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The ignorant swine of dialectic materialism criticize Totemism; they laugh at it without comprehending it. We, the Gnostics, comprehend the grandeur of Totemism and know that its doctrine rests on the basic principles of occultism.

The Totemists profoundly know the Law of Reincarnation, as well as the laws which govern the evolution of all living species.  They know that Karma is the law of cause and effect.  They comprehend that all that lives is subject to Karma.

The great initiates of Totemism have investigated (with their clairvoyant powers) the intimate life of all creation, and they based the principles of their doctrine on these scientific investigations. These principles are totally unknown for the ignorant swine of materialism.

The Totemists scientifically know that every mineral atom is the physical body of an intelligent elemental.  The Totemists know that this mineral elemental evolves until later becoming the anima of a plant.  The animas of vegetables are the vegetable elementals which Paracelsus knows how to manage for his healing purposes.  One can provoke tempests and earthquakes with the help of plants.  We can cure sick people from a distance with plants.  The plant elementals are omnipotent because they have developed their Kundalini due to the fact that they never fornicate.

The Totemists know that these plant elementals later become animal elementals through evolution.  

The great magicians know about animal elemental magic.  Thus, they frequently perform marvels with the animal elementals.

The Totemists know that when the animal elementals are very evolved, they then become human beings. Every well advanced animal elemental reincarnates within a human body.

The Totemist priests wisely state that if the human being does evil, he may devolve, regress, to once again become an animal.  This is true.

Every perverse human being regresses to the animal state.  Often he may reincarnate as an animal; however, he becomes or he is transformed into an animal within the Astral Plane.  Therefore, this affirmation of Totemism is true.  It is also very true that perverse people may indeed reincarnate within the bodies of ferocious animals.

Other cases exist in which the most pure Soul of a Saint reincarnates into some species of animal.  This is in order to help this species and elevate it to a superior level of consciousness.  Therefore, the principles of Totemism are exact.

The Totemists profoundly know the law of Karma and know that the fate of every human being is the outcome of his Karma from past lives.

In the tribes where Totemism reigns, traditionally they venerate a particular plant or mineral elemental which they know through direct experience.  As a rule, this elemental has given great service to the tribe.  When the Totem is a tree, they carve human figures into the trunk of that species.  Now we have an explanation of all those myths and strange fables that speak of strange beings, half-man, half-animal, like the centaurs, the minotaurs, the sphinx, etc.  Those strange images of Totemism are true treasure-troves containing gems of wisdom that are totally unknown to the swine of materialism.  Those swine of materialism only know how to laugh.  Victor Hugo stated: “The one who laughs at what he does not know is an ignoramus who walks on the path of idiocy.”

In Totemism, it is forbidden to kill the animal which is considered a Totem.  This animal has been anointed from among those of its species, because it reunites determined secret characteristics which only clairvoyants can recognize.  The wise Totemist priests venerate the animal or plant elemental who serves as a vehicle for the Divinity.  This creature is much cared for, and its death is only possible with a very sacred liturgy and several days of common lamentation.  Civilized ignorant people do not understand this because they have divorced themselves from great Nature. Nevertheless, the Totem priests do understand it.

We find traces of Totemism in all religious cults.  The Hindus venerate the white cow; the Chaldeans, the humble lamb; the Egyptians, the ox; the Arabs, the camel; the Inca, the llama; the Mexicans, the dog and the hummingbird; the primeval Gnostic Christians worshipped the lamb, the fish and the white dove as symbols of the Holy Spirit.

Specific plant or animal elementals have always been revered.  We have to recognize that these elemental creatures are omnipotent, because they have not left Eden.

The great plant elementals are true Angels who work for all humanity in the ethereal plane or region of the magnetic fields.

The plant elementals reproduce by means of Sexual Magic.  The sacred copula exists among the vegetable elementals, and the seed passes to the womb without the necessity of ejaculating the semen.  Each animal is the body of an elemental.  Each plant is the physical body of an elemental.  These elementals are sacred and perform marvels in Eden.  The most powerful elementals are venerated by the Totem.

When the human being learns how to procreate without spilling the semen, he enters Eden.  There he knows the elemental creatures of Totem.  These creatures are innocent.

Within themselves, animal elementals are innocent. Some waste the semen stupidly; nonetheless, they are not to be blamed since their Divine Spark is still innocent. That spark is not yet reincorporated; it is a creature that does not have self-consciousness of its Self, which still has not taken possession of its vehicles. It retains its fires. It is only its shadow, its ego (the protoplasmic bodies) in a potential state, which reincorporates into animal bodies.

The plant elemental is more pure, more beautiful.  They reproduce like the Gods.  Among them, exists the Perfect Matrimony.

We also find the Perfect Matrimony among the mineral elementals. They love each other and procreate, have children, have their own language and customs. They do not waste the seminal fluid; they are complete. They are more perfect than the animal elementals, because unlike the latter, they never waste their seminal fluid.

In Eden, the elementals live happily.  Everyone who follows the path of the Perfect Matrimony, in fact, enters into Eden.

In fact, whosoever has completely developed the sacred fire enters into Eden.

The complete development of the Kundalini allows us to visit Eden with the Ethereal body.

Eden is an ethereal plane, a region of an intensely blue color where only happiness reigns.  Those who have learned to love live in Eden.

The Totem Gods

The Gods exist, and Christianity worships them with the names of Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Virtues, Thrones, etc.

The ignorant swine of materialism believe that the human being created the Gods of fire, air, water, and earth out of fear.  This concept of the learned ignoramuses of materialism is totally false. Soon there will appear a special lens through which we will be able to see the aura, the Astral Body, the Astral World, the disincarnate egos and the Gods of the Astral World.  Then all the stupid statements of the learned ignoramuses will be reduced to dust.  The human being will once again adore and revere the ineffable Gods.  They existed even before the world appeared.


Paracelsus states that we need to harness the elementals of Nature to the chariot of science in order to fly through the air, to ride the Eagle, to walk on water, to travel to the most distant places of the Earth within a few moments.

Elementals that can help us with Astral travel exist.  Let us remember the elemental of the Datura Arborea tree that is known in different countries as Borrachero, Angel’s Trumpet, Flower of the Night. This elemental can take any human being out in his Astral Body into the Astral World. It is enough for the Gnostic student to always have one of these trees in his home. It is necessary to gain the affection of the elemental of the tree. During the night the Gnostic student concentrates on the elemental of the tree.  He will vocalize the syllable KAM many times and then fall asleep begging the elemental of the tree to take him from the physical body into the Astral Body to whatever remote part of the world of the infinite cosmos.  This plant elemental will help all those who in truth know how to ask with faith and love.

The Datura Arborea tree is known as Floripondio in Peru; Higanton in Bolivar, Colombia.  Many people triumph with these practices immediately because they are hypersensitive; yet on the other hand, people who are not hypersensitive exist as well.  These people need to practice a great deal in order to attain victory.