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Direct Knowledge

Whosoever studies occultism wants direct knowledge, yearns to know how they are doing, wants to know about their own inner progress.

The greatest aspiration of every student is to be able to become a conscious citizen of the Superior Worlds and study at the foot of the master.  Unfortunately, occultism is not as simple as it seems at first glance.  The internal powers of the human race are completely damaged and atrophied.  Human beings have not only lost their physical senses, but moreover, and what is worse, their internal faculties.  This has been the karmic result of our bad habits.  The student searches here and there, reads and rereads any book about occultism and magic that falls into his hands and all the poor aspirant does is fill himself with terrible doubts and intellectual confusion.  There are thousands of authors and millions of theories.  Some repeat the ideas of others; they in turn refute them, and it is all against one and one against all.  Colleagues mutually combat one another, ridiculing each other.  Some writers advise devotees to be vegetarians; others say they should not be.  Some advise them to practice breathing exercises, others say they should not practice them.  The result is horrifying for the poor seeker. Thus, the student does not know what to do.  Longing for the light, he supplicates, begs, nonetheless, nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing happens.

What to do?  

We have met highly mystical individuals, “Group Heroes,” many of them are vegetarians, abstemious, virtuous, etc.  They are usually very sincere and want the best for their followers; however, they sigh like everyone else, suffer, and weep in secrecy.  These poor people have never seen what they preach.  They do not know their Guru.  They have never had the joy of speaking with him personally.  They have never seen the planes of cosmic consciousness, the planes or Superior Worlds of which they make such pretty diagrams and such interesting descriptions.  We, the brothers and sisters of the temple, feel true pity for them and we try to help them.  That is what we attempt to do but all is useless.  They hate everything about sex, everything that seems like sex.  When we speak to them about the Perfect Matrimony, they laugh and protest angrily defending their sexual abstention.  These poor blind ones who lead the blind ones need someone to guide them.  They suffer a lot because they do not have the fortune of direct knowledge.  They suffer in silence so as not to discourage or disappoint their followers.  We, the brothers and sisters of the temple, frankly, love them and pity them.  It is necessary for them to stop theorizing.

The opium of theories is more bitter than death.  The only path for re-conquering the lost powers is Sexual Magic.  The advantage of the great Arcanum is that it regenerates the human being.  

Human beings need to regenerate themselves, and this is not a matter of authors or libraries.  We need to work with the grain, the seed.  Just as the lizard and the worm can regenerate their tails, likewise humans can also regenerate their lost powers.  These animals replace their lost tails with the sexual force they possess. Thus, with the same sexual force humans can replace, re-conquer, their internal powers.  Therefore, this is the path on which those suffering pilgrims can reach direct knowledge.  Thus, they can become true enlightened priests for their fraternal groups.  The path is Sexual Magic.

Every guide must be clairvoyant and clairaudient.  We will provide the following exercise to develop clairvoyance and the secret ear.  After having acquired these faculties it is good to remain for periods of time within the deepest forests, away from urban life.  Thus, within the peacefulness of Nature, the Gods of fire, air, water, and earth teach us ineffable things.  This is not a matter of living only in the forest.  “What does a Saint do in the forest?”  However, what we must have is a good vacation within the woods, this is all.

Perfect mental equilibrium is of vital importance for those who want spiritual progress.  Almost all the aspirants of esotericism easily lose their mental equilibrium and usually fall into the most absurd things.  Whosoever yearns for direct knowledge must ensure that their minds are in perfect equilibrium.


The great Master Huiracocha teaches a very simple practice in order to see the tattvas (the vibration of the ether).

The exercise is as follows: the devotee puts his thumbs in his ears, closes his eyes and seals them with the his index fingers, closes the nose with the middle fingers, and finally, seals the lips with the ring and little fingers.  Under these conditions the student must try to see the tattvas with the sixth sense.  This eye is found between the eyebrows.

Yogananda (who gives the same exercise as Krumm-Heller) advises to also chant the mantra Om.  Yogananda states that devotees must rest their elbows upon some cushions which should be placed on a table.  The devotee will do this practice in front of the table facing East.  Yogananda advises that the chair on which the devotee sits to do this practice should be wrapped in a wool covering.  This reminds us of Apollonius of Tyana who wrapped himself in a wool cape to isolate himself totally from perturbing currents.

Many authors give this exercise and we consider it to be very good. We believe that with this practice clairvoyance and the magic ear are developed.

Initially the devotees will see only darkness.  However, with more effort made in the practice, their clairvoyance and magic ear will develop slowly but surely.

In the beginning the devotees will hear nothing but physiological sounds, but little by little they will hear more and more delicate sounds during the practice.  Thus, this is how they will awaken their magic ear.

Instead of giving himself indigestion with so many contradictory theories, it is better that the reader practice and develop his internal faculties. The process of regeneration must proceed closely related with esoteric exercise.  Science says that an organ that we do not use becomes atrophied.  It is necessary to use the organs of clairvoyance and of the magic ear.  It is urgent that we train ourselves with these organs and regenerate them in order to attain inner Realization of the Self.

These practices are not against any religion, sect, school, or belief.  All priests, guides, instructors of all the schools and orders can do these exercises to develop their faculties.  Thus, they can guide their respective groups better.

Awakening internal faculties should run parallel with cultural, intellectual, and spiritual development.

The clairvoyant must also develop all the chakras so as not to make serious mistakes.

Most clairvoyants have made serious mistakes.  Almost all famous clairvoyants have filled the world with tears.  Almost all the great clairvoyants have slandered people.  Badly used clairvoyance has led to divorces, assassinations, adultery, robbery, etc.

The clairvoyant needs logical thought and exact concepts.  The clairvoyant must have perfect mental equilibrium.  The clairvoyant must be powerfully analytical.  The clairvoyant must be mathematical in investigation and demanding in expression.

Clairvoyance demands the perfect development of clairaudience, intuition, telepathy, premonition, and other faculties in order to function correctly.