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The Seven Churches

The human being is a triad of body, soul, and Spirit.  A mediator between the Spirit and the body exists.  This is the soul.  We, Gnostics, know that the soul is dressed with a marvelous garment.  This is the Astral Body.  We already know through our Gnostic studies that the Astral Body is a double of our physical organism and is endowed with marvelous internal senses.

Great clairvoyants speak to us of the seven chakras, and Mr. Leadbeater describes them in great detail.  These chakras are really the senses of the Astral Body.  Such magnetic centers are found in close correlation with the glands of internal secretions.

In the laboratory of the human organism, there exist seven ingredients submitted to triple nerve control.  These nerves control the glandular septenary as agents of the Law of the Triangle.  The three different nerve controls interact among themselves and are the following:

  1. First: the cerebrospinal nervous system, agent of conscious functions.
  2. Second: the grand sympathetic nervous system, agent of the unconscious, subconscious and instinctive functions.
  3. Third: the parasympathetic, or vagus, nervous system, that collaborates by restraining the instinctive functions under the commands of the mind.

The cerebrospinal system is the throne of the Divine Spirit.  The grand sympathetic system is the vehicle of the Astral Body.  The vagus, or para-sympathetic, obeys the commands of the mind.  Three rays and seven magnetic centers are the basis for any cosmos, in the infinitely large, as well as in the infinitely small.  “As above, so below.”

The seven most important glands of the human organism constitute the seven laboratories controlled by the law of the triangle.  Each of these glands has an exponent in a chakra of the organism.  Each one of the seven chakras is found located in intimate correlation with the Seven Churches of the spinal medulla.  The Seven Churches of the dorsal spine control the seven chakras of the grand sympathetic nervous system.

The Seven Churches become intensely active with the ascent of the Kundalini along the medullar canal.  The Kundalini dwells in the electrons.  The Sages meditate on it; devotees adore it, and in homes where the Perfect Matrimony reigns, it is worked with practically.

The Kundalini is the solar fire enclosed in the seminal atoms.  It is the ardent electronic substance of the Sun, which when liberated, transforms us into terrifically divine Gods.

The fires of the heart control the ascension of the Kundalini through the medullar canal. The Kundalini develops, evolves, and progresses according to the merits of the heart. The Kundalini is the primordial energy enclosed within the Church of Ephesus. This church is found two fingers above the anus and two fingers behind the genitals. The divine serpent of fire sleeps coiled up three and a half times within its church. When the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the Triveni near the coccyx, the Kundalini, the divine serpent of our magical powers, awakens. As the serpent rises through the medullar canal, it activates each of the Seven Churches.

The chakras of the gonads (sexual glands) are directed by Uranus, and the pineal gland (situated in the upper part of the brain) is controlled by Neptune.  There is a close correlation between these two glands, and the Kundalini must connect them with the sacred fire in order to achieve profound Realization of the Self.

The Church of Ephesus is a lotus of four splendid petals.  The brilliance of this church is that of ten million suns.  The elemental earth of the Sages is conquered with the power of this church.

The ascent of the Kundalini to the prostatic region activates the six petals of the Church of Smyrna.  This church bestows upon us the power to dominate the elemental waters of life and the joy of creation.

When the sacred serpent reaches the region of the umbilical cord, we can dominate the volcanoes because the elemental fire of the Sages corresponds to the Church of Pergamos, situated in the solar plexus.  This center controls the spleen, the liver, the pancreas, etc.  This center of Pergamos has ten petals.

With the ascent of the Kundalini to the heart region, the Church of Thyatira with its twelve marvelous petals is activated.  This church bestows upon us power over the elemental air of the Sages.  The development of this cardiac center confers Inspiration, Presentiment, Intuition and powers for leaving our physical body consciously in the Astral Body as well as the power to place our body into a Jinn state.

The second chapter of Revelation deals with the four inferior churches of our organism.  These are the four centers known as the fundamental or basic, the prostatic, umbilical and cardiac.  Now we shall study the three superior magnetic centers mentioned in Revelation, chapter three.  These three superior churches are the Church of Sardis, the Church of Philadelphia and, lastly, the Church of Laodicea.

