Individual Karma

We as individuals owe for the harmful actions we have performed in the past. We suffer in many different ways in accordance with our own wrong actions.

Most of the suffering in our life is due to harmful actions we performed in the past. By learning to stop our bad habits and automatic reactions, we can reduce and eventually end altogether the continuation of these sufferings.

Marriages, jobs, family situations, problems with money, health, children, etc. are generally due to our individual karma.

“The worst genres of sicknesses are those which are engendered by karma. Variola is the result of hatred, diphtheria is the fruit of fornication from past lives. Cancer is also the result of fornication.

“Tuberculosis or white pestilence is the result of atheism and materialism from past lives. Cruelty engenders blindness at birth. Rachitis is the child of materialism. Malaria comes from egotism, etc. Hundreds of other sicknesses have their origin in the evil actions from our past lives.” —Samael Aun Weor, Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic

Individuals who are enjoying their last opportunity in a physical body, and previously did a lot of good deeds but did not awaken consciousness, are paid what they are owed in full. Such persons are often wealthy, loved, and surrounded by everything one could want in life, but have little or no spiritual values. When the compensation for their good deeds has been fully paid, they die, and nature recycles them.

Tthrough training, we can abandon the illusions that cause us to suffer, and instead get to know the source of true happiness and fulfillment.

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