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All Actions Come from Three Factors

Ignorance—psychological sleep—allows craving and aversion to modify our perception, thus giving rise to suffering. We can only change our suffering by changing this fundamental root. Unfortunately, we try to change our suffering by changing our circumstances, not their origin. Whatever is happening around us was caused by what is within us. If we seriously want to change our circumstances, we have to change our psychology first.

“There can be a modification of circumstances and of problems, but they will never cease repeating themselves and they will never have a final solution.

“Life is a wheel that turns mechanically with all the pleasant and unpleasant experiences, always recurring.

“We cannot stop the wheel, the good or bad circumstances always process themselves mechanically. We can only change our attitude toward the events of life.” —Samael Aun Weor

Everything changes, all the time. We make choices all the time, choices that can create change. So it is possible for anyone to change, and to come into balance.

For energy to move, there must be three factors engaged. This is a universal law as fundamental as cause and effect. Every cause is made possible by three factors. Every effect emerges because three factors were engaged.

The three factors are relative to the level in which they are acting. At the most subtle level of existence, they are the trinity symbolized in every religion. In us, here and now, the three factors are visible in many places: our three nervous systems, our three brains (intellect, heart, and body), in how we create children (man, woman, and sex), etc.

At the heart of the wheel of samsara are three factors: craving, aversion, and ignorance. These three factors create our suffering. To conquer suffering, those three factors must be transformed consciously into three factors that liberate us from the wheel:

  • Death: the elimination of the psychological generators of harmful action; i.e.: free the trapped consciousness
  • Birth: the empowerment of beneficial action; i.e.. awaken and develop the free consciousness
  • Sacrifice: action to help others become free of suffering; i.e.. put the consciousness to work for the benefit of humanity

These three factors are engaged through awakening and developing the consciousness. When the free consciousness is awake, here and now, these three factors can be put in motion, originating an entirely new way of life.