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When the dark age arrived, the colleges of Initiation were closed.  This was a fatality.  Henceforth, as a matter of fact, the great black lodges, which were born during the archaic darkness of the ancient times, became more active.  The limit of light is darkness.  Next to every temple of light another of darkness exists, and where the light more brightly shines, there darkness becomes more dense.

The colleges of Initiation from Egypt, Greece, India, China, Mexico, Yucatan, Peru, Troy, Rome, Carthage, Chaldea, etc., had their dangerous antipodes, their fatal antitheses, tenebrous schools of black magic, fatal shadows of the light.

Those schools of black magic were the shadows of the colleges of Initiation.  Thus, when the colleges were closed, these fatal schools became very active.

Therefore, it is not strange to find among these dens of the black lodge terms, sciences, and rituals similar to those that were used within the colleges of Initiation.  This confuses the devotees of the path.  By nature, the devotee is a lover of the “strange,” of the “exotic,” of the “distant,” and of the “impossible.”  Therefore, when the devotees find a black magician of this type, speaking of the Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Inca, Greek, Chaldean, Persian mysteries, etc., they then ingenuously believe they have caught God by the beard and place themselves in the hands of the black magician, believing him to be white.

These magicians of darkness abound wherever there existed colleges of Initiation.  They are the antitheses of those colleges and they speak like Masters, always boasting about being initiates of those colleges.  They never say anything that could arouse suspicion.  They show that they are kind and humble, defend the good and the truth, adopt tremendously mystical attitudes, etc.  Evidently, under such conditions the naive and inexperienced devotee abandons the path of the razor’s edge and entrusts himself fully to those wolves in sheep’s clothing.  That is a fatality.

Those schools of black magic are everywhere.  We remember the dissident sect of the Mayans.  Their adepts were expelled from the white Mayan lodge.  They are black magicians.  They established a school between the Yucatan and Guatemala.  Presently, this school of Mayan black magic has active agents in Mexico and Guatemala.  Nonetheless, who would dare to doubt these tenebrous people who say they are Mayan princes and great priests? These people still speak with much reverence about Teoti, the supreme God, creator and maintainer of the world. They become ecstatic when remembering Bacabes, the Mayan trinity, and Camaxtli, punisher of the evil ones, etc.  Under these circumstances it is very difficult to detect such tenebrous people.  When the devotee entrusts himself to them, they then take him to their temples where they initiate him.  Clearly the devotee naively becomes a black magician.  A devotee under these circumstances would never accept that he should be classified as a black magician.  The Abyss is full of sincerely mistaken people and people of very good intentions.

Thus, on the banks of the Nile, as well as in the sacred land of the Vedas, there appear many tenebrous people like this.  Indeed, they are now very active, struggling to increase their numbers.

If the student wants a key in order to discover these people in the shadows, we shall give it to him with great pleasure.  Speak to the person about White Sexual Magic without the spilling of the semen.  Mention scientific chastity to them.  Tell them that you never spill your semen.  This is the key.  You can be sure that if the suspected person is really a black magician, he will try every means to convince you that Sexual Magic is bad for the health, that it is harmful, and will suggest to you the idea of spilling the semen.

Be careful, good disciple, of such people who advise you to spill the Cup of Hermes.  They are black magicians.  Do not let them seduce you with their sweet words, exotic manners or strange names.  Every devotee who spills the Cup of Hermes inevitably falls into the abyss of fatality.  Be vigilant.  Remember that the path of the Perfect Matrimony is the path of the razor’s edge.  This path is full of dangers, both within and without.  Many are they who begin, but it is very difficult to find someone who does not leave the path.

The case of an initiate in the time of Count Cagliostro comes into my memory.  This student practiced Sexual Magic intensely with his wife, and of course, naturally acquired degrees, powers, Initiation, etc.  Everything went very well until the day he had the weak misfortune to reveal his intimate matters to an occultist friend.  Such friend was shocked, and armed with great erudition, advised the initiate to abandon his practice of Sexual Magic in which the semen was not ejaculated.  The teachings of his mistaken friend misguided the initiate.  Henceforth, he dedicated himself to practice Sexual Magic with the spilling of the Cup of Hermes.  The outcome was disastrous.  The Kundalini of the initiate descended to the magnetic center of the coccyx.  This is how he lost his degrees and powers, sword and cape, sacred tunics and mantles. This was a true disaster.  This was a fatality.

It is good to know that black magicians love to strengthen the mind.  They asseverate that only through the mind can man resemble God.  The magicians from darkness mortally hate chastity.  