The ascent of the Kundalini to the region of the creative larynx bestows upon us the power to hear the voices of beings that live in the Superior Worlds.  This chakra is related to pure Akasha.  Akasha is the agent of sound.  The larynx chakra is the Church of Sardis.  When the Kundalini opens the Church of Sardis, it blossoms forth upon our fertile lips made Word.  The Laryngeal Chakra has sixteen beautiful petals.

The complete development of this Akashic center allows us to keep our bodies alive even during the deep dark nights of the great Pralaya.  The incarnation of the great Word is impossible without having awakened the Sacred Serpent.  Precisely, the agent of the Word is Akasha.  It is to the Word what wire is to electricity.  The Word needs the Akasha to manifest itself.

Akasha is the agent of sound.  The Kundalini is Akasha.  Akasha is sexual.  The Kundalini is sexual.  The magnetic center where our Kundalini normally lives is absolutely sexual, as demonstrated by the fact that it is located two fingers above the anus and close to two fingers behind the genitals.  The space where it is located is four fingers wide.  The Kundalini can only be awakened and fully developed with Sexual Magic.

This is what the infrasexual people do not like.  They feel themselves to be super-transcendental and mortally hate Sexual Magic.  On one occasion, after listening to a conference that we gave about Sexual Magic, someone protested saying that that was how we Gnostics were corrupting women.  This individual was an infrasexual.  The man protested because we were teaching the science of regeneration. However, on the other hand, he did not protest against those of intermediate sex, against prostitutes, against the vice of masturbation, nor did he say that these people were corrupt.  He protested against the doctrine of regeneration but did not protest against the doctrine of degeneration.  That is how infrasexual people are.  They feel highly superior to all people of normal sexuality.  They protest against regeneration but defend degeneration.

Infrasexual people can never incarnate the Word.  They spit inside the sacred sanctuary of sex, and the law punishes them, hurling them into the Abyss forever.  Sex is the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit.

When the Kundalini reaches the level of the middlebrow, the Church of Philadelphia is opened.  This is the Eye of Wisdom.  The Father who is in secret dwells in this magnetic center.  The middlebrow chakra has two fundamental petals and many splendorous radiations.  This center is the throne of the mind.  No true clairvoyant says that he is one.  No true clairvoyant says: “I saw.” The clairvoyant initiate says: “We have learned.”

All clairvoyants need Initiation.  The clairvoyant without Initiation is liable to make very serious mistakes.  The clairvoyant who goes around telling his visions to the whole world is liable to lose his faculty.  The charlatan clairvoyant who talks about his visions can also lose his mental equilibrium.  The clairvoyant must be quiet, humble, modest.  The clairvoyant must be like a child.

When the Kundalini reaches the level of the pineal gland, the Church of Laodicea is opened.  This lotus flower has a thousand resplendent petals.  The pineal gland is influenced by Neptune.  When this Church is opened we receive Polyvision, Intuition, etc.  The pineal gland is intimately related to the chakras of the gonads or sexual glands.  The greater the level of sexual potency, the greater the development of the pineal gland.  The lesser the degree of sexual potency, the lesser the degree of development of the pineal gland.  Uranus in the sexual organs and Neptune in the pineal gland unite to take us to total Realization of the Self.

In the schools of regeneration (so mortally hated by infrasexual people) we are taught how to work practically with the science of Uranus and Neptune.

The Tao Path includes three paths, and Tao itself is the fourth.  Much has been said about the four paths.  We Gnostics travel along the fourth path in full consciousness. During the sexual act, we transmute the brutal instincts of our physical body into willpower, the passionate emotions of the Astral Body into love, and the mental impulses into comprehension. As Spirit, we perform the Great Work. This is how we travel along the four paths in practice.  We do not need to become fakirs for the first path, neither monks for the second, nor scholars for the third. The path of the Perfect Matrimony permits us to travel the four paths during the sexual act itself.

From the first verse to the seventh, Revelation speaks about the coccygeal center.  The Church of Ephesus is in this center.  The igneous serpent is found coiled up three and a half times within this creative center.  Whosoever awakens the serpent and makes it rise through the spinal medulla receives the flaming sword and then enters Eden.

