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Attraction of the Opposites

The sexual energy of the Third Logos splendidly harmonizes all the functions of the human organism.

The sexual energy is not only perfect, but moreover, it wills for perfection in all existing things.

The sexual energy produces accordance and concordance among each and every one of the specific functions of the human organism.

The sexual energy works in the wonderful laboratory of the human organism, in order to give it higher potentiality and harmony.

The creative energy of the Third Logos always tries to complete in a perfect way each of the marvelous physiological, psychosomatic, and spiritual functions of the human being.

The creative energy of the Third Logos expands, corrects deficiencies, and performs a complete work.

If we consider a man as half a being and woman as the other half of that Being, we then arrive by logical deduction to the amorous attraction of the opposites.

Thirsty for love, souls always wander in search of their other half, their twin soul, from which they have been separated since the dawn of creation.

On the path of life we always need another being who can fill us, who can supply with complete exactitude that which we lack, not only in the physiological aspect, but also in the psychosomatic and spiritual aspects.

Each of our physical and psychic functions needs a very human supplement; this is a natural necessity in every living being.

The mutual combination of elements of nature, the chemical weddings, the sexual combination of opposed elements in order to achieve a perfect whole, constitutes the living foundation of everything that is, of everything that has been, and of everything that will be.

It is demonstrated that the chemical elements are attracted and amorously combined in accordance with the complementary number of electrons.

Every scientist of chemistry knows by means of observation and experience that once the perfect sheath is settled by a number of electrons, sodium with a leftover electron is sexually united to chlorine, which lacks an electron. What is astounding about this, what is marvelous, is that the sodium with an extra electron can never in life be combined with other alkalis that are composed in an analogous manner.

In the depths of these wonders, these prodigies of love, we find the marriage of elements and the fundamental stone upon which all chemistry rests.

Without any exaggeration we can affirm that this same principle of sexual attraction of the opposites is always applicable, without any exception, to the attraction and marriage of men and women.

Each organic and psychic function always wants to complement itself, thus the sense of indifference, attraction, or repulsion between man and woman is the exact outcome of an extraordinarily fast, subtle calculation, performed silently.

The sexual sense is more rapid than thought. It makes astonishing calculations. It knows with mathematical precision if a person of the opposite sex before us has all the necessary reciprocal factors to complement us.

Within the human organism, the different glands and their dependent and functional systems act in pairs, some controlling masculine aspects, others controlling the feminine functions. There is a wonderful interchange of chemical substances between the masculine and feminine glands.

The double masculine-feminine aspect of the pituitary gland is astonishing. Any scientist knows very well that the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is masculine and that the posterior is feminine.

The masculine and feminine glands harmoniously coordinate all the biological functions within the human organism.

Venus and Mars control the pituitary and pineal glands. Whilst in the pituitary gland Venus wants to sleep, in the pineal gland Mars wants to continue fighting.

The same fight between Venus and Mars is repeated in the neck. Venus controls the thyroid and Mars the parathyroid.

The cortex and the medulla of the suprarenal glands always represent masculine and feminine counterparts that lead us to fight or to evasion.

The union of these sexual masculine-feminine elements in each one of the glands of the human organism is wisely symbolized in the images of Tibetan Tantra, where each God is accompanied by a Goddess or feminine Shakti.

Terrible are the tragedies in the world. From fourteen years of age, each man and woman begin searching for their sexual complement. Any particular man can find in some woman his complement for a certain specific function, yet it may be that only with another woman he finds the complement for his fundamental center of gravity. The woman is no exception in this. Now we can better explain to ourselves the tragic, sexual cause of the infamous love triangles that always end in divorce or gunshots. These fatal love triangles cease to exist only with virtue, only by fulfilling the Christian commandment that you shall not commit adultery.

What is ideal in these matters of love is to find the other half, the other half-orange, the twin soul.

Only the total and perfect complement can give us inexhaustible happiness; unfortunately this is too much to ask, since we do not deserve that much, given that all of us are full of karmic debts.

In the field of conjugal life, we have been able to verify that sometimes the man leads and other times the woman. In every home there is one who leads and another who is led. Do not confuse this with commanding and to be commanded.

Astrologically speaking, we will say that Venus must lead the Moon, Mercury must lead Venus, Saturn must lead Mercury, Mars must lead Saturn, Jupiter must lead Mars, and the Moon must lead Jupiter. It is clear that for this, it is necessary to know which star guides our life.

These wise astrological combinations, as we give them here, signify mutual attraction and a perfect sexual complement. Any other sexual unions outside of this order are absurd and even illegitimate, because they violate the sexual nature of those involved, leaving in them deep psychic wounds, very difficult to heal.

The Mercurial man who adores a beautiful Venusian woman because of the love and sweetness that she radiates, can remove her from her romantic laziness and give unto her the Mercurial lightness that she needs.

The Jupiterian woman madly in love with a Martian man can extinguish his violence by conducting his energy in an edifying manner.

The attraction of the opposites has its origin in a divine, ineffable cosmic model.

The Lunar type always tends to move towards the Venusian, the Venusian type moves towards the Mercurial, the Mercurial type moves towards the Saturnian, the Saturnian type moves towards the Martian, the Martian type moves towards the Jupiterian, and the Jupiterian type turns around and goes towards the Lunar.

Upon this marvelous base of cosmic combinations, the human types can be combined in order to establish perfect marriages upon the face of the Earth.

The Gnostic couples working intensely in the flaming forge of Vulcan, within the Ninth Sphere (sex), can by means of the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) gain what the enemies of sex cannot gain, even if they declare themselves vegetarian and torture themselves during their whole life by living a hermits life.

The great force that can liberate or enslave the human being is in sex.