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When addressing Eastern occultism on the subject of Tantric esotericism, we affirm that there is much material to investigate, to study, to analyze.

Throughout the entire continent of Asia there are multitudes of schools that agree with the virtue of chastity and the non-ejaculation of the seminal fluid; some are partisans of the system of celibacy or brahmacharya, others practice Maithuna or moderate sexual connection and without attachment, but unfortunately with orgasm and the ejaculation of the precious seminal fluid.

The legitimate White Tantric schools of India, China, Tibet, Japan, etc., teach the Sahaja Maithuna (Sexual Magic) without the spilling of the seminal fluid.

In certain very incomplete Tantric schools of India, the Sahaja Maithuna (Sexual Magic) is performed only once in a lifetime, under the direction of a guru, who supervises the awakening of the sacred fire and who with magnetic passes and laying of hands intelligently guides its ascension through the medullar canal.

We are informed that before performing this work of sex yoga, the male sadhaka as much as the female sadhaka pass through an intensive preparation in the techniques of Hatha Yoga, Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, etc. These Tantric yogis consider Hatha and Raja Yoga to be intimately related, forming a total whole. All these practices lead yogi and yogini towards Maithuna (Sexual Magic).

In this act, according to the instructions we have received, they apply the Khechari and Vajroli Mudras, and after having initiated the dance of Shiva and Shakti, touching each others backs, sit to meditate—the yogi rests his spine against the yogini’s spine—in order to gain complete mental, respiratory, and emotional control. Thereafter, they connect sexually, either in Siddhasana or Vajrasana [postures]. Sometimes, the yogini is lifted into the air by vestals so that the yogi can connect with her in Urdhva padmasana in order to facilitate the Oordhavareta. Then they both absorb the Shakti (sexual energy) of their own semen [sexual forces], which then raises to Shiva in the brain.

All of this information—sourced from Hindustan—states that after attaining the immobility of manas, prana, and apana, the yogi and yogini attain the semenation of their brain, thus definitely raising their Kundalini. This Hindu practice, however, is only for the Yogavatars.

The Kama Kalpa of India teaches all of the asanas (sacred postures) for Maithuna; however, it is obvious that many of these postures are inappropriate for Westerners, and others are too shocking.

Normally, the Hindustani yogi sits in the Buddha’s style (with his legs crossed in Padmasana), then the yogini sits on his lap and skillfully wraps her legs around his trunk. This is how yogi and yogini connect sexually, and withdraw from their sexual connection before orgasm in order to avoid seminal ejaculation.

During the Middle Ages, many Gnostics practiced the Maithuna with Vestal Virgins, calling this marvelous practice Virgine Subintroductis (Sexual Magic). The Virgine Subintroductis with Vestal Virgins was formidable. It was practiced in the form of Karezza, so that the vestals retained their virginity. In this excellent practice, the man and the priestess lay on their sides, making sexual contact. The man introduced his phallus gradually, with extreme caution, between the vaginal labia and the hymen. With time the hymen became elastic, thus enabling deeper penetrations each time. Thus, this is how vestals never lost their virginity; they remained virgins for their entire life. The man attained realization raising Kundalini through the spinal canal with a virgin vestal.

By means of Maithuna, man and woman assimilate each other, thus reaching the hermaphroditic, divine state of the Elohim, the Teleios Antrophos.

The best asana (sacred posture) for Maithuna is breast to breast, face to face, solar plexus to solar plexus, in order to form a perfect androgyny, with man and woman withdrawing from the sexual act before orgasm and seminal ejaculation.

Pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult reactionaries suppose that they can awaken Kundalini by means of brahmacharya or forced celibacy. All initiates of authentic schools of mysteries know through direct experience that without Tantric practices it is impossible to achieve the awakening and development of the seven grades of the power of fire.

There are two types of brahmacharya (sexual abstention):

  1. Solar brahmacharya
  2. Lunar brahmacharya

Solar brahmacharya is obligatory for all those who have already been born in the superior worlds with solar bodies—that is, for those who have left the Ninth Sphere.

Lunar brahmacharya is practiced by many sincere but mistaken people, by many ignoramuses who have never worked in the Ninth Sphere, who have not built the solar bodies, who are without inner Self-realization. The practice of lunar brahmacharya—in other words, the sexual abstention of those who have not built the solar bodies—is harmful because they become charged with frightfully malignant and terrible vibrations.

Let us understand that these frightfully malignant and terrible vibrations are the poisoninoskirian vibrations or lunar, centrifugal sexual forces. These types of tenebrous vibrations generally awaken the Kundabuffer organ.

It is commendable to know that when the serpent (lunar, centrifugal sexual forces) precipitates from the coccyx downward, it is transformed into the tail of Satan, the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Lunar brahmacharya, with its terrible and malignant poisoninoskirian vibrations originates bigotry and expert cynicism of the highest degree.

Degenerate infrasexuals hate and condemn Gnostics because we teach the mysteries of sex; however, they are never scandalized by their own lasciviousness, adultery, fornication, etc.

Whosoever wants to attain the realization of their Being without Maithuna (Sexual Magic) is a definite candidate for the infernal worlds of the submerged mineral kingdom.

There are three types of Tantra:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey

In White Tantra, ejaculation of the semen is prohibited.

In Black Tantra, ejaculation of the semen is obligatory.

In Grey Tantra, ejaculation of the semen is not considered important, yet in the long run, Grey Tantra is transformed into Black Tantra.

In White Tantra, the serpent ascends along the length of the medulla of the spinal cord.

In Black Tantra, the serpent descends, projecting itself down from the coccyx towards the atomic infernos of the human being, thus becoming Satan’s tail.

