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Two Rituals

Certain tenebrous rites which survive from the most remote epochs of history exist.  The witches of Thessaly celebrated certain rituals in their cemeteries or pantheons in order to evoke the shadow of the dead. Thus, on the anniversary of the deaths of their loved ones, they congregated at the tombs of the cemetery and amidst the most terrifying shrieks they pierced their breasts so that blood might flow.  This served as a vehicle for the shadows of the dead to materialize in the physical world. The great initiate Homer narrates in his book The Odyssey something regarding a ritual celebrated by a sorcerer on the Island of Calypso where the cruel Goddess Circe reigned.  The priest cut the throat of a beast within a pit, filling it with blood.  At this point the priest invoked the soothsayer of Thebes.  Homer says that the soothsayer answered the call and was able to totally materialize thanks to the blood. The soothsayer of Thebes spoke personally with Ulysses and predicted many things for him.

The wise author of Thus Spoke Zarasthustra stated: “Write with blood and you will discover that blood is Spirit.”

Goethe exclaimed through his Mephistopheles: “Blood is a fluid of properties rare.”

The Last Supper

The Last Supper is a magical ceremony with tremendous power, something very similar to the archaic ceremony of the blood brotherhood.  The tradition of this brotherhood indicates that if two or more persons mix their blood in a cup and then drink of it, they remain brothers through the blood eternally.  Thus, the Astral vehicles of these people become intimately associated for all eternity.  The Hebrew people assign very special characteristics to the blood.  The Last Supper was a ceremony of blood.  Each of the Apostles brought drops of his own blood in their cups and they emptied them into the chalice of Jesus the Christ.  The Beloved had also placed his own royal blood in this chalice.  Thus, this is how the blood of Jesus Christ was mixed within the Holy Grail with the blood of his disciples.


Tradition tells us that Jesus also gave infinitely small particles of his own flesh to his disciples to eat.  

And he took the bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying: ‘This is my body which is given for you, do this in remembrance of me.

Likewise also the cup after supper saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you. - Luke 22:19-20

Thus, this is how the pact was signed.  All pacts are signed in blood.  The Astral Body of Jesus Christ remained associated, united with his disciples and with all of humanity through the blood pact.  The Beloved is the Savior of the World.  This blood ceremony is as ancient as the Infinite.  All the great Avatars have verified it since the most ancient times.  The great Lord of Atlantis also had a Last Supper with his disciples.

This blood ceremony was not improvised by the divine Master.  This is a very ancient archaic ceremony, the blood ceremony of great Avatars.

Every Gnostic Unction—in whatever cult or belief, sect or religion—is associated, intimately united, with the Last Supper of the Adorable one, through the blood pact. The Holy Primeval Christian Gnostic Church, to which we have the privilege of belonging, preserves in secrecy the primeval rituals used by the Apostles.  These were the rituals of the Christians that met in the catacombs of Rome during the time of the Caesar Nero. These are the rituals of the Essenes, a humble cast of great initiates to which Jesus the Christ belonged. These are the primeval rituals of the ancient Christians.

These rituals have power.  The whole of our secret science of the great Arcanum is contained within them.  When we ritualize, we vocalize certain mantras that have the power to sublimate the sexual energy up to the heart.  The Inner Christ lives in the heart temple. When the sexual energies are sublimated to the heart, they have the immense joy of mixing with the forces of the Inner Christ to enter the Superior Worlds.  Our rituals are repeated in all of the seven great cosmic planes.  The ritual ceremony establishes the secret canal from the physical region, passes through all of the seven great planes to the world of the Solar Logos.  The Christic Atoms of the Solar Logos descend through this canal and thus accumulate in the bread and wine.  That is how the bread and wine really change into the flesh and blood of the Christ through the work of Transubstantiation.  Upon eating the bread and drinking the wine, the Christic atoms fuse with our organism and pass to the internal bodies to awaken in us the powers of their Solar Nature.

The Apostles drank the blood of the Christ and ate the flesh of the Christ.