The devotees of the path who abandoned the path of the Perfect Matrimony in order to become disciples of the black lodge can be found in the millions.  It happens that the devotees of occultism are attracted by the “strange,” by the novel and mysterious, and when they find a “strange” magician they immediately place themselves in his hands, like any vulgar prostitute of the mind.  This is a fatality.

Whosoever wants to be born as a Cosmic Angel, whosoever wants to transform himself into an Angel with power over fire, air, water and earth, whosoever wants to transform himself into a God, must in fact not let himself become trapped by all of these dangerous temptations.

It is very difficult to find people who are sufficiently firm and constant in order to never abandon the path of the Perfect Matrimony.  The human being is extremely weak.  This is a fatality.

For many are called, but few are chosen.

Therefore, if through our doctrine we achieve the elevation of a few beings to an angelic state, then we will consider our job done.

Love: the Only Path of Salvation

The enemies of love are called fornicators. They confuse love with desire. Any magician who teaches the ejaculation of the semen is a black magician.  Every person who spills the seminal fluid is a fornicator.  It is impossible to attain the intimate Realization of the Self whilst one has not yet killed animal desire.  Those who spill the Cup of Hermes are incapable of loving.  Love and desire are incompatible.  Whosoever spills the Cup of Hermes is a victim of animal desire.  Love is incompatible with desire and fornication.


The most ineffable part of Mohammedan mysticism is Persian Sufism. It has the merit of struggling against materialism and fanaticism and against the literal interpretation of the Koran.  The Sufis interpret the Koran from the esoteric point of view as we, the Gnostics, interpret the New Testament.

What is most disconcerting to Westerners is the strange and mysterious mixture of the erotic with the mystical in the oriental religions and Sufi mysticism. Christian theology considers the flesh to be hostile to the Spirit. However, in the Muslim religion, the flesh and the Spirit are two substances of the same energy, two substances that must help each other. This subject-matter is only understood by those who practice positive Sexual Magic.  In the East, religion, science, art, and philosophy are taught in an erotic and exquisite sexual language.  “Mohammed fell in love with God,” state the mystic Arabs.  “Select a new wife for yourself each spring of the new year, because last year’s calendar is no good,” says a Persian poet and philosopher.

Those who have carefully studied the Song of Songs by the sage Solomon find that delicate mixture of the mystical and the erotic, which scandalizes infrasexual people a great deal.

A true religion cannot renounce the erotic because it would be its death.  Many myths and ancient legends are based on the erotic.  In fact, love and death form the base of every authentic religion.

The Sufis, Persian poets, wrote about the love of God in expressions applicable to beautiful women.  These scandalize the infrasexual fanatic people. The idea of Sufism is the amorous union of the Soul with God.

Indeed, nothing can better explain the amorous union of the Soul with God than the delectable sexual union of man and woman. That is the brilliant idea of Sufism. If we want to talk about the union of God with the Soul, we must do so in the erotic language of love and sex.  Only in this way can we express what we have to say.

The symbolic language of the Sufis has marvelous expressions.  Among them, sleep signifies meditation. Actually, meditation without sleep damages the mind.  This is known by every true initiate.  One must combine sleep with meditation.  This is known by the Sufis.  The word ‘perfume’ symbolizes the hope of divine favor; ‘kisses’ and ‘embraces’ amongst other things, signify the rapture of piety; ‘wine’ means spiritual knowledge, etc.

The Sufi poets sang of love, of women, of roses and of wine, and nonetheless many of them lived the lives of hermits.

The seven mystical states described by the Sufis are something extraordinary.  There are certain chemical substances closely related with these mystical states. Nitrous oxide and ether (especially nitrous oxide when it is dissolved sufficiently in air) stimulate the mystical consciousness to an extraordinary degree.

We have to acknowledge that this present humanity is subconscious. People like this are incapable of knowing the superior dimensions of space. Therefore, it is urgent to awaken the consciousness and this is only possible during ecstasy. If we analyze ecstasy with dialectic logic, we discover that it is sexual. The same sexual energies that are expressed in erotic pleasure, when transmuted and sublimated, awaken the consciousness and then produce ecstasy.

Fatality is the loss of ecstasy, it is the fall again into subconsciousness. This happens when we spill the Cup of Hermes.

A great Master stated: “With the sexual impulse, the human being finds himself in the most personal relationship with Nature.  The comparison of the sensation which a man experiences with a woman or vice versa, with the consent of Nature, is indeed the same sensation as that offered by the forest, the prairie, the sea, the mountains; save that in this case it is even more intense, since it awakens more internal voices, provokes the sound of more intimate chords.”  This is how we reach ecstasy.

