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The Sexual Hydrogen Ti-12

It is urgent to know that there are twelve fundamental basic hydrogens in the universe. The twelve basic hydrogens are arranged in tiers in accordance with the twelve categories of matter.

The twelve categories of matter exist in all creation; let us remember the twelve salts of the zodiac, the twelve spheres of cosmic vibration within which a solar humanity must be developed.

All the secondary hydrogens, whose varied densities go from 6 to 12283, are derived from the twelve basic hydrogens.

In Gnosticism, the term hydrogen has a very extensive significance. Indeed, any simple element is hydrogen of a certain density. Hydrogen 384 is found in water, 192 in the air, while 96 is wisely deposited in the animal magnetism, emanations of the human body, X-rays, hormones, vitamins, etc.

By now, the brothers and sisters of the Gnostic movement are very acquainted with hydrogens 48, 24, 12, and 6, given that we have studied them in our previous Christmas messages. Hydrogen 48 corresponds to chlorine (CI), atomic weight 35.5. Hydrogen 24 corresponds to fluorine (F), atomic weight 19. Hydrogen 12 corresponds to hydrogen of chemistry (H), atomic weight 1.

Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen have the atomic weights of 12, 14, and 16. Hydrogen 96 corresponds to bromine (Br), atomic weight 80. Hydrogen 192 corresponds to iodine, atomic weight 127.

This most interesting subject-matter about hydrogens belongs to the branch of occult chemistry or Gnostic chemistry, and since it is quite difficult, for the good of our students we prefer to study it little by little in each one of our Christmas messages.

Let us now study the famous sexual hydrogen TI-12, the marvelous creative hydrogen that is wisely elaborated in the factory of the human organism.

Within the human organism, the passive food on the plate passes through many transformations, refinements and subtle changes, that are processed within the musical scale DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, TI.

The transformation of the passive food of the plate begins with the note DO, the resulting chyme of the first stage of transformation follows with note RE, the very refined food that osmotically passes into the sanguineous fluid continues with the note MI, and so on, successively, other processes follow, until the best element of the entire organism becomes elaborated: that is, the wonderful elixir, the seminal liquor, with its hydrogen 12 in the note TI.

The sexual hydrogen TI-12 is found in the semen; that hydrogen is the creative power of the Third Logos.

The first musical octave, DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-TI, corresponds exactly to the manufacture of the sexual hydrogen TI-12 within the human organism.

A very special shock by means of Maithuna (Sexual Magic) allows the sexual hydrogen SI-12 to pass to a second musical octave, DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI, whose outcome becomes the crystallization of the sexual hydrogen TI-12 into the extraordinary form of the Astral Body. This is what is called “to transmute lead into gold.” It is urgent to transmute the flesh and the blood in the Astral Body.

A second shock by means of Maithuna (Sexual Magic) allows the sexual hydrogen TI-12 to pass to a third musical octave DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-TI, whose outcome becomes the crystallization of the sexual hydrogen TI-12 in the extraordinary form of the Mental Body (paradisiacal body).

A third shock by means of Maithuna (Sexual Magic) allows the hydrogen TI-12 to pass to a fourth musical octave DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-TI, whose outcome is the crystallization of the sexual hydrogen TI-12 in the magnificent form of the Body of the Conscious Will or Causal Body.

The sexual hydrogen TI-12 is seed or fruit, and what is astounding is that it always crystallizes in organisms of flesh and bone. Let us remember that the physical body is the outcome of the sexual hydrogen TI-12. The Astral Body also becomes the outcome of it, but through the special act Maithuna (union of the phallus and the uterus without spilling the semen). Thus the Astral Body is also a body of flesh and bone, a flesh that does not come from Adam, but a flesh-product of the sexual hydrogen TI-12.

The true Mental Body is also the product of Maithuna (Sexual Magic) and of the sexual hydrogen TI-12. This is a paradisiacal body, a body of perfection, a body of flesh and bone, but flesh that does not come from Adam.

The Body of Conscious Will, also called Causal Body, is also the outcome of the sexual act Maithuna without spilling the semen. The Body of Conscious Will or Causal Body is the outcome of the crystallization of the sexual hydrogen TI-12.

The authentic astral body, the true mental body, and the legitimate causal body constitute the Solar Bodies, the Existential Superior Bodies of the Being.

Whosoever builds in the Ninth Sphere the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being, the Solar Bodies, can and have all the right to incarnate their Real Being, their immortal triune spirit, Atman-Buddhi-Manas—or Divine Spirit, Spirit of Life, and Human Spirit (Innermost, Spiritual Soul, and Human Soul).

Then, when arriving at these initiatic heights, it is stated that a new human being has been born, the Son of Man, a new Master of the Day, a Master of the Mahamanvantara.

The physical body is sustained with the hydrogen 48, the surplus of this hydrogen becomes hydrogen 24, with which the Astral Body is fed. The surplus of hydrogen 24 becomes hydrogen 12 (do not confuse with the sexual hydrogen TI-12). The hydrogen 12 feeds the Mental Body. The surplus of hydrogen 12 becomes hydrogen 6, with which the Body of Conscious Will or authentic Causal Body is fed.

The creation of the Solar Bodies is a subject-matter related to Maithuna, Sexual Magic, without spilling the semen, and it is performed in the flaming forge of Vulcan, in the Ninth Sphere (sex).

This is a work bitterer than bile; daily sexual connection of the same man with the same woman, over twenty or thirty years, without ever spilling even a single drop of semen, without allowing the semen to leave our organism.

The Twice-born, the one who is born within the superior worlds as a Master of the Mahamanvantara, the one who leaves the Ninth Sphere for the fact of having completed its work, never ever can return to the Ninth Sphere again, because this would be a crime, similar to the child who, after been born, wanted to enter again within the womb of his mother.

Any Twice-born is a child of the Mother Kundalini, and if he wants to progress he must love his Divine Mother; he must never forget his Mother.

To the Twice-born, the sexual act remains forbidden for all eternity, thus he must attain absolute chastity in all the territories of the mind.

Spiritual awakening is managed by laws in nature. On every level of existence, there are basic facts that manage creation, development, decay, and death. Our consciousness or soul is no exception to these facts, and by knowing about them, we can achieve our complete development as a human being.

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