Sexual Forces and Ritual

In the book The Bush of Horeb by Dr. Adoum, (Magus Jefa) we have found the description of a Black Mass from Medieval times.  Dr. Adoum transcribes a paragraph taken from a book by Huysmans.  This is such an interesting description that we cannot but make it known to our readers.  Let us see:

“As a general rule a priest would officiate.  He would completely undress, then put on an ordinary chasuble. On the altar there lay a naked woman, usually a petitioner.  Two naked women served as acolytes, at times adolescents were used who would necessarily be naked.  Those who attended the service would be dressed or naked according to the whim of the moment.  The priest would carry out all the exercises of the ritual, and the audience present accompanied the representation with obscene gestures...

“The atmosphere became more and more charged, the environment became fluid to a highest degree... Consecutively, everything, indeed, was joined unto it: the silence, darkness and the spiritual absorption... The fluid was attractive, that is to say, it put the participants in a contact with the elementals.  If during the ceremony the woman lying upon the altar concentrated her attention on a desire, it was not unusual to produce an absolutely real transmission of that desire, a transmission that converted that, the object of her desire, into a true obsession.  This was the goal, finally achieved.  Therefore that day or during the following days when the realization of the desired phenomenon occurred, it was attributed to the generosity of Satan.  Nevertheless, this fluid ambience always had an inconvenience: to exacerbate the nerves and to produce in some member of the assembly a hysterical crisis which sometimes became collective.

“It was not unusual to see the women at a given moment, out of their minds and pulling off their clothes, and the men abandoning themselves to wild gesticulations... Suddenly, two or three women would even fall to the ground, prey to violent convulsions... They were simply mediums who entered into a trance.  It was said that they were possessed and everyone seemed to be satisfied.”

That is as far as we will go with the story told by Huysmans transcribed by Dr. Adoum.  Through this story we can realize how rituals and sexual forces were misused for acts of terrible evil.  Clearly, during a ritual of this type, the overexcited nervous state, absolutely sexual and passional, violently determines a certain type of mental force saturated with creative energy.  The outcome of such a ritual is a magical phenomena.

All rituals have to do with blood and semen.  Ritual is a double-edged sword that defends and gives life to the pure and virtuous, but hurts and destroys the impure and tenebrous.  Ritual is more powerful than dynamite and the knife.

One deals with nuclear forces in a ritual.  Atomic energy is a gift of God that can heal just as it can kill.  Therefore, every temple within which the Holy Gnostic Unction is celebrated, is in fact and for this reason an atomic energy plant.

In Atlantis as well, black magicians used similar rituals combined with sexual forces. The result of those abuses was the sinking of this continent that had previously reached an extremely high level of civilization.

Sexual forms are closely related to the four elements of Nature.  All black rituals, all black masses, have fatal coordinates in Nature.  We now explain to ourselves what the causes were for the sinking of Atlantis.  Sexual energy is like electricity.  It is found everywhere.  It is a force that is within electrons.  This force flows in the nucleus of each atom and in the center of each nebula.  Without this force the worlds in infinite space would not exist.  This is the creative energy of the Third Logos.  White and black magicians work with this force.  White magicians work with white rituals.  Black magicians work with black rituals.  The Last Supper of the Beloved Savior of the World has an extremely ancient tradition that is lost in the eternal night.  Black mass and all of the black ceremonies of tenebrous ones come from a very ancient lunar past.  In every epoch, two rituals have always existed: one of light and one of darkness.  Ritual is practical magic.  Black magicians mortally hate the Holy Eucharist.  Magicians of darkness justify their hatred for the rituals of bread and wine in many different ways.  Sometimes they give the gospels the most whimsical interpretations based on their fantasy.  Their own subconsciousness betrays them.  They try to do away with the Last Supper in any way possible.  They hate the Last Supper of the Adorable One.  Our disciples must be alert and vigilant for these types of dangerous subjects.  Anyone who hates the rituals of the Last Supper is a black magician.  Anyone who rejects the bread and wine of the Gnostic Unction, rejects the flesh and blood of the Christ.  These types of people are black magicians.

The Gnostic Church

There are four very important paths that every Perfect Matrimony must know:

  1. The path of the fakir
  2. The path of the monk
  3. The path of the yogi
  4. The path of the well-balanced human being

The Universal Christian Gnostic Movement has a school and a religion.

