might also be in possession of formidable weapons. Nonetheless, they are not assassins. It is better, by all means, to avoid conflicts.

So, what is going on in regard to us? When are we going to be capable of reciprocating those visitations of our friends, the extraterrestrials?

Certain romantic speculators from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries thought up the possibility of travelling to the moon, propelling themselves with wings or by means of aerostatic globe systems. It is evident that such fantasies disappeared from the intellectual environment when the limits of our planetary atmosphere was discovered.

The scientific procedures of defined spatial travelling were revived with the marvellous works of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, within which the cosmic ships are mentioned. In the year 1920, such a cited sage predicted that in a not too faraway future, short radio waves will penetrate within our atmosphere and will become the main method for stellar communications. This prophesy is now being accomplished. Unfortunately, modern scientists still are not capable of interpreting the cosmic messages.

Tsiolkovsky believed that at least on one planet situated in any given place, the human beings would have already reached a technology that would allow them to overcome the law of gravity, thus being able to colonize the universe.

Obviously, regarding this matter, we, the Gnostics go much further beyond. We know very well by means of direct mystical experience that any inoffensive humanity from the infinite cosmic space can give themselves the luxury of travelling to other inhabited planets.

In this modern day and age, the possibility of voyages between solar systems and even fantastic rockets propelled with atomic energy and guided by means of the pressure of light are spoken of.

Presently, very beautiful spatial theories exist. Thus, Russia and the United States of America equally struggle in an arduous manner for the conquest of space.

Lamentably, it becomes evident that in order to arrive at any star similar to the sun that shines upon us, within the period of time of a human lifespan, it is necessary to first break the barrier of the speed of light.

The three-dimensional world exists within the barrier of the speed of light. Therefore, to break this barrier, to indeed transcend it, as a fact, is equivalent to penetrating within the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is time in itself.

Therefore, the supreme conquest of starry space is not possible if time has not previously been conquered.

We emphatically affirm without any doubt that as long as we remain enclosed within this three-dimensional mould of life, which is determined by the speed of light, the conquest of time is impossible.

It is evident that within the fourth dimension, we can travel throughout time, we can submerge ourselves within a remote past or project ourselves to a distant future. Let us remember that time is circular.

Imagine a cosmic ship having a velocity more than the speed of light taking off from our afflicted planet and going towards some mysterious resplendent sun, situated at a given point, to an incommensurable distance of 137 light years. It is evident and clear that if this ship returned to this valley of tears,” always maintaining the same speed during the whole trip, its crew would experience tremendous confusion when finding our planet Earth very well advanced by 270 years in time.

Nevertheless, which cosmic rocket is indeed capable of travelling with a velocity of more than the speed of light?

If indeed the famous rockets traverse to the Moon with a lot of difficulty, and perhaps eventually to Mars, certainly it is evident that the conquest of infinite space with such a system is completely ludicrous.

Purcell, an eminent man of science, seriously analysed the indispensable quantity of energy needed in order to perform an hypothetical roundtrip sidereal voyage towards any shiny star situated some twelve light years away. The specific distinctiveness of this ship is that it must reach the maximum velocity of 99 percent of the speed of light at the middle of its journey, as well as at its departure and its return. Our readers must not forget that light travels at the extraordinary speed of 300,000 kilometres per second [Editor: 186,282.397 miles per second].

Now, the problem of fuel for this hypothetical voyage must be faced. There is no doubt that in this day and age, the most appropriate source of available energy is the fusion that occurs in the hydrogen bomb, which is when the isotopes, namely tritium and deuterium of the element hydrogen, are wisely combined in order to form helium.

Let us think for a while, dear reader, of the tremendous efficacy of that extraordinary fusion that makes the sun shine. It is evident that within such a formidable nuclear reaction, four nuclei of hydrogen are intelligently combined by immense heat and potent pressure in order to form, indeed, one nucleus of helium.