Ecstasy, the mystical experience, has its principles based on dialectic logic.  This logic can never be violated.  Let us reflect for example on the unity of experience.  This principle exists among the mystics of the east as well as those of the west, among the hierophants of Egypt, as well as the Sufi sages, or among the Aztec magicians.  During ecstasy, the mystics speak in the same universal language, use the same words and feel united with all creation.  The sacred scriptures of all religions show the same principles.  This is dialectic logic, superior logic.  This proves that the mystics of all countries of the world drink from the same fountain of life.  The conditions of the causes of the world (another of the principles of dialectic logic) show with exactitude, precision, and complete agreement of facts the reality and truth of ecstasy.  The mystics of all religions of the world totally agree in their affirmations about the conditions of the causes of the world; the concordance is therefore perfect.

The unity of life is another principle of dialectic logic. Every mystic in ecstasy perceives and feels the unity of life. The mathematics of the infinite and of dialectic logic can never fail.  Whosoever spills the Cup of Hermes loses the state of ecstasy.  His visions are then no longer within dialectic logic. Nonetheless, he believes himself to be super-transcendent.  He violates the principles of dialectic logic and falls into dementia from absurdity.  That is fatality.

Every Gnostic student must avoid Black Tantra and those who teach black Sexual Magic if they do not want to fall into the abyss of fatality.

During this Kali Yuga, the dissidents of the ancient archaic schools are very active.

In this day and age, the black magicians are carrying out a tremendous campaign with the purpose of imposing their false knowledge on the epoch which is commencing.  They want the black lodge to triumph.

Infrasex in Yoga

The seven schools of yoga are archaic and grandiose, but they could not escape the goals of the tenebrous ones.  At the present time, there are many infrasexual people who look for proselytes by establishing schools of Yoga. These individuals mortally hate the path of the Perfect Matrimony, abhor White Sexual Magic.  Some of them teach Black Tantra. That is a fatality.

True Yoga is based on White Sexual Magic. Yoga without Sexual Magic is an infrasexual doctrine, proper for infrasexual people.

In the Kama Kalpa and Tantric Buddhism one finds the legitimate foundations of Yoga.  The Ahamkara and the Maithuna are in fact the bases of a true yoga: Ahamkara (dissolution of the “I”) and Maithuna (Sexual Magic)—behold the true synthesis of yoga.

Those who have been members of a monastery of Zen Buddhism know very well that the Maithuna and the dissolution of the reincarnating ego constitute the fundamentals for the Self-Yoga of Babaji.  He was not celibate.  Those who believe that Mataji is his physical sister are mistaken.  Mataji is his priestess wife.  With her he attained intimate Realization of the Self.

Indian Buddhism, like Zen and Chan Buddhism, is Tantric.  Without White Tantra, Yoga is a failure.  That is a fatality.

Chinese and Japanese Buddhism are completely Tantric.  There is no doubt that Chan and Zen Buddhism really are on the path of the intimate Realization of the Self.

In secret Tibet, Sexual Yoga is grandiose.  The great masters of Tibet practice Sexual Magic.

A great friend of mine wrote to me from India saying:

“In Hindu and Tibetan Tantra, positive sexual Yoga (Maithuna) is practiced without seminal ejaculation. After a preparation in which the couple learn to perform the practices of Laya Kriya together, under the direction of an expert Guru, they then proceed to the Tantra sadhana during which the husband must introduce the virile member into the vagina.  This operation takes place after an exchange of caresses between the couple. The male sits with his legs crossed in an Asana (posture) and the woman absorbs the phallus.  The couple remain in this union for a long time without moving, trying to prevent their ego and their analytic consciousness from intervening; thus, leaving Nature to act without interference. Then, without expectation of orgasm, the erotic currents enter into activity, provoking the ecstasy.  In this instant, the ego dissolves (withdraws); thus, desire is transmuted into love.  Intense currents similar to electromagnetism, which produce static effects, traverse both bodies. A sensation of ineffable bliss possesses the entire organism, and the couple experiences the ecstasy of love and cosmic communion.”

Here ends the statement of my friend whose name I do not mention.  This former quoted statement is hated by the infrasexual people who are involved in Yoga.  They want to work with Yoga in order to use it to increase the number of infrasexual fanatics.  That is a fatality.

Yoga without Sexual Magic is like a garden without water or a car without gasoline or a body without blood; it is a fatality.

Aztec Magic

In the rocky paved courtyards of the Aztecs, naked men and women spent long periods of time kissing and caressing each other and practicing Sexual Magic.  However, if the initiate committed the crime of spilling the Cup of Hermes, he was then condemned to death for having profaned the temple. The delinquent was beheaded.  That is a fatality.