We experience the first path in practical matters, learning to live with rectitude.  The second path lies within our church.  Our Gnostic Church has its sacraments, rituals, and its convent life.  The third path has to do with occult practices.  We have our esoteric practices, special exercises for the development of the latent powers in the human being.  

Within the fourth path, which is “the Path of the Astute Man,” we live practically in the most complete equilibrium. We study Alchemy and Kabbalah. We work on the disintegration of the psychological “I.”

We are not members of the Roman Catholic Church.  This church only follows the path of the monk.  We follow all four paths.  We have the path of the monk in our Gnostic religion with its patriarch, archbishops, bishops, and priests.  That is why we do not belong to the Church of Rome.  We are not against any religion, school, or sect either. Many priests of the Roman Church have come to our ranks. People from all organizations have become affiliated with our Gnostic Movement.  Our Gnostic Church is one of the most complete ones.  On the path of the fakir, we learn to live with rectitude.  On the path of the monk, we develop emotion.  On the path of the yogi, we practice esoteric exercises that activate the latent occult powers of man.  On the path of the balanced man, we work with Alchemy and with Kabbalah, and we struggle disintegrating the “I.”

Our Gnostic Church is the Transcended Church.  This church is found in the Superior Worlds.

We also have many temples in the physical world.  In addition, we have opened thousands of Gnostic Lumisials where holy rituals are celebrated and the secret doctrine of the Beloved Savior of the world is studied.  We must not forget that our Gnostic Movement has both a school and a religion.  It has already been decisively confirmed that Jesus the Christ was Gnostic.  The Savior of the World was an active member of the cast of Essenes, mystics who never cut their hair or their beards.  The Gnostic Church is the authentic primeval Christian Church whose first Pope was the Gnostic initiate called Peter.  Paul of Tarsus belonged to that church.  He was a Nazarene.  The Nazarenes were another Gnostic sect.  The primeval Christian Church was the true main esoteric trunk from which many other Neo-Christian sects sprung forth, such as: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Adventism, the Armenian Church, etc.  Frankly, we have made the resolution to make the root of Christianity, Gnosticism, publicly known.  This is the primeval Christian Church.  The Patriarch Basilides belonged to the Gnostic Church.  He was the celebrated alchemist who left a seven page book of lead, which, according to Master Krumm-Heller, is preserved in the Kiercher Museum of the Vatican.  This book cannot be understood by archaeologists because it is a book of occult science.  Basilides was a disciple of Saint Matthias.  Roman Catholicism of today is not true Catholicism.  Legitimate, authentic, Catholicism is the primeval Christian Catholic Gnostic one.  The current Roman Sect is only a deviation of primeval Gnostic Catholicism.  Frankly, this is the basic reason why we have completely distanced ourselves from the Roman Sect.  Saints such as: Saturninus of Antioch, the celebrated Kabbalist, belonged to the primeval Christian Catholic Gnostic Church; Simon the Magician, who unfortunately deviated; Carpocrates, who founded several Gnostic convents in Spain; Marcion of Ponto, Saint Thomas, Saint Valentine; the great master of Major Mysteries called Saint Augustine; Tertullian; Saint Ambrose; Irenaeus; Hippolytus; Epiphanius; Clement of Alexandria; Mark, the great Gnostic who took care of the Holy Gnostic Unction and left us the extraordinary teachings about the path of sexual forces through the twelve zodiacal doors of the human organism.  Also Cerdon, Empedocles, Saint Geronimo and many other saints were members of the primeval Christian Catholic Gnostic Church from which the current Roman sect deviated.


In our Gnostic Church, we have baptism, communion of bread and wine, matrimony, confession (friendly conversations between masters and disciples), and finally, extreme unction.  The Gnostic Matrimony becomes very interesting within the transcendent Church.  In this sacrament, the woman wears the vestment of the Gnostic priestess and her husband receives her as his wife.  The holy masters officiate, and she is received as wife with the promise not to fornicate.