The redemption of the human being is found in the serpent, but we should be on guard against the astuteness of the serpent.  We must contemplate the forbidden fruit and inhale its aroma, but remember what the Lord Jehovah said: “Thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”   Genesis 2:17

Man must enjoy love’s blessings and adore the woman.  A good painting enraptures us; a beautiful piece of music brings us to the state of ecstasy.  Nevertheless, an adorable, beautiful woman makes man to want to possess her in the act.  Woman is the living representation of God-Mother.  

The sexual act with one’s beloved has its indisputable delights.  Sexual enjoyment is a legitimate right of humans.  Enjoy love’s blessing but do not spill the semen.  Do not commit this sacrilege.  Be not a fornicator.  Chastity turns us into Gods.  Fornication turns us into demons.

Krumm-Heller stated: “The Sethians adored the Great Light and said that the Sun in its emanations forms a nest in us.  This constitutes the Serpent.”  The Nazarenes said: “All of you shall be Gods, if you leave Egypt and cross the Red Sea.”  Krumm-Heller tells us in his book, The Gnostic Church, that this Gnostic sect also had as a sacred object, a chalice, from which they drank the semen of Benjamin.  This, according to Huiracocha, was a mixture of wine and water.  The great Master Krumm-Heller tells us that the sacred symbol of the sexual serpent was never missing from the altars of the Nazarenes.  In reality “the force, the power which accompanied Moses was the serpent on the staff, which later was turned into the staff itself.  This serpent was certainly the one that spoke to the rest of the serpents and the one which tempted Eve.”

The Master Huiracocha, in another paragraph of his immortal work entitled The Gnostic Church, said: “Moses in the wilderness showed his people the serpent on the staff and said to them that whosoever would make use of this serpent would not be harmed during his journey.”

All of the marvelous powers of Moses resided in the sacred serpent Kundalini.  Moses practiced Sexual Magic extensively in order to lift the serpent upon the staff.  Moses had a wife.

In the terrifying darkness of centuries past, the sublime and austere hierophants of the great mysteries were the jealous guardians of the great Arcanum.  The great priests had sworn silence, and the key to the Ark of science was hidden from the eyes of the people.  Sexual Magic was only known and practiced by the great priests.  The wisdom of the serpent is the basis of the great mysteries. This was cultivated in the mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, Persia, Troy, Aztec Mexico, Inca Peru, etc.

Krumm-Heller tells us that in the Song to Demeter by Homer (found in a Russian library) we can read that everything revolved around a physiological cosmic fact of great transcendence.  In that ancient song of that Man-God who sang to old Troy and Achilles’s wrath, we clearly see Sexual Magic serving as a cornerstone in the great Temple of Eleusis.  The naked dance, delightful music in the temple, the enraptured kiss, the mysterious magic of the secret act made Eleusis a paradise of adorable Gods and Goddesses.  

In those times nobody thought in “perversities” but only of holy and sublime things. It would never have occurred to anyone to profane the temple.  The couples knew how to withdraw in time to avoid spilling the sacred wine.

In Egypt, Osiris appears as the masculine principle facing Isis, the eternal and adorable feminine principle.  In this sunny country of Khem, the Lord of all perfection also worked with the great Arcanum A.Z.F., precisely when he was in the preparatory period for his Initiation before beginning his mission.  That is how it is written in the memoirs of Nature.

In Phoenicia, Hercules and Dagon loved each other intensely, as did Pluto and Persephone in Attica.  Yet, as Dr. Krumm-Heller states, the phallus and uterus are clearly spoken of amongst themselves: this is the Lingam-Yoni of the Greek mysteries.

The great priests of Egypt, old inheritors of the archaic wisdom that was cultivated by the Atlanteans, represented the great God Ibis of Thoth with the virile member in a state of erection.  Krumm-Heller states that over this erected phallus of the Ibis of Thoth a phrase was written which said: “Giver of reasoning.” Next to the inscription, a lotus flower shone gloriously.

The ancient sages of sacred Egypt engraved the divine symbol of the sexual serpent upon their millenarian walls.

The secret of Sexual Magic was incommunicable. That is the great Arcanum. Those unfortunate ones who divulged the unspeakable secret were sentenced to death. They were taken to a stone patio, and before a millenary wall covered with crocodile skins and indecipherable hieroglyphics, their heads were cut off, their hearts were torn out, and their cursed ashes were flung to the four winds.