It is obvious that this marvellous, cohesive energy, that integrally maintains the unity of the nucleus of helium, becomes without a doubt, slightly smaller than the energy from the original nucleus of hydrogen. It is stated unto us that after this nuclear reaction, a residue remains which acts in the form of energy free in its movement.

It is evident, certain, and palpable that this special type of liberated energy is powerful, terrific, and tremendous. This is in accordance with the famous equation of Einstein, namely: E=mc2 (energy divided by mass is equal to the square of the speed of light). Therefore, the value of E becomes gigantic in proportion.

Purcell infers in a manner that is certainly very well asserted that with this type of solar fusion, if used in his hypothetical voyage, nothing less than 16,000 million tons of hydrogen would be required in order to move his sidereal ship.

It is clear that for such a voyage of twelve light years, such a cosmic vehicle would have an approximate weight of one hundred tons.

It is logical that such a cosmic ship should be propelled forward when taking off, stopped when arriving, propelled again in order to initiate its return to the planet Earth, and finally stopped again when landing on our planet. So, all of these manoeuvers imply a tremendous consumption of many thousands of millions of tons of fuel. What rocket would be capable of transporting such a quantity of fuel?

Still, the option of obtaining energy by intelligently combining matter with anti-matter is accessible to us. It is already completely demonstrated that if these contrary substances make direct contact, they are mutually destroyed, thus liberating energy in the form of gamma rays.

Indeed, in the name of truth, we have to acknowledge that this is the unique, knowable process through which matter, as well as anti-matter, can be equally transformed into energy.

Evidently, the famous gamma rays are found in the extreme of the short wave, in the electromagnetic spectrum, and obviously can impel a cosmic ship in identical conditions, as if it were impelled by means of the pressure of light.

To every atomic particle there corresponds, as a fact and by its own right, an atomic anti-particle.

It is easy to comprehend that the anti-particle is an image, a reflection, of its original. It is obvious that if the latter is negatively charged like the electron, undoubtedly its particle becomes positive.

Apparently, even though the problem of generating energy in order to propel a cosmic ship in the hypothetical voyage of Purcell has been resolved, it cannot be confirmed.

It is evident that for such a voyage, 406,400 tons of fuel, equally distributed between matter and anti-matter, are urgently needed. Could a ship of 100 tons transport such a quantity of fuel?

We must repeat—and it is important to remember—that we are discussing an hypothetical voyage of just twelve light years away. However, if this hypothetical ship should journey to a point of 50 or 100 light years away, then what would become of this problem of fuel?

In its depth, this certainly is a problem without a solution. Indeed, if we want to conquer space, then we have to focus on this matter from another angle.

We need an authentic scientific revolution. It is urgent to learn how to utilize the solar energy.

This is why Marconi rightly stated, “Where a sunbeam goes, there a human being can also go.”

Solar energy and the fourth dimension: these will be the two pillars of the future humanity.

It is necessary to illustrate the fourth vertical. This is only possible by studying the atom very deeply.

Therefore, when the fourth coordinate is outlined, then a new type of tetra-dimensional geometry will be elaborated. It is easy to comprehend that upon this living foundation, a revolutionary four dimensional physics can be created.

Indeed, contemporary physics is regressive, retarded, and reactionary. It is worthless for the conquest of space because it is antiquated and extemporaneous.

When we possess revolutionary, tetra-dimensional physics, then we will be capable of fabricating cosmic ships that can instantaneously cross the barrier of the speed of light. Such cosmic ships can then travel through time with velocities millions of times superior to the speed of light.

Propelled with solar energy, these type of ships would not need to transport fuel of any type and would travel freely throughout the infinite space.

The three-dimensional world is not the “be all and end all.” Indeed, it is nothing but a leaf of the tree of life. Let us think of the fourth dimension. Come now, to revolutionize science.

We already passed through the barrier of sound with aeroplanes and ultrasonic capsules. Nevertheless, we still cannot pass through the barrier of the speed of light.