The Christ

The Gnostic Church adores the Savior of the World, Jesus.  The Gnostic Church knows that Jesus incarnated Christ, and that is why they adore him.  Christ is not a human nor a divine individual.  Christ is a title given to all fully Self-realized masters.  Christ is the Army of the Voice.  Christ is the Word.  The Word is far beyond the body, the soul, and the Spirit.  Everyone who is able to incarnate the Word receives in fact the title of Christ.  Christ is the Word itself.  It is necessary for every one of us to incarnate the Word.

When the Word becomes flesh in us ,we speak with the Word of Light.  In actuality, several masters have incarnated the Christ.  In secret India, the Christ Yogi Babaji has lived for millions of years; Babaji is immortal.  The great Master of Wisdom Kout Humi also incarnated the Christ.  Sanat Kumara, the founder of the great College of Initiates of the White Lodge, is another living Christ.  In the past, many incarnated the Christ.  In the present, some have incarnated the Christ.  In the future many will incarnate the Christ.  John the Baptist also incarnated the Christ.  John the Baptist is a living Christ.  The difference between Jesus and the other masters that also incarnated the Christ has to do with hierarchy.  Jesus is the highest Solar initiate of the Cosmos.


The supreme great Master Jesus lives today with the same physical body resurrected from among the dead.  Presently, the great Master lives in Shamballa.  This is a secret country of oriental Tibet. Many other Resurrected Masters live with the supreme, great Master and collaborate with Him in the Great Work of the Father.


The initiated priest, in a state of ecstasy, perceives the substance of Christ, and magically transmits his own influence on the bread and the wine, thus awakening the Christic substance that is found in these elements which can in turn perform miracles, awakening the Christic powers of our internal bodies.

Sacred Vestments

In great Gnostic Cathedrals, Gnostic priests usually use the three vestments of all Catholic priests (cassock, rochet, and chasuble).

These three vestments legitimately belong to the primeval Christian Catholic Gnostic Church.  They also use the cap.  The three vestments superimposed represent the body, the soul, and the spirit—the physical, Astral, and Spiritual worlds. The cap signifies that he is a man.  When he preaches, he covers the head to signify that he only expresses personal opinions.

In Gnostic lumisials, the Priest and Isis use only a sky blue tunic with a white rope belt.  They also wear sandals.   The Isis of Gnostic lumisials covers her head with a white veil.  That is all.  At one point, we ordered the attendees to wear their own tunic, similar to the one that their own Innermost wears internally, according to their esoteric level.  Later on, we prohibited this custom due to the abuses of many attendees who believed themselves to be High initiates and dressed in beautiful tunics and took on sonorous names.  Moreover, this lends itself to pride.  Many of them saw themselves in tunics of certain degrees and were filled with vanity and pride during the rite, and they looked down with despise on those who were of a lower esoteric degree.

The Officiating Altar

The altar for the holy service must be made out of stone.  Remember that we work with the Philosophical Stone (sex).  The altar also signifies the Philosophical Earth.  The base of the chalice, the stem of the base, and the sacred cup, symbolize the flower.  This means that the Christic substance of the sun penetrates the uterus of the Earth and makes the grain germinate, allowing the sprig of wheat to grow until the fruit appears (the seed).  After the grain has been given, the rest dies.  All of the power of the Sun Christ remains enclosed within the grain.  The same thing happens with wine.  The sun causes the grape to ripen.  All of the power of the Sun Christ remains enclosed within the grape.  With the Gnostic Unction, all of the Christic solar powers are freed from the bread and the wine.  Then they act within our organism, Christifying us.


Epiphany is the manifestation, or the Revelation, or the ascension of the Christ within us.  According to Krumm-Heller, Dietrich the great theologian stated: “To attain that which one is yearning for, that is the Religare or Union with Divinity; it must be attained through these four ways:

  1. To receive God (the Eucharist)
  2. Amorous union (Sexual Magic)
  3. Filial love (to feel that one is a child of God)
  4. Death and Resurrection

The Gnostic lives these four paths.

The Praetor

In the Superior Worlds there is a Gnostic Church, the Cathedral of the Soul.  In this Cathedral, rituals are carried out Fridays and Sundays at dawn (or whenever necessary) for the good of humanity. Many devotees gather at the Praetor in their Astral Bodies.  There are also some athletes of the Jinn science who take their physical body to the Praetor.  Thus, all of these devotees have the fortune of receiving the bread and wine.