This brings to mind the great French poet Cazote, who died at the guillotine during the French Revolution.  This man prophesied his own death at a famous banquet along with the fate that was awaiting a certain group of noble initiates who contemplated divulging the great Arcanum.  For some he prophesied the guillotine, for others the dagger, poison, jail, exile.  His prophecies were fulfilled with absolute accuracy.  In the Middle Ages, anyone who divulged the great Arcanum died mysteriously, be it by shirts of Nessus, poisoned soaps that arrived as a birthday present at the door of the condemned, perfumed bouquets, or the dagger.

The great Arcanum is the key to all powers and the key to all empires.  The powers of Nature are unleashed upon those who dare attempt to dominate her.  The great hierophants hide their secret and Divine Kings do not entrust the secret key of their power to any mortal.  Wretched, unfortunate is the mortal who, after receiving the secret of Sexual Magic, does not know how to use it to its full advantage.  For him it would be better never to have been born or “to hang a rock from his neck and throw himself to the bottom of the sea.”    Nature is not interested in the Cosmic Realization of the Self of the human being, and this is even contrary to her own interests.  That is the reason why Nature opposes with all her strength anyone daring to try and dominate her.

Conveniently, a curious anecdote comes to mind.  Once upon a time, a poor customs-house guard was walking along the beach.  Suddenly, in the sand he noticed a leather object being beaten by the waves of the Caribbean.  The man came closer and with great surprise, found a small valise or black leather briefcase.  He went immediately to the harbour master’s office and turned the object over to his superior.  Mission accomplished, he went to his house.

When he went to work on the following day, the superior officer, full of anger, gave the man a twenty cent coin saying: “Imbecile!  This is what you deserve; take this coin, buy a rope and hang yourself; you do not deserve to live; so, buy a rope with these twenty cents and hang yourself from a tree.  Luck came to you and you scorned it.  The briefcase that you handed over to me had close to a million dollars in it.  Go away.  Get out of here imbecile!  You do not deserve to live.”

This is truly the fate that awaits those who do not know how to take advantage of the precious treasure of the great Arcanum.  Those people do not deserve to live.  The great Arcanum of Sexual Magic has never before been taught in life, and now we are divulging it.  Unfortunate are those who, after coming across the treasure of Kings,  scorn it as did the guard in the example!  The treasure of the great Arcanum is worth even more than the fortune found by the guard.  To scorn this is to really be an imbecile.

In order to awaken the Kundalini, man needs a woman.  Yet, we must warn that the initiate must practice Sexual Magic with only one woman.  Those who practice Sexual Magic with different women commit the sin of adultery.  They do not progress in these studies.

Unfortunately, there are certain individuals who utilize Sexual Magic as a pretext for seducing women.  They are profaners of the temple.  Such men inevitably fall into black magic.  We warn all women to guard against these sexually perverse characters.

There are also many women who, under the pretext of supposed profound Realization of the Self, unite with any male.  What all these passionate women really want is to satiate their carnal desires.  The world is always the world, and since we have been divulging the great Arcanum there have appeared, as one might expect, those swine who trample the doctrine and then die poisoned by the bread of Wisdom.  The cult of Sexual Magic can only be practiced between husband and wife.  We clarify this to avoid seduction, abduction, carnal orgies, and “sanctified lustful passion.”

Sexual force is a terrible weapon.  Scientists have not been able to find the origin of electricity.  We affirm that the cause of electrical energy must be sought in the universal sexual force.  This force not only resides in the sexual organs but also in all of the atoms and electrons of the Universe.  The light of the Sun is a product of sexuality.  An atom of hydrogen unites sexually with an atom of Carbon in order to produce solar light.  Hydrogen is masculine.  Carbon is feminine.  Solar light results from the sexual union of these two elements.  Studies on the processes of carbon are very interesting.  These processes are the gestation of light.

The causa causorum [cause of causes] of electricity must be sought in the serpentine universal fire.  This fire dwells in the electrons.  The sages meditate on it, mystics adore it, and those who follow the Path of the Perfect Matrimony work practically with it.

