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Karma is the Way to Liberation

If someone thinks well of you, this creates an impact on you. The thoughts and feelings of that person have consequences.

If someone screams in anger at you, it will have an undeniable effect on you. Even if someone feels anger toward you, you will sense it. Even if someone thinks angry thoughts about you, it will affect you.

Each stage—from intention, to feeling, to action—affects the angry one as well as the object of the anger. Anger is a handleless sword; it cuts the one who holds it. This is so because everything we feel, think, and do is energy.

Consider this: it is known in contemporary science that everything we see is an illusion. Mass is not really solid, nor is it lasting. All mass becomes energy and all energy becomes mass. This is something that was understood long before our scientists “discovered” it, of course, but even now it is something that none of us can really grasp.

At the bottom is this fact: everything in the universe is energy. Energy is manifest as vibration, and is characterized by constant transformation and change. Nothing is still or stagnant: everything is moving and changing.

We ourselves are undergoing constant transformation, though we are ignorant of it. Our bodies change dramatically every day, but we do not have the capacity to observe it.

Our bodies, our minds, our feelings, our thoughts, our dreams, our desires, our intentions, our wishes, everything is energy. A thought is energy. A feeling of love is an energy.

Wherever we are at this moment, there is a tremendous exchange of energy happening moment to moment. There are powerful atomic processes happening all the time, but we do not have the capacity to observe it.

As someone speaks to you they are sending energy to you. As you receive it there is a transformation that occurs in your psyche, in your mind, and hopefully, if you are present and aware and not daydreaming, there is a transformation in your consciousness.

Likewise, as you think and feel there are energies that are being processed: all of this exchange of energy is a process of creation and destruction.

In all transformation, there is birth and there is death.

When you think, something is created.

When you feel, something is created.

Karma is not limited to mere physical action. It concerns the entirety of life, from the first moment to the last. Every moment is a moment in which something is created. In every moment, something is destroyed.

When you eat, you destroy mineral, plant, and animal life. When you eat, you create life: your own, and all those you support in turn. Therefore, even eating is karma: cause and effect, in which death and life are balanced.

The law of karma is the law of the balance. Science calls this Invariance. That is all karma is: the natural function of nature to balance energy. Karma is not a law of punishment or vengeance, nor is it merciless. In fact, as you will see later in the book, the existence of karma is a sign of the compassion of the Divine.

Just as your actions have created effects, so too then you can act in different ways, to create different effects, and cancel your debts. You can work with the law, to be in accordance with the law, in harmony.

The lion of the law is combated with the scale. If you want to conquer the suffering in your life, you need to tip the scale in your favor.