Forgiveness and Redemption

Karma is medicine that is applied to us for our own good. If there were no karma, everything would be much worse than it is now. But because there are consequences for our actions, we are kept in check, and we are forced to learn. We learn by suffering the consequences of harmful action, and being rewarded for our beneficial actions.

Nonetheless, karma can also be forgiven. Just as we can forgive others for their debts, so too can the divine forgive us ours. Forgiveness is a jewel in the crown of consciousness.

Karma is not a blind, merciless law. If it were, God would not be merciful. But God is merciful. God is love, and, in fact, love is the law.

Karma can seem harsh, bitter, even cruel, but that is what we need in order to see the truth in ourselves. The medicine for the soul does not taste like sugar. Yet, it is still given from love.

When repentance is absolute, punishment is unnecessary. When we fully comprehend the suffering caused by harmful actions, renunciation of those actions is effortless. Then, we can dissolve the psychological source of those impulses to harmful action. If the source of harm no longer exists in us, punishment is not needed. The one who has no anger cannot become angry, thus there is no need to punish the person for their anger.

Forgiveness is given when we are no longer capable of committing the crime. To be forgiven, we must cleanse ourselves of the elements that want to perform harmful actions. Yet, if we still are interested in committing the crime, we do not deserve forgiveness.

Tthrough training, we can abandon the illusions that cause us to suffer, and instead get to know the source of true happiness and fulfillment.

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