Sexual force is a terrific weapon in the hands of white magicians and black magicians.  Thought attracts the sexual fluid to the dorsal spine in order to deposit it in its respective sack.  With the spilling of this fluid, billions of solar atoms are lost.  The contraction which follows the spilling of the semen gathers, from the atomic infernos of the human being, billions of satanic atoms which replace the lost solar atoms.  This is how we form the devil within us.

When we refrain the sexual impulse within us, the marvelous fluid returns to the Astral Body, multiplying its ineffable splendors.  This is how we form the Christ within.  Thus, with sexual energy, we can form the Christ or the Devil within us.

The great Master, in his rank as incarnated Cosmic Christ, said:

I am the bread of life.

I am the living bread.

If any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever.

Who so eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.

He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.

Christ is the Solar Soul, the living Spirit of the Sun.  He, with his life, makes the tassel of wheat grow.  In the grain, the seed, all of the potency of the Solar Logos is retained.  In all vegetable, animal, or human seed the Christonic substance of the Solar Logos is found enclosed as within a precious sheath.

Making the creative energy return inwards and upwards germinates and procreates within us a marvelous child, a Christified Astral Body. This vehicle bestows immortality upon us. This is our Chrestos mediator.  With this vehicle we can go to the Father who is in secret.  “No man cometh unto the Father but by me,” said the Lord of all perfection.

The Astral phantasm possessed by mortals is nothing more than a sketch of man.  It does not even have unity.  This ghost-like facade is a den of demons and of dirty and loathsome foulness.  Within this Astral phantasm lives the “I” (the devil).  This is the infernal legion.  The “I” is a legion.  Just as the body is composed of millions of atoms, the “I” is composed of millions of “I’s,” diabolical intelligences, repugnant demons which quarrel amongst themselves.

When a person dies he becomes that “legion.”  The person himself becomes dust. Only the legion of “I’s” remain alive.  Clairvoyants often find the disincarnate people dressed distinctly and simultaneously in different places.  The person seems to have become many people.  This is legion.  However, when we have given birth to the Astral, Christic Body, we continue after death living in that sidereal body.  Then we are really immortal.  Those who possess the Christified Astral Body find themselves in a conscious state after death.  The run-of-the-mill disincarnate people live after death with their consciousness asleep.  Death is really a return to fetal conception.  Death is the return to the seed.  All those who die return to the new maternal womb totally unconscious, asleep.

People do not even have their soul incarnated.  The souls of people are disincarnated.  People have only incarnated an embryo of soul.  Evil people do not even have this embryo of soul.  We can incarnate the soul only when we possess a Christified Astral Body.  Common, everyday people are solely the vehicle of many “I’s.”  Therefore, the name of each mortal is Legion.

Only with Sexual Magic can we cause the Astral Christ to be born within us.  Temptation is fire.  Triumph over temptation is light.  “Refraining desire makes the Astral liquid rise toward the pineal gland.  Thus, the Adam Christ, the Super-Man, is born within us.”

Upon stimulation of the sexual organs (in order to perform the coitus) the semen multiplies.  When it is not spilled, it is transmuted, and it transforms us into Gods.

Sexual fire is the sword with which the Inner God combats the tenebrous ones.  All those who practice Sexual Magic open the Seven Churches.

Whosoever spills his semen after having worked with the Kundalini inevitably fails, because the Kundalini then descends one or more vertebrae in accordance with the magnitude of the fall.  We should struggle until we reach perfect chastity, “or else I will come unto thee quickly, and I will remove the lampstand from its place, except thou repent.” - Revelation 2:51.

The vapor that rises from the seminal system opens the inferior orifice of the medullar cord so that the sacred serpent can enter.  This orifice is found closed in common, ordinary people.  The seminal vapor of black magicians is directed towards the abyss.  The seminal vapor of white magicians is raised towards the heavens.

Opening the Church of Ephesus signifies the awakening of the Kundalini.  The color of this center is a dirty red in the libertine, yellowish-red in the initiate, and purplish, blue-red in the initiated mystic.

