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Everything in nature has intelligence: rocks, plants, animals, etc. There is a living spirit behind it all. This is also true of karma. Karma is managed by conscious, active, intelligent forces, but these forces are far beyond the comprehension of our intellectual minds.

Karma is managed by conscious intelligence. All great religions and mystical traditions teach that we must account for our actions in the end: there will be a time when we must face a judge, a tribunal, and answer for each action of our lives.

The gods and goddesses of the ancient religions are not myths; many are awakened beings, buddhas, or angels, that are still active in different regions of consciousness. The vast force of karma is managed by a being whom the Egyptians called Anubis, the jackal-masked god. Anubis is a conscious, awakened being who has the duty of managing karma. He is assisted by 42 judges or lords of the law, who are also awakened beings. He wears a mask to hide his face, in order to be impartial.

The Egyptian mysteries teach about the measurement of the karma of the dead. The deceased person is brought before a great tribunal, and the weight of his karma, symbolized by his heart, is measured against a feather. Anubis attends the scale, the balance of actions and consequences, and the scale that measures our deeds. All of our actions are recorded in a book. And so we are judged: if we were self-serving and acted without care, then we owe and must pay. And if we served others, and did good deeds, then we are owed, and must be paid.

When we die, all of our actions will be examined. Let us not have any fantasies about this. Let us examine ourselves honestly, and look at even the little we know about this life, not even accounting for all of our past lives: how would we come out?

“We demand fidelity from the spouse when we ourselves have been adulterers in this life or in previous lives.

“We ask for love when we have been merciless and cruel.

“We demand comprehension when we have never known how to comprehend anyone, when we have never learned to see the other person’s point of view.

“We long for immense good fortune when we have always been the origin of many misfortunes.

“We would have liked to have been born in a very beautiful home with many comforts, when in past lives we did not know how to provide a home and beauty for our children.

“We protest against persons who insult us when we have always insulted everyone who surrounds us.

“We want our children to obey us when we have never known how to obey our parents.

“Slander annoys us terribly when we were always slanderers and filled with world with pain.

“Gossip upsets us, we do not want anyone to gossip about us, however we were always involved in gossip and backbiting, talking badly about our fellowmen, mortifying the lives of others.

“That is, we always demand what we have not given; in all our former lives we were evil and we deserve the worst, but we suppose that we should be given the best.” —Samael Aun Weor

We live life as if we had an unlimited balance credit card that we never have to pay back. It is necessary that we begin to see that this is not realistic, nor is it beneficial for anyone, including ourselves. Clearly, we all have made many mistakes. What can we do to negotiate our karma? When we are brought before the Great Judge, what will we have to offer, to pay for all the evil things we have done?

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