The Lunar Bodies

All the very esoteric and very occult schools base their studies on the following Theosophical Septenary:

Theosophical Septenary

  1. Atman (the Innermost)
  2. Buddhi (the Spiritual Soul)
  3. Superior Manas (the Human Soul)
  4. Inferior Manas (Mental Body)
  5. Kama Rupa (Body of Desires or Astral)
  6. Linga Sarira (Vital Body)
  7. Sthula Sarira (Physical Body)

Atman is the Lord, the Innermost. Buddhi is the Spiritual Soul. Superior Manas is the Human Soul.

The Innermost, the Lord, has two souls .The first is the Spiritual Soul (Buddhi). The second is the Human Soul (Superior Manas, causal principle).

The two souls must work under the direction of the Lord, yet this is only possible in Masters. While the Human Soul works, the Spiritual Soul plays.

The Spiritual Soul is feminine, and the Human Soul is masculine. In the Masters, the Spiritual Soul is usually pregnant with fruits that, when they are born, must be elaborated by the Human Soul.

People feel very proud with their mental body, because with it we reason, discuss, project, etc., however this mental body is one hundred percent lunar; all animals have it in a residual state.

People live in the world of animal passions and enjoy their passional desires, because the emotional vehicle that we possess is only an animal lunar body with beastly desires.

The vital body is the tetradimensional body, the Linga Sarira of Hindustanis, the living foundation of all the physical, chemical, caloric, perceptive activities, etc. Indeed, the vital body is only the superior section of the physical body, the tetradimensional part of the physical body.

Many clairvoyants usually see a sweet creature of a blue electrical color, very beautiful, within the mental and desire vehicles that is easily confused with the Human Soul or Body of the Conscious Will (Causal Body).

In fact, the intellectual animal still does not have a Causal Body. The beautiful blue creature that clairvoyants see within the lunar vehicles is what in Zen Buddhism is called Buddhata, the essence, a fraction of the sacred Human Soul within us.

No intellectual animal has a Causal Body. No intellectual animal has incarnated the immortal Triad. If someone were to incarnate his divine immortal Triad, he would immediately stop being an intellectual animal and become a Human Being.

Only by fabricating the Solar Bodies can we give ourselves the luxury of incarnating the divine immortal Triad Atman-Buddhi-Manas.

If we want to ascend, we must first descend. We can fabricate the Solar Bodies only by descending into the Ninth Sphere, in order to incarnate the immortal Triad and become Human Beings.

At the present time, we are only intellectual animals. The unique thing that adorns us is the intellect, thus if the intellect were to be taken from us, we would become very useless animals, worse than orangutans and gorillas, stupid, defenseless, beastly creatures.

Zen Buddhism considers the lunar bodies as mental forms that we must dissolve, reduce to dust.

The lunar bodies are common property of all beasts, including the intellectual beast mistakenly called a human being.

We can give ourselves the luxury of incarnating the immortal Triad in order to become true Human Beings only by fabricating the Solar Bodies.

The Solar Bodies are the outcome of a conscious work done on oneself.

Only by descending into the Ninth Sphere can we fabricate the Solar Bodies and incarnate the immortal Triad, in order to be born in the superior worlds as new Masters of the Mahamanvantara.

During the dream hours and after death, the intellectual animal lives with lunar bodies within the supersensible worlds. These bodies are cold and ghostly.

The Solar Bodies are radiating, sublime, living flames. Remember that Angels, Archangels, Masters, etc., use Solar Bodies.

The authentic Astral Solar Body is a vehicle of flesh and bone, but flesh that does not come from Adam, a body of incalculable beauty and supreme happiness.

The legitimate Mental Solar Body is a paradisiacal body, a body of flesh and bone, but flesh that does not come from Adam, a body of a feminine, receptive nature.

The true Mental Solar Body is beyond reasoning; it is a vehicle of comprehension.

Those who possess the true Mental Body do not need to accept or to reject, they comprehend, and that is all.

The authentic Mental Solar Body has three hundred thousand clans or magnetic centers, and each clan must vibrate to the same tone without any effort.

The Mental Solar Body with its three hundred thousand clans is formidable, wonderful.

The adept who possess a totally developed Mental Solar vehicle, receives and comprehends the truth from moment to moment, without the tremendous battle of thought.

The legitimate Body of Conscious Will allows the adept to have conscious immortality.

The legitimate Body of Conscious Will allows the adept to perform actions born from conscious will; it allows the adept to determine circumstances.

Any Master who has been born within the superior worlds must eliminate the lunar bodies; these substitute our animal remnants that come from ancient times.

Common and ordinary disincarnate souls dressed with their lunar bodies seem cold, ghostly, unconscious somnambulists, living in the past.

The intellectual animal is one hundred percent lunar, and indeed, he is not a true human being.

Only by fabricating the Solar Bodies do we become true human beings.

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Spiritual awakening is managed by laws in nature. On every level of existence, there are basic facts that manage creation, development, decay, and death. Our consciousness or soul is no exception to these facts, and by knowing about them, we can achieve our complete development as a human being.

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