Solar and lunar atoms rise up from the seminal system.  The seminal vapors have the atoms of the Sun and of the Moon as their basis.  Seminal vapors are transmuted into energy.  This energy is bipolarized into positive and negative, solar and lunar.  These energies rise through the sympathetic canals of Ida and Pingala, up to the chalice.  This chalice is the brain.  The two sympathetic canals through which the semen rises, (already completely converted into energy) are the two witnesses of Revelation, the two olives of the temple, the two candlesticks before the God of the Earth, the two serpents which are entwined on the rod of the Caduceus of Mercury.

When these two serpents touch tails, the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the coccyx, near the Triveni.  Then, the Kundalini awakens.

The igneous serpent of our magical powers emerges from the membranous pocket where it was enclosed and rises through the spinal canal toward the chalice (the brain).  Certain nerve filaments that connect the seven chakras, or sympathetic plexus, with the spinal column, branch out from the medullar canal.  

The sacred fire activates the seven magnetic centers. The Kundalini coordinates the activity of all seven chakras in a marvelous manner.  We could illustrate all of this by a stalk with seven fragrant and beautiful roses.  The stalk would represent the spinal column, and the seven roses would represent the seven chakras, or magnetic centers.  The delicate stems of these seven roses of ardent fire are the fine threads which unite them to the spinal column.

The powers of light and the powers of darkness do battle within the semen.

The Advent of the Fire is the most magnificent event of the Perfect Matrimony.  The center where the serpent is coiled has four petals of which only two are active. The other two are activated with the Initiation.

The prostatic chakra is characterized by six beautiful colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.  This is the Church of Smyrna.  This center is extremely important for the magician.  We control the sexual act with this center.  This is the magnetic center of practical magic.

The third center is the Church of Pergamos.  This is the brain of emotions. We have established within the human organism a veritable wireless station. The receiver is the umbilical center.  The transmitting antenna is the pineal gland.  Mind waves of those who think about us reach the umbilical center, or brain of emotions, and later pass to the brain where we become consciously aware of these thoughts.

The Church of Thyatira, the fourth center, is worthy of total admiration.  The cardias or cardiac center is closely related to the heart of the solar system.  The human being is a universe in miniature.  If we want to study the universe, we must study the human being.  In the universe we discover the human being.  Within the human being we discover the universe.  

The solar system seen from far away truly seems like a glorious human being walking across the unalterable infinite.  All time has been transformed there into a living form full of ineffable music, the music of the spheres.  An instant of perception for this celestial man is eighty years.  The heart of this celestial man is really found in the center of the solar disc. Those who know how to travel consciously and positively in the Astral Body are able to visit this temple.

A gigantic abyss, blacker than the night, leads to the sanctuary.  Few are those brave enough to descend into this fatal abyss.  In the frightening depths of that solar Abyss, one can perceive terrible things, consuming flames, awesome mystery.  Whosoever has the courage to descend there will find the vestibule of the sanctuary.  An adept will bless them with an olive branch.  Joyful are those who gain admittance to the secret place.  A narrow passageway leads the beloved disciple to the secret place of the sanctuary.  This is the cardia of the solar system.  Seven saints live in this sacred place.  They are the rulers of the seven solar rays.  The most important ray is that of the Kundalini, or serpentine fire, that shimmers intensely in the aurora.  Every Perfect Matrimony must practice Sexual Magic during the dawn.

The Solar System is the body of a great being.  That being is total perfection.  The heart of this great being is the Sun.  The heart chakra has twelve petals.  Six are active and six are inactive.  All twelve petals are activated with the sacred fire.  We must activate the heart through intense prayer.

The fifth center is the Church of Sardis.  This is the center of the creative larynx.  This is the lotus of sixteen petals.  When the human being activates this lotus through the fire, he receives the magical ear.

The sacred fire becomes a creator in the throat.  Angels create with the power of the Word.  Fire blossoms as Words on fecund lips.  The initiate is capable of creating anything with thought and then materializing it with the Word.  Hearing with the magical ear has not been well-defined by the occultist.  We should warn here that whoever has the magical ear can really hear internal sounds, perceive them almost physically, or more specifically, in a form similar to the physical.  The magical ear permits us to hear the Angels.

When the totality of the creative energy rises to the brain, we elevate ourselves to the angelic state.  Then we can create with the power of the Word.

