Everything is Karmic

Karma, cause and effect, is universal and all-penetrating. Like contemplating infinity, the true meaning of the law of karma is elusive to the mind. The true activity of this law, the reality of this law, is something that our tiny mind cannot comprehend; yet, even though the mind cannot comprehend this, our consciousness can understand it, intuitively.

The law of karma is real; it is the very fabric of the entire existence around you and within you. You yourself are a result of karma, and everything you think, feel, and do creates a result, which, as we know, is the very definition of karma.

You may think you can understand this. You may think, “Yes, I understand that karma is the law of cause and effect and that if I do something bad then something bad will happen to me.” Yes, that is true. If you hurt someone, then you will hurt. It is the function of the law to balance all action. The law of karma is the law of the scale. This law is present in everything; for everything we do there is a reaction, a response. Indeed, perhaps some of us DO get this, and we try to behave well, but the true depth of this law, the profound reach of this law, is something that none of us truly understand, because if we did, we would not live the way we do.

How different would our lives be if we really understood that everything we think creates karma? Every single thought that enters into our mind, that processes in our mind has a profound effect... So do our feelings, intentions, fantasies, as well as our physical actions. If we truly understood that our thoughts and feelings affect others and ourselves—usually with harm—we would make the sincere effort to instead generate beneficial thoughts and feelings.

Each and every thought we have engenders a consequence. Our thinking is creating something. Our out-of-control mind, that runs and thinks and considers and imagines without control and without awareness is generating a constant stream of energy that will inevitably have some effect. Moreover, according to the laws of nature, that effect will be greater than the cause.

Our every use of energy, on every level of our psyche, has an effect much greater than the action that produced it. However, at the moment, we do not see the effect. We are in a state of ignorance. That is, we are asleep.

“Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the [spiritually] dead, and Christ shall give thee light [in your consciousness] .” —Ephesians 5:14

Tthrough training, we can abandon the illusions that cause us to suffer, and instead get to know the source of true happiness and fulfillment.

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