The Key in Order to Perform Conscious Astral Projection

The key to Astral projection is very simple: all you have to do is fall asleep, mentally pronouncing the powerful mantra FARAON.  This mantra is divided into three syllables: FA, RA, ON.  When the devotee finds himself in this state of transition that exists between vigil and sleep, he goes deep within himself by way of conscious self reflection and later jumps gently from his bed, completely identified with his soft, fluidic spirit. The Astral Body of each devotee can join the Praetor.  Those who have not yet engendered their Christ-astral suffer greatly because they cannot learn to Astral project without thousands of difficulties and after a tremendous amount of work.  Those who in past reincarnations engendered the Christ-astral, leave the physical body with great ease.

Key in Order to Carry the Physical Body into the Jinn State

The disciple concentrates on Master Oguara.  The disciple should fall asleep reciting this prayer:

I believe in the Christ, I believe in Oguara, Babaji, Mataji and the Jinn masters.  Take me from my bed with my physical body, take me to the Gnostic Church with my physical body in a Jinn state.

The devotee will say this prayer thousands of times.  The devotee should fall asleep saying this prayer.  When the devotee feels more asleep than awake, when he feels his body is weak and full of lassitude, when he feels drowsy with sleep, when he is already beginning to dream, he should get out of bed keeping his sleep as a miser guards his treasure.  All power is in sleep.  In these moments, terribly powerful forces are at work that raise the vibration level of the physical body, accelerating the movement of the atom to astonishing speeds.  Then the physical body enters the Jinn state, penetrates hyperspace.  If the student jumps with the intention of floating, he will notice with surprise that he can fly.  In this state he is invisible to the physical world.  In this state he can attend the Praetor.

When the physical body is entering the Jinn state, it begins to inflate, beginning from the bottom (at the ankles) to the top.  

Properly stated, the physical body does not really inflate, rather, the Astral forces fully co-penetrate it, giving it the appearance of being inflated.

General Aspects of the Gnostic Ritual

When a Catholic officiating priest goes from the Epistle to the Gospel, for the profane Romanists, this is the Christ going from Herod to Pilate; but for Gnostic Priests, this is the passage from one world to another after death.

The Four Seasons

We, Gnostics, know of a different routine that occurs during the change of seasons.  In the Astral, there are Angels who take seasonal turns helping humanity through their work: Raphael in the Spring, Uriel in the Summer, Michael in Autumn, and Gabriel in Winter.  All of these angels attend the Gnostic rituals in order to help us.

The Pater Noster

Among all of the ritual prayers, the most powerful is the Pater Noster (Prayer of the Lord).  This is a magical prayer of immense power.  

Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition are the three mandatory paths of initiation.

Master Huiracocha says the following.  

“First, it is necessary to see spiritual things (God) internally:

1. “Our father who art in heaven,”

Then one must listen to the Word, or the Divine Word:

2. “Hallowed be thy name,”  in other words, the Divine Word, the magnificent name of God, the Creative Word.

Lastly, we prepare our spiritual organism for Intuition:

3. “Thy Kingdom come,” that is to say, with the pronunciation of the Word, the mantras, the internal Kingdom of the holy masters comes to us.

“This trinity is found in the first three supplications of the Pater Noster.

The union with God consists of performing all of these. The rest remains resolved...”

With these three supplications, Krumm-Heller states, we ask for an integral request, and if one day we achieve it, we will be Gods already, and therefore we will no longer need to ask.

The Gnostic Church preserves all of the secret doctrines of the Adorable Savior of the world.  The Gnostic Church is the religion of happiness and beauty.  The Gnostic Church is the virginal trunk from which Romanism and all of the other sects that adore Christ came forth.  The Gnostic Church is the only church that preserves, in secret, the doctrine that Christ taught from his lips to the ears of his disciples.

We are not against any religion.  We invite people of all holy religions that adore the Lord to study our secret doctrine.

We must not forget that there are rituals of light and of darkness.  We possess the secret rituals of the Adorable Savior of the World.

We neither scorn nor underestimate any religion. All religions are precious pearls linked on the golden thread of divinity.  We only affirm that Gnosis is the flame from which all religions of the universe come from. That is all.