One does not reach these heights through the mechanical evolution of Nature.  Evolution is the movement of universal life, but this does not take anyone to the angelic state.  Nature is not interested in the Super-Man.  Nature contains all possibilities, but the Super-Man is even contrary to her own vested interest.  The most terrible forces of Nature oppose the birth of the Super-Man.  The Angel, the Super-Man, is the result of a tremendous revolution of consciousness.  No one is obligated to help the individual in the revolution.  This is a very intimate matter for each one of us.  The problem is absolutely sexual.  The sword must be unsheathed, and we must combat the terrible forces of Nature which oppose the birth of the Super-Man.

When the sacred fire opens the frontal chakra, (the Church of Philadelphia with its marvelous petals and its innumerable splendors) we can see clairvoyantly.  People are accustomed to theorizing in life and swearing to things that they have never seen.  It is necessary to awaken clairvoyance in order to see the great inner realities.  The frontal chakra is the throne of the mind.  When study and clairvoyance move together in balance and harmony, we do, in fact, enter the temple of true knowledge.

Many are those who affirm what they have read, repeating borrowed learning.  These people believe they know but have never seen what they have read about.  They are repeating like parrots, that is all.  These people know nothing.  They are ignorant.  They are learned ignoramuses.

In order to know, one must first be.  clairvoyance is the eye of the Being.  The Being and knowing must be parallel and in balance.  Those who have read much on occultism feel they are wise.  If these poor people have not seen what they have read, you can rest assured that they know absolutely nothing. There are all types of seers in the world.  The true clairvoyant never goes around saying that he is one.  Every student of occultism, upon having his first clairvoyant visions, has a tendency to tell the whole world.  Then the others laugh at him, and since their vibrations are negative, the novice ends up losing his mind.  clairvoyance without intuition leads the student into error and the crime of insult and slander, sometimes even to homicide.  Someone who has a flash of clairvoyance sees, for instance, his wife in the Astral committing adultery with his friend, and if the seer does not have initiation, and if he is jealous, he could then murder his wife or his friend, even though his unfortunate wife might be a saint and his friend a true and loyal servant.  Keep in mind that in the Astral the human being is a legion, and each pluralized “I” repeats acts committed in a previous life.  The great masters of the White Lodge have been slandered by the seers. All masters have a double exactly like themselves.  If the master preaches chastity, his double preaches fornication.  If a master does good works, his double does evil ones.  It is exactly his antithesis.  Because of all this, we can only trust in those clairvoyants who have reached the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries.  In addition, we must take into account that before the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries the human being does not have at his disposal solar vehicles to serve as the Temple of his Inner God.  Neither the Soul nor Christ can enter persons who do not have organized vehicles.

Whosoever has not incarnated his soul does not have real existence.  He is a legion of “I’s” that struggle to manifest through the body of man.  Sometimes the drinking “I” acts out, other times the smoking “I,” the killing “I,” the stealing “I,” the falling in love “I,” etc.  There is conflict between the “I’s.”  That is why we see many who swear to belong to the Gnostic Movement, and then they change their minds and declare that they are enemies of Gnosis.  The “I” that swears loyalty to Gnosis is displaced by another “I” that hates Gnosis.  The “I” that swears he adores his wife is replaced by another “I” that abhors her.  The “I” is a legion of demons.  How can we trust clairvoyants who have not yet incarnated their Souls?  The man who has not incarnated his soul is still not morally responsible.  Could we possibly trust demons?  Students of Gnosis should be very careful of those who go around supposedly declaring that they are seers and prophesying to the people.

The true clairvoyant never claims to be one.  The masters of the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries are very humble and quiet.  No student of occultism is a master.  True masters are only those who have reached the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries.  Before the Fifth Initiation nobody is a master.

The last flower of the lotus to open is the Church of Laodicea.  This lotus flower has a thousand petals.  This lotus flower shines gloriously on the heads of Saints.  When the Kundalini reaches the pineal gland this marvelous flower opens.  This is the eye of polyvoyance, the diamond eye.  With this faculty we can study the memories of Nature.  This is the divine eye of the Spirit.  The first sacred serpent passes from the pineal gland up to the Eye of Wisdom, situated between the two eyebrows.  Then it penetrates the magnetic field of the bridge of the nose.  When it touches the atom of the Father situated there, the First Initiation of Major Mysteries is attained.  No one is a master by the mere fact of having received the First Initiation of Major Mysteries.  This only means that the initiate entered the current which leads to Nirvana.  The student should raise the seven serpents, one after the other.

