The Ninth Sphere

The Earth is a wonderful organism filled with an intense cosmic vitality. Formidable rocks (inhabited by joyful gnomes), earth, and sand are on the surface of the Earth. The interior of the planetary organism is unknown to official science; indeed, scientists know very little about the interior of our world. It is stated that the temperature of its interior increases progressively in accordance with the increasing depth, in proportion to 12°C. 


The earthquake-produced waves in the interior of the planetary organism behave as if they were entering a liquid element, but when the spreading waves approach the surface, they behave as if they were crossing a solid. 

The surface layer of the Earth seems to be a crust fifty to sixty kilometers deep. Upon this wonderful crust are found minerals, grounds, sand, and water. Beneath this formidable crust—upon which the entire history of humanity has developed—there is another layer, 3,500 meters thick, composed of magnesium, oxygen, and silicon combined as another form of solid rock. 

So far, the scientists know nothing about the Earth’s nucleus. They only theorize that its density and temperature are very high, and that it measures approximately 6,500 kilometers in diameter. 

From the esoteric point of view, the Earth has nine layers, and the symbol of the infinite is found in the ninth. It is necessary to know that the sacred symbol of the infinite is found in the core of the Earth, in its living nucleus, and has the shape of an eight, tipped-over horizontally. 


The brain, heart, and sex of the Genie of the Earth are symbolically placed in the Holy Eight, in the symbol of the infinite. The two opposed circles of the Holy Eight represent the brain and sex. The center of the Holy Eight is the symbolic seat of the heart. Terrible is the fight of brain against sex, sex against brain, and what is even more terrible and most bitter is the fight of heart against heart. 

All organized beings that live on the surface of the Earth are structured in accordance with this symbol. 

There is a central atom in the center of the Holy Eight, while the twelve spheres of cosmic vibration gravitate around it. Amidst these twelve spheres a Solar Humanity must be developed. The fetus remains nine months within the maternal womb; similarly, nine ages are necessary for a planetary humanity to be born. 

The ninth sphere is sex. The fire and the water are found in the ninth sphere, the origin of worlds, beasts, humans, and Gods. Every authentic white initiation begins there. The flaming forge of Vulcan is found in the ninth sphere, Mars descends there in order to re-temper his sword and to conquer the heart of Venus, Hermes in order to clean the Augean stables, and Perseus in order to sever the head of Medusa with his flaming sword. Since ancient times, the descent into the ninth sphere was the greatest ordeal of the supreme dignity of the Hierophant, Buddha, Hermes, Jesus, Krishna, Dante, Zarathustra, Quetzalcoatl, Mohammed, Moses, etc. 


The symbol of the infinite is an esoteric symbol that can only be known through esotericism. Great initiates state that this symbol is elaborated in pure gold, and it is found exactly in center of the Earth, in the Ninth Sphere. Indeed, the utmost splendors and the thickest darkness are within the living Earth. 

We must comprehend the three aspects of the interior of the Earth: 

  • First aspect: minerals, water, fire, etc. 
  • Second aspect: ultraviolet esoteric zone 
  • Third aspect: tenebrous infrared zone 

The subterranean layers of the Earth represent the kingdom of minerals (the Lithosphere) and the kingdom of metals (the Barysphere), that surround a heart of an incredible density and inertia. 

Regarding superior dimensions of space, within the planetary organism there are nine superior concentric spheres, like sublime ineffable regions populated by elemental creatures, Masters, Devas, etc.

Regarding inferior, submerged, infrared dimensions of space, there are infernal worlds of an increasing density, like concentric spheres, which lead according to Dante’s own words: 

“...toward the middle, at whose point unites all heavy substance… That point to which, from every part, is dragged all heavy substance.” 

This is the center of the heart of the Earth, where is found the maximum density and gravity, the fundamental seat of Satan, the infernos. 

Where the light shines more clearly, darkness is more intense. That is the law of the analogies of the contraries. 

In the center of the heart of the Earth are the chair of Satan and the temple of the Genie of the Earth, the symbol of the infinite, and the angels and demons in an eternal battle. 

The nucleus of the Earth has three aspects. 

  • First: physical aspect 
  • Second: ultraviolet regions 
  • Third: infrared regions 

The Ninth Sphere (sex) in center of the Earth and in humans is the battlefield between the powers of the light and the powers of darkness. The secret key that allows us to enter into the ninth sphere is the Arcanum A.Z.F., the Sahaja Maithuna. 

Let us remember that the symbol of Shiva, the Third Logos, is always the black lingam inserted into the yoni. What is important is to not ejaculate Ens Seminis during the sexual trance, because the entire Ens Virtutis of the fire is found within the Ens Seminis. The Arcanum A.Z.F. is the key that allows us to open the ninth door.


Spiritual awakening is managed by laws in nature. On every level of existence, there are basic facts that manage creation, development, decay, and death. Our consciousness or soul is no exception to these facts, and by knowing about them, we can achieve our complete development as a human being.

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