Kundalini has seven degrees of the power of the fire. Only by practicing Maithuna daily over a period of twenty or thirty years can a person achieve the total development of Kundalini.

The falling serpent, the Kundabuffer organ, develops the inferior chakras of the lower abdomen and transforms the human being into a terribly perverse and malignant beast.

The serpent, ascending through the medullar canal of the dorsal spine, develops all the divine powers of the human being. Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, is Isis, Adonia, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, Mary, etc.

The solar bodies are gestated within the womb of Devi Kundalini, the Divine Mother. When the initiates are born from the womb of the Divine Mother in the superior worlds, when they leave the Ninth Sphere (sex), it is forbidden for them to ever return into the Ninth Sphere (sex) again.

The Twice-born enter a secret temple, and if they were to have sex again, they would fall, losing all their powers.

Every initiate who reaches the Second Birth—about which Jesus spoke to Nicodemus—faces the problem of disintegrating the ego or pluralized “I” and the elimination of the lunar bodies. If the initiate does not accomplish the elimination of the pluralized “I” and the lunar bodies, he is transformed into a Hasnamuss with a double center of gravity.

The secret master (dressed in his solar bodies) and the pluralized “I” (dressed in lunar bodies) constitute a double personality, a very serious problem that needs to be resolved. Every Hasnamuss has two inner personalities: one is solar and the other is lunar. Thus, if newborn Masters do not want to become Hasnamussen, they must eliminate their inner lunar personality.

Amongst the most remarkable Hasnamussen, we have the case of Andrameleck. There is Andrameleck the white magician, and Andrameleck the terrible and frightful black magician. Although they are quite distinct and different, they constitute one individual. It is clear that the tenebrous Andrameleck will have to devolve within the submerged mineral kingdom until becoming dust. Only in that manner can the Essence, the Buddhata, the soul, be liberated in order to return to the white Andrameleck, the secret master.

The newborn master with solar bodies must love, adore, worship his Mother Kundalini. Only She can help him eliminate the various entities that in their conjunction constitute the pluralized “I.”

In the internal worlds every newborn master is subjected to many esoteric tests. These kinds of tests allow the newborn master to know in depth all the subconscious, submerged entities, which come from a remote past, and which constitute his pluralized “I.” Yet, only the Divine Mother can eliminate from the lunar bodies those tenebrous entities, which personify our secret defects and which come from a remote past. For that the initiate must comprehend in depth, in all the levels of the mind, every defect.

Thus, it is necessary to know that the mind cannot reduce any defect to cosmic dust. The only thing that the mind can do is to control the defects, to hide them from itself, to pass them from one level into another, etc. The changes attained by the mind are very superficial; they are useless. We need radical and profound changes; and these are possible only with the help of our Mother Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

Within the different unconscious and infra-conscious, etc. levels of the initiate’s own mind, he has entities that perform actions totally opposite to the actions that he is accustomed to do. These strange, submerged entities, located within his lunar bodies, are frightful fornicators, adulterous, criminal, and perverse. They are not, however, imprisoned inside his lunar bodies, since they can leave or enter his lunar bodies; they can travel and project themselves into the molecular regions of nature.

If during meditation the initiate is trying to understand, for example, the defect of lust in order to eliminate it, then during his chores in the internal worlds he can be doing the opposite, fornicating and committing adultery. These kinds of entities act in the submerged, subconscious regions in an independent manner, far from our reasoning and willpower; however, they are not foreign or strange entities, these are “myself,” “my self-willed.”

Any newborn master suffers the unspeakable because he cannot control these subconscious parts of himself, that is, these submerged, infra-conscious, unconscious, etc., entities; thus, his only remedy is to beseech, ask, and clamor for help from his Mother Kundalini, the sacred serpent.

There is a cosmic didactic in regards to this subject, which are esoteric tests. The initiate is repeatedly subjected to a certain test, thus, if he fails, then it is necessary for him to cry out, to beg for help from his Mother Kundalini, to beseech his sacred serpent to extract from him—to eliminate from his lunar bodies—the psychological “I,” or the psychological entity that personifies the defect that made him fail the test.

The initiate is submitted to many esoteric tests—some related to anger, others to greed, yet more to lust, envy, laziness, gluttony, etc., but following a particular order, a special didactic. The initiate is repeatedly placed in different circumstances, situations, and times where he does not even remotely remember his esoteric studies or the path, etc.

The work of eliminating these entities that constitute the pluralized “I” is more bitter than bile, thus in these tests, the initiate suffers the unspeakable, because in the subconscious, unconscious, and infra-conscious regions, the initiate ends up fornicating, adulterating, committing crimes, which in the physical world he would never commit, not even for the all the gold in the world.

So, only the Mother Kundalini, only the Divine Mother, can help the initiate in this work of casting submerged entities into the infernal worlds.

When the lunar bodies become emptied, when the pluralized “I” no longer inhabits them, then the initiate enters into a mystic trance; he remains in the internal worlds for three days. During these three days, his body remains comatose. When he returns to his physical body, he no longer has lunar bodies, but solar bodies. The superior adepts help him to get rid of those lunar vehicles, which gradually disintegrate in the molecular world.

The initiate, with his solar bodies, is totally self-realized; he is a Master of the Day, a Master of the Mahamanvantara, with power over life and death, and over all that is, all that has been, and all that shall be.

Whosoever has studied the history of magic knows very well what has been stated in all epochs regarding all great initiates who were dead for three days and thereafter they resurrected on the third day.

In certain secret temples, a spear was laid on the mystic’s chest, and he fell into a trance. For the resurrection, after three days, the body was positioned with the head towards the east. What the initiate learned in the internal worlds during those three days corresponds to the mysteries.