The second serpent belongs to the Vital Body, the third to the Astral, the fourth to the Mental, the fifth to the Causal.  The sixth and seventh serpents are of the Conscious Soul and Divine Spirit respectively.  An Initiation of the Major Mysteries corresponds to each one of the seven serpents.  There are seven serpents: two groups of three with the sublime coronation of the seventh tongue of fire that unites us with the One, the Law, the Father.  We must open the Seven Churches on each plane of cosmic consciousness.  During the Initiation, the devotee must receive the stigmas of Christ.  Every one of his internal vehicles must be crucified and stigmatized. The stigmas are given to the human being according to his merits.  Each stigma has its esoteric tests.  The first stigmas received are those of the hands, and the tests to receive them are very painful.  Precious stones also play an important part in the Initiation.  Revelation states:

And the foundations for the wall of the city were adorned with all precious stones.  The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, the fifth onyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth, the twelfth amethyst.  - Revelation 21:19-20

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  To he who thirsts I shall without price give to drink of the fountain of the water of life.  - Revelation 21:6

I am the Alpha and the Omega, blessed be those who wash their robes (the seven bodies), in the blood of the lamb (Christonic semen) that they may (have the right to the Tree of Life and that they may) enter the gates of the city. - Revelation 22:14

Nevertheless, there are really so few who reach High Initiation.  Very few are those who are capable of getting as far as kissing the whip of the executioners. It is very difficult to kiss the hand that beats us, yet it is urgent to do so for those who reach High Initiation.  Christ said: “Of a thousand that seek me, one finds me; of a thousand that find me, one follows me; of the thousand that follow me, one is mine.”

What is most grave is that those who have read much about occultism and have belonged to many schools are full of platitudinous sanctity.  They believe themselves to be very saintly and wise even though they presume to be humble. These poor brothers and sisters are farther from the altar of the Initiation than the profane.  Whosoever wishes to reach High Initiation must begin by recognizing him or herself as perverse.  Anyone who admits his or her own wickedness is already on the road to Realization of the Self.  Remember that crime also hides behind the incense of prayer.  This is difficult for those who have read a great deal.  These people feel that they are full of sanctity and wisdom.  When they have flashes of clairvoyance they are unbearable because they declare themselves to be masters of sapience.  Naturally, people like this are sure candidates for the Abyss and Second Death.  The Abyss is full of sincerely mistaken individuals and people with good intentions.

When the initiate has made part of his creative fire come out of his head, he throws his crown to the feet of the lamb.  Saint John speaks of the twenty-four elders who hurled their crowns to the feet of the Lord.

Revelation describes a rider with a sash on his thigh in chapter nineteen.  This sash has written on it in sacred characters the phrase: “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” [Revelation 19:11-16]  Indeed, the king is not on the forehead, but in sex. Rasputin, inebriated with wine, banged his sexual phallus on the orgy tables saying, “This is the king of the world.”

Fortunate are those couples who know how to love.  With the sexual act we open the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse, and transform ourselves into Gods.

The seven chakras resound with the powerful Egyptian mantra FE... UIN... DAGJ. The last word is guttural.

The perfect exercise of the Seven Churches, the complete priesthood, is performed with the body in Jinn state. Great magicians know how to put their bodies in Jinn state. This is how they exercise the full priesthood of their Seven Churches.

When Jesus walked upon the sea, he carried his physical body in the Jinn state.  In this state we are omnipotent Gods.

In the umbilical region, there is a mysterious chakra that the magician uses for his Jinn states.  If they utilize the power of this chakra, all magicians who are far away from their physical bodies in the Astral Body can beseech their Inner God in this way: “My Lord, my God, I beg you to bring me my body.”  The Inner God can bring the physical body to the magician in Jinn state; that is to say, submerged in the Astral Plane.

The mysterious chakra of Jinn science spins at those moments.

Whosoever wants to learn the Jinn science can study The Yellow Book.  We teach this mysterious science in The Yellow Book.

The Seven Churches bestow upon us power over fire, air, water, and earth.