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Those who have their consciousness asleep are subject to the law of accidents. Those who have their consciousness asleep are blind. The blind crash into each other, and accidents result.

A sleeping consciousness daydreams, thinks, imagines, fantasizes, and in general is rarely here and now.

Modern life is characterized by an extreme state of distraction. Drivers of cars are driving, eating, talking, and thinking of something else, all at the same time. This is why those drivers have accidents: they are not paying attention to what they are doing. They are asleep.

If you are not paying attention to the present moment, but are absorbed in thinking about something and you step out in front of a car, and the driver of the car is daydreaming, he will hit and kill you; that is caused by the law of accidents. You were both asleep, and suffering is the result.

A large percentage of our lives is moved about by the law of accidents. We are like a log drifting on a sea of cause and effect, tossed from here to there. Asleep, we have no ability to direct ourselves through life, and so everything just happens to us.

This is not the cruelty of God or the absence of God’s presence: it is our rejection of his ability to help us, because without the presence of the consciousness, God cannot be present in us. Therefore, we need to learn how to be conscious, to remember Him, so he can help us escape the painful surging of the sea of life.

By being present, here and now, continually, we become attentive to what is happening, and can act accordingly. This is how we reduce the occurrence of accidents in our life.