The End of Karma

All creatures exist in order to come to know their own Innermost Being, their Inner Star.

Those who cycle through existence from life to life without awakening and developing their consciousness are simply cycling through aeons of suffering. They accumulate karma and they pay karma, and in the end, they gain nothing because they never gain cognizant knowledge.

Those who want to develop all of their latent abilities and incarnate their inner divinity must settle their accounts with the law of karma, neither owing nor being owed.

There is a stage at which one must not owe any karma, nor be owed. One must have perfect equilibrium. Only then can one go on...

Those who want to know their Innermost Being must learn how to negotiate their karma.

For the beginners, each step of development is made by paying karma.

The initiates of the Spiral Path pay their karma slowly, over millennia.

The initiates of the Straight Path pay their karma now, rapidly, without hesitation. Such initiates are very, very rare. Very few choose the Straight Path, for fear of facing the entirety of their karma.

Most creatures are on neither path, and instead are just being processed in great cycles by nature, and in the end, return to their source having gained nothing but millennia of suffering.

There are also many on the devolving path, enslaved by nature but awakening consciousness, who seek to accumulate as much karma as possible, motivated by the mistaken notion that the condensed, descending energy of their evil deeds will eventually propel them to the heights of the Light. This is equivalent to saying that the more pain we inflict on ourselves and others, the more pleasure we will receive. This is insanity. There are many on this planet who eagerly pursue that path. They suffer a deep ignorance regarding cause and effect. They attempt to trick a law that cannot be tricked.

Tthrough training, we can abandon the illusions that cause us to suffer, and instead get to know the source of true happiness and fulfillment.

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